Consoling Enchiladas and Rest ‘Weeks’

Another sad moment for this statistics queen, my volleyball team received its first big “L” of the season last night.



We had a disadvantage of only playing with 5 players, but the other team was down right GOOD. I may or may not have left with the imprint of a volleyball on my chest. Erm, yeah…

It’s OK though – I drowned my sorrows in some enchiladas!!



I swear they’re not eggs. I just went a little overboard with the cheddar jack 😉

I based it on this recipe, but made two different batches. I switched it up big time though. I also made them vegetarian – and used just mushrooms, garlic, tomatoes, and cauliflower as the vegetable base. Then at the very end, I added black beans and lentils to the mixture.



Must. Use. This. Mixture again. If you guys are interested, I can post what I did and used exactly, because I switched it up pretty big time from the recipe.

On the sizzide:



I love refried beans, but whenever I make them from a can, they remind me WAY too much of Clarabelle’s wet food. Then I automatically think they taste bad too :-/



I topped my salad with ‘em anyway, along with some salsa. 🙂

It’s been quite a while since we’ve had an enchilada night! They’re so easy to make and great to prepare in advance, too. For example, today I had a client around 4:00, so I made the innards and stuffed the tortillas, “made their beds,” and packed ‘em away in the fridge. Then Shane just stuck them in the oven about 20 minutes before he knew I’d get home at 375 degrees. 


Wa. La.

It’s been a bit of a sweet tooth round these parts lately with all the baking and birthday goodies, so no dessert for me afterward. I’m going to attempt to go light on the sugar this week. We’ll see how that turns out 😉

Time to go get ready for that place called work! I skipped my workout today because I figured my body needs a rest – even though I took a day off a couple days ago. I’ve actually been planning to have a week that consists of more rest days than workout days soon. In my opinion, ever now and then (maybe once every three months) the body needs a rest week – not just a rest day – for various reasons. Anyone else out there follow this notion?


Best Decision All Week

Hey guys! Have a good Tuesday? For being such a long day, it went by extremely quick. I’m not quite sure what happened to my afternoon post yesterday, but it’s somewhere…out there…and it’s about needing coffee in a bad way and pumpkin rice pudding!

This morning I made the best decision I’ve made all week. My alarm went off at 4:45 a.m. as planned so I could bounce on over to the gym and get in a 45 minute tempo run before working at the BIC. I got up, immediately put on running clothes:



face showing is not allowed before 6 a.m. – fyi 😉

and even went so far as to pour a cup of coffee. But then I did a body check. I was really tired. And not the usual “ugh it’s 5:00 in the morning tired,” but the “your body definitely needed more time to recharge tired.” So I put down the cup of coffee, told my husband to try to be quiet, and I got back in bed –donning my running clothes – and snuggled with Niko for another hour.


Definitely the best decision I’ve made all week. Now instead of rushing around this morning trying to get from the gym to the shower to breakfast to work, I’m leisurely eating a hot, delicious bowl of oats.


And my run will just have to wait until tonight. Nothing wrong with that.



OK. Who am I kidding…I’m still late. It wouldn’t be me if I weren’t! 😉

Gotta go! 🙂 See you this afternoon with a back to basics workout – and how I made spaghetti simple and fancy for dinner last night!


Is it hard for you to tell the difference between laziness and actually truly needing that extra hour of sleep/rest? It’s hard to tell sometimes, but it’s usually mental if you’re just lacking motivation. If I really need the rest, my body tells me I do in the form of lethargy, moodiness, and even threatening to get sick! Learn to listen to yo bod!

Amping Up the Veggie Power


How’s everyone’s weekend rounding out? Nothing to complain about over here! I was actually surprised at how fine I felt yesterday after the half marathon. I tried to nap…but was a little antsy. So I did some laundry, walked Niko, hit up some grocery stores, and then we had some friends over to play bags and drink some beer. Probably not the best way to recover, but luckily I still feel fine today 🙂 Plus. it was a lot of fun 🙂 And it sounds cheesy, but I’m still basking in that half marathon glooowww 🙂 Today I have some soreness in my calves and quads, but that’s it.

