I PR’d with the Wrong Bib Number

Only I would do that… But back to that in a second.

The conditions were NOT good for a PR:

  • I was sick
  • It was cold
  • It was windy
  • I was sick

…but somehow I got a PR!!

The race didn’t start until 1:00 pm, and around 11:00, my stomach still felt pretty upset. So I looked into the depths of the medicine cabinet for some Malox. Turns out we don’t frequent the Malox bottle much in this house, seeing as how the bottle expired in 2004. Don’t judge.


So I made a quick trip to Jewel for a new bottle 😉

This takes pre-race fuel to a whole new level.


bahaha. Just kidding – I also had a delicious snack of a sliced banana with a little almond butter and honey and then some wheat germ sprinkled on top.


Worked perfectly!


This is a super tasty and energizing snack, by the way! I recommend trying it! The wheat germ gives it a little nutty flavor and a bit of protein. I also eat it without the almond butter if it’s closer to race/workout time.

Since Shane and I live just a mile away from the race  start line, I jogged over as a warm up mile while Shane rode the bike.




It was a perfect warm up! And boy did I need it – it was SUPER windy and cold. I’m glad I wore long sleeves:)

After finding a spot in the start line (I always find a spot huddled down in around other people to keep warm)



we were off!


The course wasn’t a great course to try to PR on. It was congested, had weird terrain at times (we ran through a baseball field..?) and there were lots of runners who were stop and go – or run and walk – and would stop right in front of people. However, it went by in a snap!!

And somehow I finished with a PR of 26:23 with a pace of 8:31 😀


I guess it just shows that training really helps – even when the conditions aren’t on your side.

And well, officially, Amber finished with a time of 26:23.


You see, yesterday when picking up my race packet, I picked up my friend Amber’s for her, too since she’d be at a baby shower. Turns out she sprained her ankle and wasn’t able to run yesterday but came out to cheer us on anyway. Well,the dummy I am gave her my packet and I accidentally took her packet – and put her bib number on my shirt today. So officially, “Paige” didn’t run yesterday, but “Amber” did. Only me, only me. It’s a funny story, but I sure was bummed out when I looked at the results online.

Question: Would that scenario bum you out a little bit? Even though it’s just a silly 5k? The husband couldn’t  figure out why I was a little peeved at myself for not officially having a time – a PR time at that. I think it goes back to playing sports in high school and college and being competitive and all about the stats. Even if it is a little ol’ home town 5k… meh.

After the race I stuck around a bit to chat with some friends who ran in it, but headed home because I wasn’t feeling too hot. I knew the mile “cool down” run home would be frigid and I just wanted to get it over with!!

Plus, my family was coming over for another birthday celebration for Shane! We wanted to take it easy seeing as it was a Sunday and I hadn’t been feeling well, so we decided carry outs would be the best option:




Mmm Potbelly’s! Their sandwiches are SO delicious. I just got a regular vegetarian sub on ww – but it was still amazeballs.




After a couple hours of catching up – and a couple undocumented mimosas (yes!) the fam headed home and the husband and I settled in downstairs to watch The Proposal.

We recently picked up Netflix again and wanted to download a movie. Against my better judgment, I recommended The Proposal based on the feedback I’d gotten on Twitter. The husband and I aren’t very big romantic comedy fans. I mean, with a few minor tweaks the story line is ALWAYS boy meets girl, boy wants girl, boy gets girl, boy loses girl, boy gets girl back. They’re so predictable and cheesy. The only one I’ve ever ever ever liked is How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. Oh, and Shopaholic, if that counts 😉

Movie snackage:


brown bag popped popcorn with a little olive oil and sea salt – perfect crunchy movie-watching snack

Despite the yummy movie snacks, we both wanted back those two hours of our life. We have better things to do…like wasting time watching 24 😉 heh

After the snoozefest movie I felt pretty beat and we both called it a night pretty early.

Do you like romantic comedies?? What’s your favorite one?  I see why people like them, I just don’t like them myself.

I’m off to continue my day! It started early this morning – and is going to go pretty late tonight, but it should be a good one 🙂 Got a volleyball game tonight!!

