Best Decision All Week

Hey guys! Have a good Tuesday? For being such a long day, it went by extremely quick. I’m not quite sure what happened to my afternoon post yesterday, but it’s somewhere…out there…and it’s about needing coffee in a bad way and pumpkin rice pudding!

This morning I made the best decision I’ve made all week. My alarm went off at 4:45 a.m. as planned so I could bounce on over to the gym and get in a 45 minute tempo run before working at the BIC. I got up, immediately put on running clothes:



face showing is not allowed before 6 a.m. – fyi 😉

and even went so far as to pour a cup of coffee. But then I did a body check. I was really tired. And not the usual “ugh it’s 5:00 in the morning tired,” but the “your body definitely needed more time to recharge tired.” So I put down the cup of coffee, told my husband to try to be quiet, and I got back in bed –donning my running clothes – and snuggled with Niko for another hour.


Definitely the best decision I’ve made all week. Now instead of rushing around this morning trying to get from the gym to the shower to breakfast to work, I’m leisurely eating a hot, delicious bowl of oats.


And my run will just have to wait until tonight. Nothing wrong with that.



OK. Who am I kidding…I’m still late. It wouldn’t be me if I weren’t! 😉

Gotta go! 🙂 See you this afternoon with a back to basics workout – and how I made spaghetti simple and fancy for dinner last night!


Is it hard for you to tell the difference between laziness and actually truly needing that extra hour of sleep/rest? It’s hard to tell sometimes, but it’s usually mental if you’re just lacking motivation. If I really need the rest, my body tells me I do in the form of lethargy, moodiness, and even threatening to get sick! Learn to listen to yo bod!


A Recovery Day

Hey hey!

Today’s been a “recover” day. You know when you’re away for the weekend, you get back home, go right to work the next day, and can’t catch up on what you need to until the following weekend? That sucks. That’s why I always schedule in a “recover day” from trips away from home. And after dance parties with the girls, a day of shopping, and running a race, a recovery day was much needed. Recover days consist of this:

30% laundry

20% cleaning

20% errands

5% workout

15% baking

10% lounging

Done and done! Now I’ve got a little break before cooking dinner and heading off to train a client and play some volleyball! It’s a late game tonight.

Today’s eats were all about recovery as well. If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been falling apart lately what with my foot and hip pain. The latest one to add to the list would be my left shoulder. I’m pretty sure I sleep on it wrong every single night, and it’s getting to the point where it’s a little painful when I do a front raise – especially in the morning!

Recover me breakfast:



I was feeling the fall oats this morning! With the addition of organic currants [vitamin C, phosphorus, calcium, and iron,] chia seeds [antioxidant overload,] pumpkin, p.p. spice, flax, + banana.


And a heart shaped out of PB+ pumpkin butter! 😉 I’m not big on toppings for oats – a little peanut butter is usually all I need. The oats give enough chew for me – so nuts and dried fruit…and baked goods don’t really appeal to me.

This energized me through a 3.75 mile easy run + some leg work at the gym, errands, and a shower!

Recover me lunch:


This was phenomenol – and all it is is cauliflower, broccoli, + mushrooms tossed in hummus surrounding a scrambled 1 egg + 2 egg whites all on top of a bed of spinach.


Alongside a smooothie


A Cherry-nilla smoothie! ~15 frozen bing cherries, 1 c. almond milk, 1/2 scoop vanilla jay robb, 1/4 c. plain greek yogurt, 1 frozen banana, and 1 tsp vanilla extract.


This was SO good. And cherries are known for their anti-inflammatory properties!


Wheat germ on top!

I’ve heard about cherries being natural anti-inflammatory for quite a while, but this weekend my girl Kim brought up a great point. She mentioned that a good part of her fiance’s family deal with Plantar Fasciitis and they use pure cherry juice to combat it. I’d never thought of this! So of course I had to pick up a jar while I was out running errands today:


But it’s rather tart on its own, so I paired it with some club soda!

IMG_9792 - Copy

A tasty and medicinal beverage!

Well the husband’s home from work and I’m going to go spend some time with him before I have to leave. Have a great rest of your day, friends!! 😀

How do you recover from a weekend away? Do you give yourself an extra day to gather yourself (and your dirty clothes!) after being away?

Step Turnovers

mmm…turnovers… 😉


Hi guys! Having a lazy Sunday? 🙂

Sundays are for long runs for this gal, so it hasn’t been so lazy for me. Actually, I have big plans for productivity today! Don’t worry, it’ll be fun productivity 😉

Despite going out last night, and then staying up even later when I got home to send a training plan to a client, I woke up feeling pretty stellar. Ready to tackle nine miles.

It’s absolutely perfect running weather this morning. It was bright and sunny and about 62 degrees. Light breeze. I was smiling and feeling the run half way through the first mile.

My goal for the run was to keep an average pace of around 9:30. How’d it go? Not bad!




Total distance: 10 miles. I just couldn’t resist to keep going one more mile once I reached my half way point of 4.5 miles out. 10 is such a nice, well-rounded number! Or I’m just a glutton for punishment.

Total time: 1:34:10

Average pace: 9:25

Mi. 1 – 9:38

Mi. 2 – 9:22

Mi. 3 – 9:26

Mi. 4 – 9:11

Mi. 5 – 9:22

Mi. 6 – 9:22

Mi. 7 – 9:26

Mi. 8 – 9:33

Mi. 9 – 9:35

Mi. 10 – 9:18

I gotta say, the weather made my run fabulous. I just kept chugging along, surprised at how quickly each mile passed. There were SO many runners/walkers/bikers out on the wonderful trail that we have here in Blo/No, too. That always helps.