Today started out with a deeelicious breakfast:


It was a banana, cream cheese tofutti, and maple syrup wrap in an Ezekiel tortilla and grilled in a pan on the stove. OMG. So good. I’m definitely going to make this again with some Paige-ified tweaks.
I had a client to train afterwards, and then headed out to run some errands – Pet Co, Dick’s, and Target. Nice lil’ Sunday morning 🙂

When I came back, I cleaned my little heart out! Got a lot done…finally.



I’m trying to make up for my lack of veggies yesterday. This smoothie contained frozen banana, kale, spinach, protein powder, and almond milk. Plus an Ezekiel muffin with some spectacular almond butter:

picked this gem up at the expo on Friday night. It about knocked my head off…not gonna lie!


I spent a couple hours looking at fitness videos and demos on Youtube, cleaned a bit, rolled on some foam, and then it was dinna time!
Amping up the veggie power yet again!

Sprouts n’ Sparagus

Sweet tater fries

Homemade vegetarian baked beans.

IMG_6631I saw that the canned version I had in the pantry contained HFCS, so I opened a can a beans and went to town on making my own sauce:


‘Twas a bit thick though, so I’m going to give it another go before I post the recipe. That reminds me…I really need to get working on that recipe tab. I promise it will get done soon.
After dinner the hubski and I watched a couple 24 episodes while he worked and I folded laundry… oh, and then I made us some puppy chow popcorn!


and stir and add nooch. Recipe to come soooon on not-there-yet- recipe tab 😉

Well it’s getting pretty late now, and I’m pretty sure my bod needs a wee bit more rest to aid in its recovery. I’m going to go make like Niko and chillax:


What a great weekend all in all 🙂

I’m also pretty excited for tomorrow morning (what?! excited for a Monday?!) because Shane is going to give working out before work with me a try. We have a kick-booty work out planned, and I’m pretty pumped to have another workout partner. He usually works out after work, so hopefully he doesn’t mind the a.m. sweat session!


So tomorrow night I will be posting a few life changes, one of them being pretty major. Exciting and crazy things going on in life right now. I know I’ve been alluding to them for quite a while, but I finally get to share them I can’t wait to share with you all!
Have a maahh-velous Monday, all!

Do you try to compensate your fruits and veggies the day after not having many at all? I’m pretty sure my body craved them today, but I was also very conscious of my lack of vegetables, so I’m sure it was a mental thing too. But I think I got em all in today 😉

Not Just Getting Through the Day

Hi there!!

So last night’s post I mentioned I wasn’t feeling well. Welll, that continued in through the night, and around 3:00 a.m. I reached over and turned off my alarm clock. I knew my body needed sleep more than a tempo run. Definitely not good to over train on minimal sleep, and even worse if the sickies are creeping in. But, today I armed myself with Kombucha, tea, and water and am gonna fight this bug to the death!

My girl Mel got me the cutest stainless steel water bottle for my birthday, and it not only brightens my day every time I look at it, but it keeps me guzzling the H2O. Why is it that I’m more apt to drinking water if it’s in a cute container?! 😉


Pink and green…wedding colors!

So thankfully this week is pretty slow at the office, which means catch up time! However, for some reason, today my mantra was “just get through the day” when I woke up. It took me the whole drive to work to realize, wait a second.l.. What kind of a mantra is that?! We will never ever have another March 30th, 2010 again, and I just want to get through? Hold up. Rewind. Erase first mantra and put a new one in its place:

“Find opportunities for beauty, joy, and peace today.”

Joy was found in my delicious bowl of Steel Cut Oat groats that I had for breakfast this morning:


It’s been far too long since I’ve had pin head oats, and this bowl was just beautiful!