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Did you guys do anything fun? Run in any frigid cold races? 😉


It Happened…

It happened. Last night, around 7:30 pm, the inevitable came true. It snowed. OK, maybe flurried is a better word, but still!! The wet rain transformed into solid drops, and it happened. And I was just warming up (ha) to the idea of fall!!!

And I’m not the only one who’s not a fan of the cold, wet, snow you know.



What the bark, mom?! It’s barking cold out there!   

So that picture was from last winter, but ya get the point 😉 You’d think after 25 years of living in the Midwest you’d get used to it by now, right? I’m still waiting for that to happen.

One thing frigid temps are good for? Nice, hot, comforting breakfasts🙂 After I got back from training a client in the wee hours this morning, I wanted nothing but a hot breakfast to warm my soul. Waffles sounded nice, actually, but I needed to keep it a little lighter than waffles.




Hot spiced oatmeal in a Jif jar? Don’t mind if I do!




On top there? That’s my newest oatmeal topping obsession – Greek yogurt mixed with a bit of pumpkin butter. Unbelievable!

I had to keep it light because after I finish this post, I’m off to a spin class at my new old gym! I’m pretty amped up about this class. The energy is pretty intense from what I remember, and it’s a blast! And it’s inside 😉

Luckily, the temps are supposed to warm back up this weekend, though, so hopefully tomorrow I can get in a run (maybe? provided body parts cooperate with me?!) 🙂

That said, I have to tell you guys something.

I’m sure you’ve guessed by now, but I won’t be running in this weekend’s Hot Chocolate 15k.

Ouch. It hurt to write that 😦

I won’t be running for several reasons:

Number 1. My heel/arch of my left foot hates me.

Number 2. My right hip hates me too

Number 3. My cousin, who I was going to run it with, had to back out because of family obligations.

Number 4. One of my best friends is hosting a benefit for her mom because she has breast cancer, and there’s no way in hell that I’ll miss it.

So there. Call me a quitter, or not. I figured four reasons telling me not to drive to Chicago and run this race is a pretty big sign that I should cut my losses and fold my cards. So instead of wallowing, I’ll be proud of my decision, and proud of friends who are running the race, too! You girls have FUN! And good luck. Sorry I won’t be able to meet up…

Onward and upward -  I’m off to spin it out! Watch out nah!

Does it snow where you live? When do you usually have the first snow? There was no accumulation or anything last night, so I’m not sure if we Illinoisans can call it the “first snow.” Usually our first big snow happens in late November or early December!

**Makeup Brush Washing Tutorial coming in this afternoon’s post!!

How to Create a Training Plan for a Race


Per my training schedule, (which I’ll show you at the end of this post) yesterday I ran four miles with an average pace of 8:58. However, it wasn’t effortless. If you’ve been reading for a while, you know that I like to run in the morning, not long after I wake up, right after coffee. But lately, I’ve been choosing slumber over mileage, which is completely fine, but it also leaves me to do my runs at night.

I officially do not enjoy running in the evening. My legs are lead, my body feels full and heavy, and my energy is low low low. Plus, there’s the whole two showers a day thing which in my opinion is just a waste of time 😉  Not to mention, my appetite is all out of whack!

Needless to say, I was very excited to do my sunrise speed work run today.


Unfortunately, my body wasn’t as enthused. Apparently it’s not keen on running again 12 hours later. I felt a twinge in my quad, and knew the elliptical was a better choice 😉


Over the past few days, I’ve had several questions regarding how I create a training plan for a race.

Now, before I go on, I want to preface this by saying this is what works for ME. The mechanism in which I create my training plan and the criteria that goes into it works wonderfully for me. If you choose to take any of this information and use it for your own training plan, please don’t go by my word verbatim. By this I mean

It is important to keep in mind your schedule, your motivations, and your abilities when creating your training plan.


Obviously, I’m not a pro. I’ve only been running in races since last summer. What I share in this post is based on my experiences with races and training plans, doing research on running and training plans, and my knowledge as a personal trainer. Consider there’s an unsaid “in my opinion” after every statement 😉 There are, however, professional training plans out there for a multitude of different distances, such as Hal Higdon and Cool Running. Be sure to check those out, too!

