It’s All in the Neck

Heyyy! Happy hump day, friends! Having a good week so far? Doin’ pretty peachy here.
For some reason, though, I was a ball of nerves – even after my blood work came out A-OK. After lunch I started feeling better, but I hate that feeling, nonetheless.

After my part time gig at the BIC (love saying that!) I had another client to train before I took Niko for an evening walk.

Dinner was my version of what I imagine Whole Foods hot and cold bar to be.

I selected spinach,avocado, zucchini, cucumber, homemade lentil sun veggie burger, and vegetarian baked beans.

And some cole slaw on the side.


You can see me in the place mat! hehe

It’s all in the neck

There’s a new study out that says the circumference of one’s neck could be a more accurate measure of obesity than Body Mass Index (BMI.)  BMI, although the standard measure for assessing obesity, has it’s drawbacks.

BMI uses height and weight as its criteria, and we all know that those aren’t the only factors in determining if one is overweight or not. This is especially true in athletes or extremely fit people. According to BMI, they would be overweight for their height, when in reality, their body fat is actually very low. It does however, provide a general number that’s somewhat easy to grasp and is able to be put in a table to MEAN something when determining health.

Although there are other areas of the body that could be measured to assess obesity, measuring the neck would be fairly easy and accurate for someone who is untrained at taking body measurements.

I typically do a 7 point measurement in the initial assessment for my clients who choose to have their measurements taken prior to working out. However, I also just got my Lange body fat caliper and can’t wait to add in body fat % for those who desire to know as well!

What are your thoughts on BMI? It can be useful, but in order to get a more comprehensive and accurate reading, more criteria need to be considered. Fortunately, there are more tools out there than just BMI! :)  


Pretend Desperate Housewife

G’morning! How we doing today?? I just finished training a client, and then noshed on some damn good oats:


Another blueberry + peanut butter combo…


aka the best combo 😉

However, as I type this (in Live Writer) the internet’s down. So unless the hubski calls me back before I’m ready to hit “publish” I may have done many other things since.

Man, I’m glad I’ve had early morning clients every morning since leaving my full time job– it gets my booty up and running and in productive mode. In fact, yesterday was super productive!

After my early morning clients and breakfast, I took Niko for a walk, and then headed to a new-to-me gym to try out one of their group fitness classes where I could potentially start instructing a class or two sooner or later.


A note about group fitness. Unfortunately, the course I signed up for to become better-prepared to become group fitness certified was cancelled due to low attendance. I was SO upset! Major suckage. However, luckily this gym sends its instructors to its own training to get certified for Group classes.

The gym I went to was a gym here in town called Fitness Connextion. I took Group Active, a class that combines step, strength, and balance in a one hour time period. It was a lot of fun, and went by SUPER fast. The instructor, Sarah, was also great and I think it’d be a blast to teach 😀

Afterward, I wanted a bit more cardio in my day, so I left my car parked in the lot and then took off on a 35 minute run throughout a neighborhood with monstrous houses, lakes, and fountains. In my mind I was a desperate housewife about to have an affair with the gazillion gardeners I saw in the yards. hahaha

Once home, I made a HUGE salad.


Check out the fork to bowl ratio:


Scientific ratio measurements there, folks. HUGE. It had romaine, arugula, broccoli, snap peas, avocado, and eggs in it. Delicious. The dressing was a mix of tahini + hummus + braggs amino acids. It worked perfectly with the veggies in the salad.

On the side, I had a brown juice (spinach + carrots + apples)


and a flattened banana from Trader Joe’s.

Clarabelle had a leaf:


A catnip leaf! We planted a catnip plant in our yard, and I wanted to see if it worked like the good stuff.


She’s obsessed. And Niko’s jealous.

The productivity continued as I steam mopped the upstairs tile, and got down on my hands and knees and scrubbed the downstairs tile. This was work, but it looks AMAZING now. And after some physical work, I put my mental productivity in check as I began to log all my mileage used for personal training. Being self-employed, one needs to be very detail-oriented!

My reward:


IMG_7426 Chocolate Oikos, Chocolate Cheerios, and blueberries.



The blueberries are now gone 😦

I had another client later in the evening, but was determined to make Brandi’s sweet potato falafel for dinner.


It was a successful and scrumptious dinner. Go make this. NOW!IMG_7440

On the side, I made a salad of arugula, romaine, pecans, and dried cherries – with a dressing of coconut oil + apple cider vinegar + stevia.




With a glass of vino (which made me tipsy instantly…what’s going on?!) to was it down. The sauce you see on the plate was just a tahini + hummus + sea salt mixture.       

Well I’m out to go…be productive 😉 Hope you all have a kick-booty Tuesday!!


Aaand I’m without the internet until noon. So it’s probably lunch time or after now that you’re reading this. Sorry guys! 🙂

Running on Emotions

Morning, morning! Didja all have a great weekend? Mine was quite pleasant!