My lunch time brought upon more food joy:


Hummus, spinach, bell pepper, and mushroom wrap

And sitting down to eat  this yogurt mess as a snack later on gave me peace in the hectic day:



Plain Oikos, strawberries, blueberries, cocao nibs, and unsweetened coconut.

My coworkers and I shared some joy as we helped another coworker celebrate her birthday over sweet potato chips and cookies:


Ate everything except the pink cookie. My eyes were bigger than my stomach!

I had an hour and a half to spare before this work ended and I had to be at the gym to train a client, and I was actually feeling much better! (Totally believe in the kombucha + loads of water  + green tea trifecta…but not all together;)) However, I didn’t want to push it and make myself worse, but still wanted to take advantage of the beautiful day we were having.

So I took Niko on a leisurely half hour walk!

I actually felt great, so I kicked it up a notch, and ran it tempo style. I forgot my Garmin, but it ended up being about a 40 minute run.

After cleaning myself up, I drove to the gym to train a client! 😀 Just had the one training appointment tonight, so I headed on home afterwards. I had planned on getting in some upper body work, but I just wanted to get home to take my puppy for a joyful walk while the sun was still out:

IMG_1152 IMG_1153

Beautiful😉 Why do dogs love fire hydrants so much? Niko’s OBSESSED!

Dinner was quick and easy, like usual as of late, albeit delicious.


Half an acorn squash, stuffed with black beans that I simmered with tamari, apple cider vinegar, and maple syrup.



And some steamed asparagus sprinkled with a dash of sea salt.


Finished er’ off with a glass o vino



Well, almost perfecto…


Forkful of decadent chocolate birthday cake! Multiply that by two if you will 😉

Throughout the day I also had a delicious apple and a crisp pear!

Although after dinner all I wanted to collapse in front of the tube, I decided to be courageous and tackle the laundry room!! And by tackle I mean launder one load 😀

I knew having a couple loads washed and folded would provide much more joyful TV watching.

On that note, I’m going to go grab my new Clean Eating mag that came in the mail and crash on the couch! Sounds peaceful, doesn’t it?

Peace out, everyone 😉


How did March 30th, 2010 go for you? What was the most peaceful, joyous, or beautiful moment in your day?

Natural Wellness: Celestial Seasonings Giveaway


I just had the best dessert/dinner ever!

It was a combination of Ezekiel Golden Flax granola, my homemade granola, and some Kashi Heart 2 Heart with SO Delicious Coconut Milk.





Delish, delish.

Has your week started off on the right foot? Mine wasn’t too shabby! I got to sleep in today because it’s Monday! I take Monday’s as my rest days, because I like to ease on into the work week. I sleep in a couple hours later than usual on Saturday and Sunday, so I like to gradually introduce myself into earlier work week wake up times by starting my early morning workouts on Tuesday. Works out best for me!

What day does your rest day typically fall on? Or do you just go completely by how your body feels?

Natural Cures – Celestial Seasonings Giveaway!

Celestial Seasonings recently offered to send me some of their “natural wellness” teas to sample. And since I’m all about trying to cure/prevent illness naturally, I said, “of course!” I’m a huge tea drinker anyway and Celestial Seasonings carries my favorite flavors 🙂

They sent me five of their wellness teas:


Echinacea Complete Care with Vitamin C and zinc to promote natural defenses, Detox AM with milk thistle for natural cleansing, Sleepy Time Throat Tamer with licorice root and chamomile, and two of the natural antioxidant Green Tea flavors.

And a bonus prize!


I’ve never tried Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride, so I was super stoked to try it. Now I know why there’s so much hype. This tea is absolutely wonderful! It’s almost as if you’re sipping dessert, because the steam smells just like sugar cookies. Gonna be sad when it’s gone, that’s for sure! J

Lauren was also kind enough to offer one lucky RAN reader the Celestial Seasonings Wellness Kit!

The kit is worth $60 in goodies and will help flu and cold symptoms naturally. In the kit is:

Sleepytime Extra, Echinacea Complete Care, Tummy Mint, Two Green teas, a mug, soothing lip balm, honey sticks and Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime Bear and the book “Herbs for Health and Happiness.” 

