Vitamix Pipe Dreams and an Anniversary Giveaway


Thanks for all the anniversary wishes 😀 I have to admit, I felt a little vulnerable posting all of those wedding pictures. But…then I figured they’re posted elsewhere on the internet (with our permission) for the public to see, so why not?

I woke up this morning and deemed it only appropriate to bring out my anniversary present to make an anniversary breakfast:



For those of you who guessed a Vitamix, you guessed right.




I may or may not have done a happy dance…




However, the trickster got me at first. A box filled with a cook book…cotton balls…and bricks? “Well cotton balls represent the 2nd year anniversary,” he said. By this time, I knew he was joking 😉



 See what he did for the first traditional anniversary gift here.

The real deal.


Obviously, I began filling it up and blending my little heart frozen bananas out:




Let it be known that I thought owning a Vitamix was among the wishes of finally finding “a spot” for my keys, leaving the house on time for work, and dating Justin Timberlake. You know, a pipedream.



smoothest smoothie evaa.

Shane’s response to my Vitamix pleas were along the line of "you’re out of your freaking mind.” 




Needless to say, it was a very pleasant surprise 😀




the vortex I’d only heard about in story books Vitamix reviews.

I immediately put it to the test.

What used to take around 5 MINUTES of me looking like I was dirty dancing with my old blender (it took constant shaking in order for it to get what I was blending smooth) took the Vitamix not even 30 seconds.



I was amazed. And I obviously have a slight obsession with pumpkin pie smoothies in a bowl with crumbled whole wheat pumpkin bread on top 😉


ok, ok – now on to the Anniversary Giveaway!

My friend Debby from Sahale Snacks is offering ONE reader TWO Sahale Snack gifts!



Sing Buri Cashews




The classic and delicious Valdosta pecans.

Read my review of Sahale snacks waaayyyyy back in this post. If you don’t feel like reading, I liked ‘em – very delicious glazed nuts!

To enter the giveaway, leave a comment about a dream that you once thought was a pipe dream, but has since come true! It can be silly like owning a Vitamix (actually…that’s very serious business) or serious like a huge life change.

Comment away – and I’ll pick a winner at random and in Thursday morning’s post 😀

Have a fabulous end to your Monday, friends! I’m off to do a wee bit more work, and then Shane and I are going to celebrate the anniversary a little more 🙂


Sahale Snacks and Strength Training

Happy Hump Day, everybody. I can’t believe tomorrow is Thursday already! This week is flying by for a change. The past few weeks have seemed to drag, so this is a much welcomed change. Today I have a review for you at the end of tonight’s post!

I started out my day with some early morning strength training. I did:

  • 30 push ups
  • 30 bicycle crunches
  • a few planks
  • 20 triceps overheads
  • 20 chest flies
  • 20 “donkey kicks”

I really needed to get in some strength training, so I skipped my usual elliptical session to pump some iron instead.

I refueled with a little breakfast bowl o’ cereal at work:

Mmm Kashi Good Friends and Peanut Butter Puffins! Always a good combo. However, it didn’t leave me full for long, so I later had some gigantic, unpictured grapes.

I had a meeting over lunch, at which they provided us pizza! Luckily, they had a big veggie pizza, so I had me some slices of that goodness.

Sahale Review!

I had my afternoon snack courtesy of Sahale Snacks today! Sahale uses all natural ingredients to come up with their yummy flavors. Debby sent me two different combinations to try.

First was Glazed Cashews with Pomegranate and Vanilla:

Shane actually got into this bag before I did, and he said, “oh man these things are awesome! They taste like ice cream!” At the time, I didn’t really understand what he meant. However, today when I tried them out, he hit it dead on! These things were awesome! And they did taste like ice cream! haha. The vanilla flavoring they used tastes exactly like vanilla bean ice cream.

Mmm this is the dessert. This type was also named “Best Snack Award” by Shape Magazine this summer. the whole mix contains roasted cashews with pomegranate and apple, along with pure vanilla bean. YUM!

Next up was Soledad Nut Blend:

I wasn’t too sure of the ingredients, but I figured I have concocted up crazier things! So I didn’t judge before trying. This mix packs in almonds, apples, flax seeds, dates, basalmic vinegar, and red pepper.

Isn’t it purrty? See the flax seeds??

I could definitely taste some cumin in this mix, too. It’s got a Mediterranean flava to it. Altogether the flavors worked, but it was a little too complex of a flavor for me. I was definitely fond of it, as it provided both sweet and savory, but I think I prefer the cashews. Obviously a lot of people like it, because it was named “Best Trail Mix” by Men’s Health this summer. And I definitely loved the incorporation of flax seeds 😉

I think Sahale Snack mixes would be a great alternative to bars when you’re feeling snacky! I could definitely see myself over-snacking on these bad boys though!

What’s your favorite “snack mix” or trail mix? Or do you make your own?