Before I knew it, I was on mile eight and only had two more miles to go. At this point, my right hip was giving me some pain. I have tight hips, so I definitely need to stretch and massage it today. At this point, I also thought of Beck for inspiration. She ran 20 miles yesterday, and commented on how it was “just two ten milers.” I mean, I only had to do one, so I was pretty grateful, heh ;)  Thanks, Beck – helped me out around mile 9 😉

By the time I finished, I’d sipped my Camelbak dry.

Time out: speaking of Camelbak’s, I’m always leery of how/where I store the plastic portion just because it’s hard to get every droplet of moisture out. Then I read on someone’s blog (who are you? I can’t remember or else I’d give credit!!! 🙂 ) that they stash it in the freezer – that way no mildew can form. I tried it out this time, and it worked perfectly!



OK. Time in 😀

One of the things I’m bad at is rehydrating adequately after long runs. I know this because later in the day I’m very tired and my eyes are red and dry. So today I made it a point to drink a LARGE glass of water when I got back to the house, followed by an entire Vita Coco carton:




I like the regular flavors best, but I get the flavored ones for the husband.

I didn’t stop there – by this time my stomach was ready for food (well…liquid food) so it was time for my go-to post hard workout meal, a smoothie (in a bowl) with granola:




A crumbled Almond Granola Breakfast Bar to be exact!




There’s nothing better after a long run!!

And a little later, there may be some more liquid intake:




in the form of pumpkin beer! 😀 Anyone try this flavor before? Shane and I picked it up at Friar Tuck’s yesterday.


Step Turnover

During this morning’s run, I conducted a little experiment at a couple different points in distance. The other day I was reading Runner’s World Magazine on the treadmill, and came across an article on step turnover.

The article stated that the ideal number of steps per minute is 180.    



It didn’t, however, say anything about how this number relates to the length of the runner’s legs. Since I’m almost 5’10 – probably taller than the average runner, I wasn’t sure if it’d be the same for me, but I used it as a guide. Anyway, around miles 3 and then again around mile 7, I counted how many times my right foot hit the ground in one minute, and then doubled it.

I counted 84 times on mile three (total of 168 steps per minute,) and about 81 on mile 8 (162 spm) – so I was in the 160’s. Apparently I can run a bit faster if I crank up the turnover a bit!

Have you ever counted your step turnaround per minute?


Well I’m off to tend to productivity (but first, Wal-Mart…bahhhh) and then get some relaxin’ in! Hope you guys all have an awesome Sunday!! 🙂

Do you find it hard to stay hydrated after long, sweaty workouts? What tips do you have? I plan on noshing on some fruit throughout the day, too.

Alcohol and Athletes


I’m pretty beat. Tuesdays and Thursdays are my ultra long days, and from running at 5 in the morning yesterday to training until dark, I was one tired chica. Today, however, I only have to attend one of my part time gigs (Hi, BIC 🙂 ) and then I’m doing something I haven’t been able to do since I broke up with my gym. I’m excited, and I’ll write more about it after the class (any guesses?)

The other day, (Labor Day) the husband suggested we cook out. You all know I love grilling out, but the only thing I had to grill out was a chick’n boca burger, and that just didn’t sound good. What’s a girl to do?

Well, if you read Mama Pea’s blog, you may know the answer to this question…




Guys. If you are looking for a good veggie burger recipe, this is it. I took one bite, and told Shane, “I don’t think I should be eating this…I’m vegetarian!” It’s been about a year since I’ve had a real burger, but this tasted SO burger-like. It was almost eerie. But a delicious eerie 😉


With it, roasted okra + sourdough garlic bread.




A perfect late summer’s meal.

Pre-dinner, we lined our stomach with homemade pico and guac w/ some tortilla chips



IMG_9283 IMG_9284


Alcohol and Athletics

I don’t keep it a secret on the blog that I enjoy a few cocktails from time to time…


Sometmes beer



Mostly wine




Every now and then, a mixed drink with a girlfriend.


But gone are the days in my unhealthy ways when I would drink to the point of extreme drunkenness. I just don’t care for the feeling the day afterward…or really the feeling that night anymore for that matter!

Being an athlete, (sure, I’ll consider myself an athlete) there are several things to consider in regards to partaking in the occasional adult beverage or two. After each workout, the body needs to recover. When one drinks several alcoholic beverages per week, it’s inevitably factored into muscle repair and recovery.

Consider this:

  • Drinking alcohol, especially when it carries into the late night, disrupts sleep. Sleep in key in workout recovery.
  • Alcohol is absorbed directly from the stomach into the bloodstream within 5 minutes after consumption.
  • Although alcohol is a fluid, it’s also a diuretic. The more you consume, the more fluids you lose. Have at least one glass of water for every alcoholic beverage you drink.

After those three points considered, if you still drink to the point of having a hangover, here are a few points to consider about hangovers:

  • Hangovers are mostly due to dehydration and loss of electrolytes.
  • To lessen the hangover’s effects, drink water and beverages with sodium – gatorade, broth, soup.
  • Hangovers generally take 12 hours (or more) to pass.


So do you have to abstain from alcohol completely for your body to recover during training? No! Is your body going to recover and repair more quickly when drinks are not consumed in excess? Heck yes!

With that said, cheers to moderation, solid recovery, and fun!


Now for the Thermos Cold Max Giveaway Winner!!!

First off, let me say that you guys are all very supah cool 😉

But the coooolest is……………

#9: elizabethlacy  🙂 Send me your info and I’ll send it on to Maggie so she can send you your prize!

Thanks for entering, everyone!


Have a lovely day, friends!


tip for the day – try to reach out and touch and inspire some one today