How I Create a Training Plan

1. Pick a race. Most recently, I signed up for the Frank Lloyd Wright 10k and the Hot Chocolate 15k. The training plan shown at the bottom of this post includes the training for both races in one training plan. Criteria to keep in mind when choosing your race:

  • Distance – do you want to get faster at a distance you’ve already raced? Strive for a Personal Record? Go for a new distance? These are all things to consider
  • How far away is race day? If you’re planning on running a new distance, or haven’t been keeping up with logging too many miles, it’s best to choose a race that’s at least 6 weeks out; eight weeks is preferable.
  • Terrain – If the race involves multiple hills, and you’re not into including hill repeats into your training plan, stick with a race with a fairly flat course. If you’re ready to tackle the hills, go for it!
  • Weather – If you know you won’t be able to get out and train during super cold temps or in snow, don’t pick a race in January in Illinois. Same goes for running in the summer. If you know the heat and humidity stops your from running, stay away from July races – in any state, really 🙂

2. Once you’ve picked a race, it’s time to come up with some goals. Do you want to run the fastest 10K you’ve ever run? Or are you increasing your race distance from a 10k to a 15k or half marathon? When I create a training plan when my goal is to PR, I include slightly less weekly mileage and add a day of speed work.


  • Speed – For a super speedy run, I make sure to incorporate at least 4 but never more than 5 running days into my week: A long run, an interval run, an easy run, a tempo run, and perhaps a pace run. If I have a four runs/week week, then I usually cut either the interval OR the tempo run, and replace it with some cross training.
  • Distance – When increasing my distance, I tend to hover around 5 running days per week: a long run, an easy run (3 ish miles), a tempo OR interval run, a pace run, and an easy-moderate run (3-6 miles depending on where I am in training.)

3. After determining your goals, consider your schedule and consider yourself. You know yourself. I know running three days in a row is my max. After three running days in a row, I need a rest day or a cross training day. If the thought of running five days a week is already intimidating, knock it down to three or four. In my opinion, the most important runs are these three: 1 long run, 1 easy run, and 1 speed work run. Now, think about when would be best to do your long run. Do you have one day that’s less busy than the others? This is what I base my week around. Right now, I run my long runs on Sunday. So I cushion the days before and after with a rest day and an easier day.

4. Start backwards. I find it easiest to work from the race day to the present day. Decide how long your longest training run will be, and schedule that run at least a week before race day.

5. Implement some strength training. I like to have at least one day of full body strength training, even when I’m at my busiest.


6. Use your resources! I don’t like to follow preset training plans verbatim, but I do use them for reference. Again, Hal Higdon and Cool Running both have great baselines.

7. Be ready to not follow your training plan. Life happens. Plans change. Body parts will ache! Be flexible with your schedule. Even though I have a training schedule planned out by the day, there’s usually not a week I follow verbatim. Rollllll with the changes. And it’s OK to have to skip a run or two. However, with that said, it’s usually pretty important not to skip the long runs, in my opinion.

Currently I have two upcoming races, and I’ll probably throw in a 5k (hopefully)  soon too. I’ll have to tweak it a bit, but no big deal 😉 The thing is, I have two different goals within one training plan. For the 10k, my goal is to get a PR. And the for 15k it’s to build up my distance. I haven’t run more than 8.5 miles since my half marathon in May. So it kinda transitions a bit mid way through.

So with all of this in mind, I created my 2+ month training plans for my upcoming races.

Paige’s 10k + 15k Training Plan

I’m sure there will be TONS of tweaks along the way 😉

Do you have any additional tips or suggestions for creating your own training plan? I know there’s stuff I’m forgetting. Speak up! 😀

**Before I go… if you’re looking for something to do tonight, head on over to the Twitter party! LOL yes –  a party on Twitter. It’s hosted by Thermos about their new series of cold matters. The party is tonight at 8pm ET/7pm CT. Join @ThermosBrand to celebrate the launch of our new series with a group of renowned health and fitness experts (including Caitlin from Healthy Tipping Point !)as the cold matters coaches. Ask questions, provide tips about what matters to you and help your family stay active, cool and hydrated through the rest of the summer. Participate using the #ThermosCold hashtag and you will automatically be entered to win some of their newest insulated hydration products.

