I PR’d with the Wrong Bib Number

Only I would do that… But back to that in a second.

The conditions were NOT good for a PR:

  • I was sick
  • It was cold
  • It was windy
  • I was sick

…but somehow I got a PR!!

The race didn’t start until 1:00 pm, and around 11:00, my stomach still felt pretty upset. So I looked into the depths of the medicine cabinet for some Malox. Turns out we don’t frequent the Malox bottle much in this house, seeing as how the bottle expired in 2004. Don’t judge.


So I made a quick trip to Jewel for a new bottle 😉

This takes pre-race fuel to a whole new level.


bahaha. Just kidding – I also had a delicious snack of a sliced banana with a little almond butter and honey and then some wheat germ sprinkled on top.


Worked perfectly!


This is a super tasty and energizing snack, by the way! I recommend trying it! The wheat germ gives it a little nutty flavor and a bit of protein. I also eat it without the almond butter if it’s closer to race/workout time.

Since Shane and I live just a mile away from the race  start line, I jogged over as a warm up mile while Shane rode the bike.




It was a perfect warm up! And boy did I need it – it was SUPER windy and cold. I’m glad I wore long sleeves:)

After finding a spot in the start line (I always find a spot huddled down in around other people to keep warm)



we were off!


The course wasn’t a great course to try to PR on. It was congested, had weird terrain at times (we ran through a baseball field..?) and there were lots of runners who were stop and go – or run and walk – and would stop right in front of people. However, it went by in a snap!!

And somehow I finished with a PR of 26:23 with a pace of 8:31 😀


I guess it just shows that training really helps – even when the conditions aren’t on your side.

And well, officially, Amber finished with a time of 26:23.


You see, yesterday when picking up my race packet, I picked up my friend Amber’s for her, too since she’d be at a baby shower. Turns out she sprained her ankle and wasn’t able to run yesterday but came out to cheer us on anyway. Well,the dummy I am gave her my packet and I accidentally took her packet – and put her bib number on my shirt today. So officially, “Paige” didn’t run yesterday, but “Amber” did. Only me, only me. It’s a funny story, but I sure was bummed out when I looked at the results online.

Question: Would that scenario bum you out a little bit? Even though it’s just a silly 5k? The husband couldn’t  figure out why I was a little peeved at myself for not officially having a time – a PR time at that. I think it goes back to playing sports in high school and college and being competitive and all about the stats. Even if it is a little ol’ home town 5k… meh.

After the race I stuck around a bit to chat with some friends who ran in it, but headed home because I wasn’t feeling too hot. I knew the mile “cool down” run home would be frigid and I just wanted to get it over with!!

Plus, my family was coming over for another birthday celebration for Shane! We wanted to take it easy seeing as it was a Sunday and I hadn’t been feeling well, so we decided carry outs would be the best option:




Mmm Potbelly’s! Their sandwiches are SO delicious. I just got a regular vegetarian sub on ww – but it was still amazeballs.




After a couple hours of catching up – and a couple undocumented mimosas (yes!) the fam headed home and the husband and I settled in downstairs to watch The Proposal.

We recently picked up Netflix again and wanted to download a movie. Against my better judgment, I recommended The Proposal based on the feedback I’d gotten on Twitter. The husband and I aren’t very big romantic comedy fans. I mean, with a few minor tweaks the story line is ALWAYS boy meets girl, boy wants girl, boy gets girl, boy loses girl, boy gets girl back. They’re so predictable and cheesy. The only one I’ve ever ever ever liked is How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. Oh, and Shopaholic, if that counts 😉

Movie snackage:


brown bag popped popcorn with a little olive oil and sea salt – perfect crunchy movie-watching snack

Despite the yummy movie snacks, we both wanted back those two hours of our life. We have better things to do…like wasting time watching 24 😉 heh

After the snoozefest movie I felt pretty beat and we both called it a night pretty early.

Do you like romantic comedies?? What’s your favorite one?  I see why people like them, I just don’t like them myself.

I’m off to continue my day! It started early this morning – and is going to go pretty late tonight, but it should be a good one 🙂 Got a volleyball game tonight!!