To enter:

Go to the celestial seasonings website and leave me a comment saying which wellness tea you’d like to try and why

Extra entries:

I’ll pick a random winner this Friday morning!

Happy Tea Time! 😀

Berries and Cherries

Hi friends!

Three cheers for Friday night! Are you all whoopin’ it up?? I’m afraid there’s no whoopin’ being done over here. I have a 5k to run in the morning, and want to do my bestest. It’s the first one of the year! I did go out tonight, but it was G rated. More on that in a few:)

Since today was a day-before-race rest day, I slept in a little, and woke up with ample time to make a stove-cooked breakfast:


Stovetop oats containing:

  • 1/2 c. oats
  • 1/2 c. water
  • 1/2 c. almond milk
  • 1 T. chia
  • 1 packet of Purevia
  • 1 banana
  • 1 T flaxmeal



Plus a little almond butter swirly to bring everything together. So good I was tempted to lick the bowl!

It also put me in a fabulous mood! Off to work I go…until…I see the berries and cherries. And not the yummy kind 😦 Yep, got pulled over. Yep, I was speeding. And yep, I got a ticket. URGH! The cop didn’t even give me a chance – he’d made up his mind that he was giving me a ticket when he saw me going 40 in a 30. Although I had it coming, the same policeman pulled over TWO of my friends within the past two weeks. Ruthless, I tell ya! After shedding a few tears and muttering some obscenities, I was back en route to work – obeying the speed limit 😉

To cheer up my not so great morning, I met my friend, Debbie, at Panera for lunch!


Had the vegetable and pesto soup w/ the Mediterranean sandwich on whole grain bread. Aaand perhaps a big ass chocolate chipper cookie…



Side note: I used to work at Panera during college, and I became OBSESSED with this cookie. I also gained 5 pounds 😉

Before I left work I had an unpictured PBJ Lara Bar. It’d been a while since I have had a Lara Bar, and this completely rekindled our love 🙂

I came home after work, and had about an hour before I had to leave the house, so I baked up a batch of spelt flour and oatmeal cookies from Eat, Drink, & Be Vegan:



My parents are coming up to watch my race tomorrow with the hubski and I always try and have some kind of healthy baked goods for them when they take the time to come visit me. Plus my mom might take me shopping for my birthday (this month!)  😉


The hubski tried one, and I may have had a half of one (omg, cookie overload today) and we both give it 5 raisins 😉

After the baking quickie, I said goodbye to the husband and Niko…



and met my friend, Carmody at a charity dinner called Empty Bowls. It was a charity event at the local high school, and the students made and painted ceramic bowls to sell for $10. Everyone who went paid $10 for a ticket, and then chose a bowl to take home with them. Then when everyone had their bowls, soup was served!

My bowl:


And since the only vegetarian option was broccoli cheese, I opted for that, but only ate a couple bites. Did eat all the carrots though!



Just got home from the dinner, and made a second (kinda) dinner…


Air popped popcorn + nutritional yeast + sea salt. I prepared it LVAY style by spraying the popped popcorn with olive oil spray before adding the seasonings. Worked perfectly! The spray helps the yeast and salt stick to the popcorn instead of just sinking to the bottom.


Awesome combo! Have you tried this yet? Try it! Try it!

Now it’s kinda late and I’m watching 24 with Shane and will probably hit the hay soon. Got an early morning for the race!! It’s supposed to be mid thirties and sunny for the actual race, so that’s pretty good. Early March is iffy weather-wise in Illinois. Still not sure what to wear, though. Perhaps running tights and a long sleeved tech shirt? Maybe a headband or hat? We’ll see (and you’ll see, because you know I’ll write about it!) So excited!!       


When is the last time you got a speeding ticket, if ever? Before today, it had been nearly 7 years!! I was going so strong, and then BAM, it happened. But like I said, I had it coming. I’m a speeder, and I need to slow my booty down. I wasn’t even late for work! So there was no reason I should have been going ten over the limit.      