Off for another busy day! “See” you all tomorrow 😀

From Training to Run to Training to Race

Hi friends! Happy almost Friday:D

I enjoyed reading which type of weather tickles your workout fancy in this morning’s post 🙂 However, I’m not sure about you guys who actually enjoy running in the winter. Faith, I don’t know how you do it!

I mentioned in the post that I’m incorporating tempo runs back into my training schedule, but I didn’t really go into why. Tempo runs are a great way to increase your speed and endurance. Each of which I’m looking to do…because I finally did it.

I signed up for my next race!




This whole summer, my running has been great (for me.) I’ve been on a running schedule of 4-ish runs per week, including at least one speed workout and one long run. I considered it training, I just…didn’t have anything to train…for. But I was sure training! I’d joke and say, “ok, well I’m heading out on a training run – gotta train for my next run!” hehe So, now I actually have an event in my horizons to put all of my running effort to good use.

Last year I ran in the Frank Lloyd Wright 10K in Oak Park and it was absolutely beautiful!



However, my training for this race was not so beautiful. To put it plain and simple, I didn’t want the PR enough to blow it out of the water. I came in a few seconds ahead of my first 10k, and the race was fun, pretty, and memorable, but this time I want to really improve my speed. (Full 10k recap) And even better this time around, I’m running it with BFF Kim and we’re staying with BFF Destiny!

But it doesn’t stop there! I am also signing up to run the Hot Chocolate 15k in Chicago in November! 😀



Um, I’m pretty sure I need to be involved in anything sponsored by Ghirardelli.

I’m still tweaking my training plan for the two races, but I plan to have it up on the blog by this weekend. I plan to run the 15k with my cousin (hopefully!) and a few new Chicago friends I met at the Healthy Living Summit this weekend! (Hi Amy and Megan…and everyone else!:) and I’m so excited! I’ve never run a 15k before, but have been itching to run another longer distance since my half marathon.

Now I’d like to find one more 5k to run in before the summer ends and I’ll consider my 2010 race quota met.

In hindsight, it was actually pretty fun running without an event in mind. I did it for the better part of the summer. In fact, I’ve only run in two races this year! I just wasn’t feelin’ signing up for a race, so I didn’t. But now the feeling’s back 😉


Well I’ve had a marathon (pun! ha..) of a day, so it’s about time I retired with some Family Guy, my guy, and the pupster 🙂 Have a lovely night and wonderful Friday morning!!

What’s next on your fitness agenda? Are you training for a race? Trying out new classes? Just training to train? Obviously for me, I’m training for races for now, but in the winter I plan on trying out some workout DVD’s I’ve been wanting to try. I absolutely refuse to workout indoors too much in the summer in Illinois, because in the winter it becomes impossible to workout OUTdoors at time. Gotta take advantage 🙂

Buenos noches!!

Productive Relaxation

Morning loves!

Do you know what I realized yesterday? I completely forgot to write about it in my post, but a year ago yesterday was my very first race!


More nostalgia! That night I also went to my first Buffet concert, haha.

Yesterday was a great mix of relaxation and productivity. I had a client at 9:00 (or so I thought) so upon waking up, I immediately coffee’d and was out the door for a quickie 3 mile run. Average pace of 8:54 had my run last a total of 26:43 before I was in the shower getting ready to train my client. Only until I got out and saw a voicemail that she had to cancel. Trainer confidence isn’t the best right now, as I’ve had probably 5 cancellations this week. What gives?!

I made it better with a breakfast that I’ll be talking more about in another post…


Cleaned the whole house in two hours, worked diligently on a project, and then broke for a simple and delicious lunch:


Lentil bean dip/spread, hummus, tomato, and zucchini on whole grain bread.


I wish I had two. It was amazing!!IMG_8767


Throughout the day I visited my husband in his new cave. For quitting smoking, his gift to himself was to buy all new computer parts to build his own computer. It’s been a few years since he’s built one, so he went all out.