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Did you guys do anything fun? Run in any frigid cold races? 😉


Go Away Sickness, I’ve Got Plans!

After a solid 11 hours of sleep, I woke up this morning feeling much better and with a fever of only one degree higher than normal!



This is fantastic because…




The Jingle Bell 5K is today!! I know, I know. You guys are probably thinking more rest is in order, and I agree. However, there are several reasons why I’m thinking about running the race anyway:

  1. I feel better than I did yesterday!
  2. I had to drop out of the race last year
  3. The race is only 5 minutes away from my house – on foot
  4. The start time is at 1:00 pm

Yesterday involved little movement. At work, I was actually thankful no one stopped in to inquire about the gym. Once I picked up my race packet and headed home, I remained horizontal for the rest of the night watching VH1’s Entourage marathon. I tried walking Niko <—bad idea. I tried doing laundry <—bad idea. Ergo, I gave in and gave my body what it was loudly requesting –>REST! <—good idea 😉

Plus, my appetite was no where to be found yesterday!! It was craziness. And every time I did eat a little something, I experienced more stomach pain.



I wanted nothing more than to demolish this Fresh Market Vegetarian Pizza!!!


I didn’t get very far…

Luckily, my stomach troubles didn’t get in the way of the husband’s birthday on Friday.


While Shane was at work, I was up to birthday mischief!

I think this is his favorite present I’ve ever gotten him. Ever.


He’s thanked me at least 10 times this weekend. It’s the G25 wheel and clutch/shifter for car games.

Fast forward 5 hours of Shane playing Need for Speed, and it was wine time!


IMG_0849 IMG_0837

We caught the very last rays from the sun as it was heading toward the west.




No, Niko! That’s my wine!

Clarabelle always gives us the stinkeye when she’s the only one not on the back patio.



After having one small pour on the patio, I took Shane to a little wine cafe here in town called, A Renee’s.



They have a wine shop attached to it – my favorite wine shop – and this year they opened a cafe!


While there, we split a cab franc and a petite syrah.


I loved the syrah! I must buy a bottle soon!

For dinner, we headed to Baxter’s, Shane’s favorite steak restaurant here in town.



It’s a pretty snazzy restaurant located next to the airport.



This is where my stomach started talking to me. However, it didn’t stop me from eating a roll and a half and ordering the only vegetarian thing on the menu:




Salad – imagine that! 😉 It was a delicious salad with apple and smoked gouda, though.

By this point, I wanted nothing more than to end the night with some half caff coffee.


The perfect way to finish off an indulgent night!

I’m sure glad my sickness waited until the end of the night to rear its ugly head. The weather also did a 180! On Friday it was in the 70’s and today, the high is only 40 something… That will sure make for a collllld run this afternoon! Better bundle up 😀 And after the run, my family is coming up for another birthday celebration for Shane! Hear that sickness? Go away, I’ve got plans 😀

Hey…I think that’s my appetite!! Better go test it out with some breakfast 🙂

Surprise! Libby’s Pumpkin Festival 10K Race

Good morning! Today my alarm went off at 5:00 a.m. and it wasn’t a mistake. Today I ran the Morton Pumpkin Festival 10k!



This event is sponsored by Libby’s. Yes, THE Libby’s! And no, the goody bag didn’t come with cans of pumpkin or pumpkin flavored donuts OR pumpkin ice cream:





In fact, I signed up so late that I didn’t even get a shirt! But I got so much more…

Around 6:30, I headed into town to meet my dad in Morton, where the race was held. We had about a half hour so we chatted for a bit, and then I chatted up the crowd, spotting a few people I knew.



Promptly at 7:30, the gun went off, and so did we. Kind of. After the first 30 seconds of walking/shuffling, dodging to the sidewalk to get ahead.

My goal was to start off with a conservative pace and run each mile faster than the other. My goal was to finish with a pace of under a 9 minute mile.