Red and White Chili Delight

Evening 😀

Survived another Monday! Surprisingly, I woke up rather easily this morning around the five o’ clock hour.  

You see,  around 2:30 in the morning, I awoke to Niko coughing and hacking. At first I just rubbed her belly so she’d quit, but when she didn’t quit, I tried patting her on the back and giving her water. But she just wouldn’t quit. Finally, I woke up the husband, and he told me she’d been chewing on a bone all night, and he thought a piece of the bone might have been stuck in her throat. He suggested to feed her her favorite cookie to try and swallow it down. Luckily, she ate the cookie, and the piece of dog bone went down with it, but man that was scary 😦 I made sure to have no dog bones laying around while we were at work today – that could be a bad situation!

Anyway – woke up today and knew exactly what I needed:


A (rather disgusting looking) green monster. I’ve been kinda moody lately, and just overall not really myself. I also haven’t been having my daily wheatgrass and superfoods pre-breakfast like I usually do. I figured there could be a correlation. So this week I’m going to make a green monster before breakfast each morning, and see if that helps 😀 Ya never know!

Work was aight. I was busy, and it passed quickly.

Today was a rest day, so I came home, and hung out with the husband while we folded laundry and watched Ellen together. I love Ellen 😀 Jillian was on today, showing some crazy awesome moves. That reminds me – need to send Janetha my favorite exercise move for her mini guest post!

Then got started on making dinner. It was a pretty blustery cold day here in central Illinois, so naturally, chili was quite fitting.

I didn’t really follow a recipe while making this chili – just kinda threw stuff together. However, I had a feeling it’d turn out good, so I made sure to have a pen and post-it note ready. And I’m glad I did!

And it only took about a half hour to make!


So red and vibrant!


Nom! This chili was awesome!


And you can serve it with a piece of fresh corn bread!


Red and White Chili Delight


1 T olive oil

1/2 onion

3/4 red bell pepper

2 small garlic cloves

1 t. chili powder

1 t. paprika

1 t. cumin

1 28 oz can diced tomatoes

1/2 cup meatless ground (optional)

1 can of red kidney beans, rinsed and drained

1 can of cannellini beans, rinsed and drained

Heat a large pot or deep pan to medium heat and coat with the olive oil. Place the onion, bell pepper, and garlic cloves in a food processer, and pulse just 2-3 times – no need to pulverize. Add the chili powder and paprika, and pulse twice more. Scoop the mixture into the pot and let simmer for 5-8 minutes. Stir in cumin and meatless ground, and simmer 2-3 additional minutes. Add the rest of the ingredients, and simmer for 15 minutes.

Fresh Corn Bread


1.5 c. cornmeal

1.5 T whole wheat flour

1 t. baking powder

2 T. of agave or maple syrup

1 egg

1/4 c. milk

Preheat oven to 425 degrees. In a medium bowl, mix together cornmeal, ww flour, and baking powder. In a separate bowl, beat an egg, and in that same bowl, mix in the milk and the agave nectar. Pour the wet ingredients into the dry ingredients and stir until just combined. Bake for 15-20, checking after 15 with the tooth pick method.

And since I’m on a outrageously serious dessert kick, I had to have a lil somethin’ sweet while watching The Bachelor.

Enter, banana softserve!!


I hadn’t had this since summer, and had a serious hankering for it tonight.

And after putting 1.5 frozen bananas in the food processer and pulverizing for about 3 minutes, I added a handful of peanut butter m-n-m’s.


Oh yes, I went there. And it was fabulous.

Time to hit the hay and do it all again tomorrow! I hear we’re supposed to hit 28 degrees tomorrow! Holler! Never thought I’d be so pumped for it to be in the upper 20’s. Gotta love that Mid-West weather 😉

Hope you all have a fabulously terrific Tuesday!

When you’re not feeling your usual self for no apparent reason, what’s the first thing you pinpoint as the reason?