He even built a separate room in the basement and his own desk, and two HUGE monitors. He’s a happy camper.

A little while later, I met my friend Heidi at the pedicure place where we caught up (it’s been a couple weeks!!) and relaxed and got our toes done. I needed a pedicure badly, and wanted to get one before the Healthy Living Summit. Which I leave for Thursday!!!

On the way home from getting a pedicure, I had the genius idea of picking up Papa Murphy’s pizza’s.


Veggie deluxe for me and meat for him.


I LOVE the abundance of veggies they put on the veggie pizza.

IMG_8780 Especially these lil’ guys.


IMG_8781 My plate + 1 more slice.




In food comas, we headed downstairs to the theatre and watched Hot Tub Time Machine. I’d heard this was hilarious from a number of people, but I thought it was just OK. I think my standards were too high, whereas others might have watched it with lower standards? There were some pretty funny parts, though!

Well I’m off to pack for the HLS, train a couple clients, and get some studying done before training a couple more clients. Busy day!

Don’t forget to enter my TERRA chip giveaway! Only one more day to get your entries in! 😀

What’s your favorite veggie topping on a pizza? Mine’s definitely artichokes, but I love tomatoes, too!

Runrise and NuNatural’s Stevia Winners

Hiiii there! Having a good week so far?

I just got back from an AMAZING sunrise run…a runrise! haha

Anyway, I warmed up by taking Niko for a quick 10 minute walk, and then as I took off on my own, the sun was just popping over the horizon. Beautiful. I believe I made a new PR to boot – I ran the entire 4.15 miles at an average speed of 8:55. Woohoo!

A word about speed – and racing: this weekend is the Steamboat Classic, and I’ve decided to run in the four mile race course. I was originally training for the 9 mile course, but I haven’t gotten a long run in over 7 miles in the past, well, month. So I’m going to go for the four miler and go for speed! Now I just have to figure out how I’m going to get there…It’s a big race, and it’s about 45 minutes to an hour away.


My first day back at the Big Insurance Company was yesterday, and it was actually a pretty good day! Busy it was, but stressful? Surprisingly not!
I was up at the ungodly hour of 4:00 a.m. to get ready for a 5:00 and 6:00 a.m. training appointment followed by a full day at BIC (the big insurance company.) I was feeling pretty rough this early, but nothing a cup of coffee and a good attitude can’t cure 😉

On the way to BIC from the gym, I snacked on a delicious wrap!


Only showing you the outside, because the inside looked more like … vomit? It tasted amazing though – one banana, full in tact, topped with a mixture of almond butter, protein powder, maca, and a wee bit of yogurt to make it spreadable.

The morning really sped by at the BIC, and around lunch time, I got together with an old coworker to sit, chat, eat, and break.



I felt like KERF with my salad + yogurt + cereal combination. Loved it!

I also snacked on an apple and a bit of trail mix throughout the day.

Exactly eight hours from when I arrived, I declared it quittin’ time. Once home, the hubski, Niko, and I took a quick stroll before I cranked out 30 sweaty minutes on our elliptical.

Post-workout nourishment was an unpictured apple + natural PB.

Then I was off to the gym to train two last clients for the day.

Dinner was boring (but good!) leftovers.

IMG_7678This time, sans shrimpies.


Surprisingly, I still had a bit of energy and felt great when all was said and done last night! I think this is going to be a good thing. Plus, I had my act together today. Had everything layed out the night before, had the coffee ready, lunch ready, etc. However, there was one mishap. As I changed from training clothes into my dress clothes this morning, I left my shirt and lululemon crops in the lockerroom! Doh! LOL I cut myself some slack as it was a crazy day.
The (good) kicker? When I got back to the gym 12 hours later, there were still there! No one stole my trainer shirt or Lululemon pants (that’d be kinda gross if they did, but still!)

Congrats to the FOUR NuNatural’s Stevia Giveaway…




Dai Dai

Send me your information, and I’ll let Ron from NuNatural’s know ASAP!

Running Confessions

Hi there, friends! Enjoying your week so far? It’s almost weekend time – again 😀

I have some confessions to make.