Mile one was a breeze, as I struggled not to unleash my inner competitive beast. I kept an easy 9:00 pace as I watched those around me zoom by. Aint no thang. My two I sped it up to an 8:45 pace. I was in the zone, passing a few people who had already lost wind. Around mile 3, I kicked it up to 8:30, passing more and more runners who sped by on mile one. There were two water breaks during the course, and I took just a quick sip at each one. I didn’t stop running, though, so more water got on my chin and shirt, than in my mouth. It’s fine.

After mile three I knew it was time to kick it in to high gear. Up until mile 3.5 it was purely physical. After that I had to tap into the mental aspect of running to help me out. The gorgeous weather helped, I’m sure. Mile four I started to hurt, but I knew it was nearing the end. And at mile 5, I really dug deep and gave it my all until I passed the 6 mile marker, and started sprinting. It got to a point where I didn’t know whose legs they were because they felt like they were going so fast!




Thinking just don’t puke, just don’t puke.


Thinking, holy sh!t, I passed my goal time … by a LOT!

Total time: 52:45

Average pace: 8:27

Mile 1: 9:07

Mile 2: 8:41

Mile 3: 8:30

Mile 4: 8:25

Mile 5: 8:25

Mile 6: 8:00

Mile 6-6.25: 6:27




I declared it my best race yet! (Wellll…tied with the half marathon.)

Thanks to my dad for playing photographer and showing up to support me! 😀




Have a fantastic day, everyone! I’m using today as a work day because the rest of the weekend, play time is on the agenda!

The 13.1 Club

I’m officially a member!




Thanks to everyone for their good luck wishes!! 😀

But wait. Let’s back up a minute. It was a LONG journey to get to that smiling face.

Packet Pickup

I headed down to Champaign where the race was last night to pick up my packet. Unfortunately, packet pick up was ONLY the day before the race, so I had to make the hour and 15 minute drive down to do that (or should I say my awesome parents provided me the ride.)

IMG_1977 The expo was HUGE.



That’s me! 😀

Not impressed with the goody bags, aka, nothing but a shirt and a bag, but the shirt was pretty cute!


Definitely sporting that shirt as I write.

After the expo, we hit up Panera for some dinner. I got the Mediterranean veggie sandwich, which I usually request whole grain bread with, but decided to bask in the tomato basil goodness, and a Greek salad.


Never fails to impress.

It was already getting late, so we headed on home, and I snuggled up in bed around 9:30. But before I fell asleep, I made sure to set TWO alarms.

Race Day



Do you see what’s wrong with that picture? Look closely… closer…it’s set for WEEKDAYS! Sh!t. I awoke to Shane tapping me on the shoulder asking me what time we needed to leave at 5:57!!! Umm…we needed to leave by 5:15. I immediately freaked. Well, we both freaked.

The next ten minutes involved the hubski and me running around the house at warp speed shouting at each other. Here’s a sample:

Hubski: “We need to LEAVE!”


Hubski: “Get. In. The. Car!!!”

Me: “But I NEED my iPod!!!”

And then I fell down the stairs and bruised the top of my foot. Awesome.

I was NOT happy while eating my pre-race breakfast of PB and banana in a flat out in the car:IMG_1981

But low and behold…we made it just in time to use a porta potty and get in line:



Ready to go aside from it all…


How weird does this picture look??


Haha yeah, that’s definitely not my left arm 🙂

Then the gun sounded and we were off!



IMG_1988  pretending to run…

IMG_1990  And finally running 5 minutes later!


The race went by super fast. I can’t believe I ran 13.1 miles without. coffee. And it wasn’t bad either. It was actually a very emotional run because I was running for something (which I’m announcing on Monday’s post!!!!) I swear around mile 7 when I listened to Curt (in GLEE) sing a House is not a Home, I got chills. Then again when Mercedes sang Beautiful around mile 10.



There were thousands of people (14,000?) running this race, so it did get very crowded at times. It really messed up my pacing. But I guess that’s expected. I also stopped to drink water or Gatorade at every single station. I wasn’t very hydrated because of the hectic morning, and I wanted to keep my energy up.



IMG_1997 Did I mention the race was at U of I? And the finish line was the 50 yard line?



