PDR and Dinner at Rosie’s

Hey hey! I survived my 7 miler!! Although I wore my new workout gear, I didn’t really get to show it off. I ended up having to wear my Lululemon track jacket the entire time, because it was only 53ΒΊ out 😦 Oh well. This was my first time running in the “cold” aka not beastly hot, (yep, it was hot just last weekend!) so I wasn’t too sure what to expect.

So after I got my gear on, including my new socks:

(Thank GOD they let me know which feet they go on πŸ˜‰ LOL) I grabbed a bottle of cold water, my iPod, and some Luna Moons and headed out.

The first mile was me adjusting myself the entire time. I was wearing my new shoes, so I had to re-tie them a couple times, I had to re-thread my iPod head phones through the socket of my jacket again, and then I finally had to ditch my water bottle. I just could not run with this thing! It was too cold and heavy and was just messing up my groove. Looks like I may have to head back to Often Running to pick up a Camel Back water holder.

After I got myself situated, it was smooth sailing. I added a new list of songs to a running play list, and I just totally jammed out the entire time. I’ll post my play list soon (don’t want to make this post too long!) I ended up running down to ISU’s campus, and meandering about the quad, and kinda got lost and wound up having to run up an extra hill while I was at it. Oh well, no big deal!

I was really surprised at how easy this run was for me. It could have been because I wasn’t sweating as much as I usually do, due to the drop in temperature. Around mile 6, I ate 2 Luna Moons before stopping at a drinking fountain.

I could feel the energy, because I usually have trouble on that last incline back to my house, but I think the extra boost helped my endurance.

I made it back in 1:08:07 and then stretched my little heart out. As tradition goes (and as Shane requested), I then made some oat and whole wheat pancakes for my post-run fuel up. This time, instead of adding blueberries, I added chocolate chips (hells yeah!) and instead of having three or four, I had one with a side of a veggie omelet.

Oh-so-gooood! It was the perfect post-run brunch.

Surprisingly, I didn’t feel like crawling into bed in fetal position after my shower, so I did some laundry, and cleaned up a little. Then the fatigue hit me and I spent a good 2 hours in horizontal position watching a movie in the theater downstairs. I did manage to press pause and scrounge up a snack of plain Oikos, blueberries and granola, though. (Unpictured, because my camera is all the sudden taking blurry pics 😦 All in all, I think it was a great run, and I’m excited for 7.5 miles next Sunday πŸ˜€

Good Eats

Last night for dinner, Shane and I went to one of our favorites here in town, Rosies.

This place has so many different and unique combinations of food, and they always have such great specials. Shane thought of going here, and I was totally glad he came up with the idea!

We sat in the bar area, which has a little more charm, in my opinion, and sat on the same side of a booth.

My stomach was a little off (I think I was just super hungry) so I didn’t get any big-girl drinks, just water. We started off with one of their appetizers on special, the Portabella Mushroom Ravioli.

Holy yum-topia. Goodness this was goodness. It had a ginormous portabella mushroom, layered with spinach, ricotta, Italian sausage, mozzarella, tomatoes, and marinara type sauce. I skimmed off most of the sausage, and ate a very healthy portion. I SO want to try and re-create this dish. Wow.

Our entrees came out, and I had my usual: the Shrimp Greek Salad:

Shrimp, olives, feta, artichoke, and onions galore! This salad is to-die-for. I only ate half, and took home half for lunch today. (Note: I didn’t have this for lunch today, because it fell on the floor and I lost it. Tear :()

Shane got another baked ravioli dish, which was just blanketed in mozzarella.

We were going to go to a cookout/boozefest afterward, but since my tummy wasn’t feeling the best, the last thing I wanted to do was drink, so we just went home and called it a night (on the couch.) This was probably the better idea for my run this morning, too.

I hope everyone’s enjoying their Sunday πŸ˜€ Boooo that tomorrow is Monday.