Yesterday, as I was starting out on my interval run, I was lacking some motivation. To compensate, I allowed myself to make my 3 mi. interval run a 5 mile regular run. However, once I got to the street to turn down to make it only four miles, I found myself taking that turn…because “it looked like rain.” Ever make those oh-so-convenient excuses, when the real excuse is, “I just don’t wannnaaaaa?” I was having that kind of moment.

Even more, I felt in that moment, that I just wanted to run for fun. I wanted to take a break from interval training, hill repeats, and training plans. I just wanted to go out on a four miler. I didn’t want to be gung-ho racer. In fact, the last time I felt gung-ho about my next race was this day. Wonder where that falls on Angela’s Race Desire chart? hehe

Biggest confession? The Steamboat Classic race in in a mere two weeks. I haven’t signed up yet. I’ve been blaming this on work. I told the owner of the gym at which I train a lot of my clients that I’d like to pick up some staffing shifts if available. Since I’m the newbie, I’ve been getting Saturday shifts (which one could presume are the least popular day to work.) What if I get a shift on this day? I’d really like the hours and the free trainer-promotion to members. Realistically,I could do both. But doesn’t it sound good as an excuse?

It sounds like I’m just stuck between rock and a hard place.


Baby Bun Bun (it’s name..duh:) ) was camping out in our new landscaping alllll day long. The hubski almost ran over it with the mower, and it took shelter behind this rock.

Around 10:00 p.m., I set some applesauce next to it in case it didn’t have any plans on leaving, but when I got back from my volleyball game, it was gone!


Her mother finally found her and now she’s safe and happy. That’s what happened and you can’t tell me otherwise!


Oh, right. Fooood!

After breakfast, I cleaned up the house, and then went for aforementioned run. Despite its bad reviews above, it was a pretty decent run!

-4.2 miles

-38:32  minutes

-Avg pace: 9:11

Post-run fuel:


I’m not sure what else I did during the day, but I was busy. I’ve become one of those people. You know, the ones who only work part-time but claim to be busy.


But it’s not just a claim! It’s true! I used to scowl at those people! But here I am, running at noon, getting my eye brows done at 1:00, and visiting AT&T and 2:00, and claiming to be busy! I would have killed to be able to do those three things at those times of the day when working full time.

I did break from my “business” to eat a snack:


IMG_7340 Mary’s twigs and sticks, broccoli, and hummus.



Super crunchy and satisfying. But I’m not so sure what the appeal is with Mary’s Gone Crackers.


Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE her crackers. But I just don’t know why. They don’t really taste much of anything. I can see why some of you claim it should just be called, “Mary’s Crack.” hehe

After a quick nap (busy me had been up training clients since 5:30,) I got ready, and headed to my last training session for the day, which was way across town, for one of my in-home clients.

When we finished up, I was famished. I had a volleyball game in a couple hours, and knew I couldn’t last until afterward.


IMG_7347Tempeh sandwich with a side of Niko 🙂


Tempeh, artichokes, hummus, portabella, and one sundried tomato.



We won our volleyball game! But I had to sacrifice my shoulder. I’m a horrible under hand server, but I started out doing so for the sake of my hurt shoulder. But after three botched serves, I’d had it! Started serving overhand like a champ, and now my shoulder’s paying me back. I know, I know, rest an injury. But it’s different when it comes to competitive (read: recreational bar sand vball league) sports. It’s different!!

Well, this post has proved to be wordy enough, I think!

Because of the late vball game (didn’t get home until almost midnight – way past my bedtime!) I scheduled all my morning clients to the afternoon. So I’m off to get in my own workout (hopefully the shoulder allows for some lifting,) and then get some things done that I’d been meaning to earlier this week (again, with the “business.”)


Do you get exercise ADD from time to time? It takes a lot of time to train for a race! It cuts into other forms of exercise time! 😉

When you have more free time than usual, do you know where it goes? Or on the other hand, do you tend to go stir crazy with more free time? I thought I wouldn’t know what to DO with myself with this extra free time. Apparently, that’s not the case.

Have a terrific Thursday, guys!