It was both surreal and magical. And I couldn’t believe how quick it went by and how “easy” it was for me. I put easy in quotes, because we all know it wasn’t easy. I’m equating easy with not wanting to collapse and roll over. lol

IMG_2009   IMG_2012 

I did it!!!! 😀


My time, according the the Garmin at 13.11 miles was 2 hrs, 11 minutes, 47 seconds. Oh, and I achieved a negative split! It was also automatically a PR. This was my first time running 13.1 miles, as my training plan stopped at 12! 🙂 I get to see my chip time tonight.


Post Race

Naturally, my stomach wanted to eat my backbone after the race, but the food line was oodles of people long. So we headed to Bob Evans.

And ate our faces off.

COFFEEE! and water.

IMG_2016 Eggs over medium w/ home fries.





Nothin’ healthy bout this, folks. And it was fan-freaking-tastic.

Now I’m back home and showered, and probably going to go be horizontal for a good couple hours. Not sure what the afternoon will entail! I know I have a mound of laundry to do…but that doesn’t sound very fun 😉

Thanks for reading my little recap, guys. Hope you enjoyed it! 🙂


When’s the last time you overslept for something super duper important?? Was it because you had it set to pm instead of am? Phone die? Same mistake as I made? I swear, I hardly ever mess up my alarms. Grr..stupid iPhone settings 😉

Running Around Saturday

Ahhh relaxation. :-DI have about 4 hours of nothingness before my race and I’m just basking in it! And although it’s cold and raining, I have a feeling I’m going to run my little heart out.

edit: about 10 minutes after I posted this, my neck glands are swollen and I’m feeling a little shaky. Gah! I’ll let you know how it goes…

Yesterday was again, nonstop. I set my alarm bright and early for 6:30 a.m. to get to my training class from 8-12. Before I left for that, I had the two best breakfast pairings in the world 🙂

IMG_2113 IMG_2114

Green monster and a breakfast cookie (the same one I’ve been having the past several days – I’m a on a kick!)

Class was amazing! Our instructor basically went over all of the main muscle groups in the body, and taught us different ways to work those muscles. I really learned a lot of applicable information, which was awesome! We had lots of tools to work with, too – like a balance ball, a BOSU, tubing, steps, and dumbbells:


In my head, I’ve created a new workout using the stability ball I want to show on the blog, and I really, really want a BOSU for Christmas!! haha The time absolutely flew by. I wish we had another Saturday class, but unfortunately this was it.

I had a shower to go to at 2:00, and had a couple things to do before that, so I came home and made the quickest lunch possible:

IMG_2115 IMG_2116 Veggies and hummus on a Flat Out. Aaaamazing 🙂

Then I headed to West-side Walmart, where I felt like I was in a peopleofwalmart.com issue to get some diapers for the baby shower, and then headed to the new Uptown Normal Marriott to pick up my race packet. This was the first time I’ve ever been to the new Marriott, and it is absolutely gorgeous inside!! Take a lookski:

IMG_2120 IMG_2118


IMG_2119 IMG_0908

That’s in the freakin’ lobby!! I felt like I should be in Chicago, not…Normal! haha

The race shirts are pretty sweet looking, too:


Then it was off to the baby shower for my great friend, Heidi. There was yummy veggies, chips, and dip to be eaten:

IMG_2121 IMG_2122IMG_2124 She got a ton of amazing gifts, too:


We played lots of fun games about the mama-to-be, and then ate some cake – Janet’s cake, so you know it was phenomenal!

IMG_2126 IMG_2127 Awww:) IMG_2129

After the shower, I had to go to yet another grocery store to pick up some essentials I forgot to pick up the last 4 times, and then head home and get ready for dinner! Dinner was at Rosies, and was amazing, but I forgot to take my camera. I had the eggplant rollatini – SO, SO good.

Take that, 5K!!!

I finished!!!

I finished the race in 28:45, and my goal was to keep a 9:20 pace, so I’d say I rocked it!

Ok, it’s safe to say I LOVE RACES. All the people there, the adrenaline, the team work, the endorphins! It was just a wonderful experience. And I got it all on my camera because my husband is AWESOME and woke up super early to be Missy and my paparazzi LOL.

I was nervous the whole ride there, and then as soon as I got out of the car, got my race packet, and pinned my number on, my nervousness shifted into complete and utter excitement.

Missy and I warmed up, and then got in line when the 5 minute horn blew.

Look at her posing LOL she cracks me up!

Right before the race started, Shane goes “Ok, when last picture of you two with smiles on!” hahhaa

The race course was SO pretty. It was an open road race, but it was surrounded by trees and the lake:

It was an out and back race, which surprised me, but it was fine. It went by so quickly. It felt like 10 minutes instead of 28:45 hehe. I couldn’t believe when we passed the first mile marker.

I finished strong, and felt like a warrior.

I think one of my new favorite things is passing people during races, btw. SUCH a good feeling LOL.

Since I didn’t stop for any water breaks, I headed straight to the big plastic pool of sweet nector from the gods.

And Shane was wrong about the last picture being the last one we’d be smiling in, because I had the hugest smile across my face when I passed the finish line. And my ankle wasn’t even hurting much! The outside of my right ankle has been bothering me for some reason, so I was a little worried :-/ I’m still a little worried, and might make next week a predominantly cross training week and take it easy on the running. It would not be good to get injured after only my first race!!

However, it’s definitely safe to say I love racing, though. I can’t wait until my 10K next month.

When we arrived back home, I showered, devoured two Super Charge me Cookies, and passed back out. Shane did the exact same. Being a camera man is exhausting too, ya know 😉 After we woke up, I had a second breakfast fage 2%, Bear Naked fruit and nut granola (awesomeness in a zip bag, btw), and a bowl of fruit.

I’m a stuffed monkey. Now it’s time to go and get ready for the Jimmy Buffett concert! What an exciting day!!! I hope everyone has a great Saturday! What are your plans?

Race Day is Hheeaahh!

It’s here!! Race day – wooo hooo!! 😀 I’m gonna kick this 5 K’s butt. I’m really excited, because not only is this my first race of the season, but it’s the first of my life!

I’m about to take off, and I think I’m all ready. Now I’m just waiting on Missy to get here so Shane can drive us there. He’s going to be our photographer 😀

Getting nervous…

For my pre-race dinner, I had Avanti’s. This place is a central Illinois staple, and has great (cheap!) Italian food. They deliver, which is freakin’ awesome, so we had Avanti’s a la take out.

I had chicken parmesana, with a big ol’ hunk a bread.

I almost ate it all, and it almost knocked my head off! So good. How’s that for carbing up 😉

Afterward, I settled in my comfy clothes for ultimate relaxation time! The rest of the night included lots of being horizontal while watching One Tree Hill and Enterouge marathons.

I think I could call that a perfect night! Well, maybe if I had a glass of wine, too. However, this was a nice substitution.

Oh, yes I did! Banana ice cream twice in a week. Hells yeah! Tonight I added some of these bad boys:

They added in an awesome flavor! And it was a nice way to change it up. And as always, I made some raw syrup to go on top 🙂

I almost had some of these guys…

…they are pretty good. I got to try em out – Thanks Late July! They’re nice for a healthy version of the sugar-filled cookie sandwiches. I’d buy them myself. But I didn’t have them, and instead had a nice calming mug of sleepy time tea, to put any nerves to rest (pun intended ;-))

This morning I woke up cursing myself for being up so early on a Saturday bright eyed and bushy tailed around 5:00, and made my oatmeal in a jar first thing (after coffee of course.)

Deliciousness. I ate it so early because I didn’t want to have stomach cramps while running. I usually don’t eat prior to working out in the a.m., so I’m a little nervous. How do you fuel (or not fuel) for your early morning workouts?

Well I’m off to go run! Don’t worry there will be lots of pictures and a re-cap! 😀

I might be able to do a post run post, but we’ll be in a hurry to get on the road for the Jimmy Buffett concert, so we’ll see. I might stash the lap top just in case. But this might be the only post.

Wish me luck!! 😀