Yesterday morning’s 11 miler kicked my boo-tay. I seriously didn’t think I would make it through it, and when I saw my subdivision in the distance, I almost broke down and cried in relief.

Let me explain.

My past two long runs have been on the trail, so I decided to take this week’s onto the open road. It was a new route, so I wrote it down on my palm so I wouldn’t get lost!


Unfortunately I started to get pretty sweaty early on and it got wiped off shortly into my run. However, I made with due and just kind of ran the general route. I veered off the path (which increased my mileage by a quarter mile) a little bit, but I got some very pretty pictures along the way. (iPhone pics – sorry for the bad lighting!)


Pretty flowers!



IMG_1178Around 7 miles and BEAT.

Running across my old university’s quad…






Contrary to the norm, the first two miles were the easiest of the entire run! Around mile three, I looked down and saw my Garmin was dead 😦 Ugh. The downside to depending on GPS during runs. Doh! This kind of through off my groove, but I kept on going. However, I probably took about 8 walking breaks in total. I just kept getting stomach cramps and my endurance was completely off. I’m not sure what caused it. I only ran 3 days in addition to the long run last week, so perhaps it’s the shorter mileage?

Anyway, I finally rounded onto the last stretch and was SO proud of myself. I honestly thought at one point that I would have to call Shane and get me.

Not sure of my mileage stats…grr.

Right after my run, I devoured a plum


and rushed to get ready and packed up everything to head to my parents’ house for my mom’s birthday!



Niko loooves going to grandma and grandpa’s house. As soon as we hit the ramp to their house, she FREAKS out. It’s so cute.

Also had a kombucha in tote:



Once we got there, Shane headed over to my brother’s (down the street) and worked on cars for a while. Meanwhile, my mom and I SHOPPED!


It was SUCH a nice day out. Seriously we are SO lucky this year – it’s April and feels like June!



Sorry for catching you with your eyes closed, mom!

We hit up Dick’s (where I got a foam roller! – post, I’m sure, to come soon) and Banana Republic and a couple other places.

We were ordering pizza later, but I was soooo hungry, so I busted out a Clif bar in the car:


When we got back to the house, I unfortunately had some writing to do, but finished up just in time for pizza! Glorious, glorious PIZZA!


Veggie, of course. Had about twice that amount.

And a salad with romaine, strawberries, walnuts, and mushrooms.


I made a dressing out of apple cider vinegar, olive oil, turbinado sugar, Dijon, and salt, and it was stupendous!

Then we busted into the birthday cake I made for my mom!


Chocolate cake with chocolate hazlenut frosting (from Vive le Vegan!)

Shane and I headed home a couple hours later in order to get back at a decent hour since we both have work this morning. But out of all of us, she was the most pooped!


I’ve said this before on the blog, but anytime Niko goes to my parent’s house, she comes back wiped out. Dog park and grandparent’s house in one weekend=tired dog!

How do you remember your routes when you run/walk/bike/skip/hop? Do you always use the same route or do you switch it up a bit?

Cuckoo for KooLoos

Hi there friends! How goes it? Celebrating the Irish?

The extent of my celebrating was wearing green and drinking this:


one beer (one’s for the husband) and it’s not even green! I just never really got into St. Patrick’s Day much for some reason. Can’t complain – I’m watching 24 right now instead of working with Quick Books. So I’m happy 😀

I finally got in a killer lower body workout this morning before work. First I did 20 minutes on the elliptical, and then did the following circuits each three times through:

one legged squats right and left 15 lb dumbbells
calf raises 15 lb dumbbells
straight leg deadlifts 15 lb dumbbells


stability ball hamstring curl body weight
plie squat 15 lb dumbbells
lunges left and right leg 10 lb dumbbells


My booty was burnin’ by the end of it, and I’m already feelin’ it now!

Breakfast was one I haven’t had in a while…some yoatgurt!


1/3 c. oat bran, 1/2 c. almond milk, 1/2 c. water, 1 banana, 1 T. flax, 1 packet of Purevia, 1 T. chia seeds on the oaty side, and 3/4 c. Greek yogurt and cinnamon on the yogey side. Plus a big blob of TJ’s raw almond butter.

Work passed by like a flash yet again today. I can’t believe tomorrow’s already Thursday! It’s been a busy week personal training, too. I’ve had to train every night this week, and it’s looking like that’s how it’s going to be the next few weeks too. I’m definitely not complaining about it, though!

For lunch, I decided to try out some of the snacks that Shelley and Shaina from Seapoint Farms sent me to sample!



KooLoos! I was super excited to try these out, because I’ve never seen them elsewhere before, and was very intrigued my the description. They’re crunchy little baked snacks of organic flaxseed and organic soybeans .


One serving of KooLoos contains Omega 3’s, 7 grams of soy protein, 20 mg of isoflavones, and three grams of fiber!

So, how do they taste?


My favorite was the original by far. I absolutely love the crunchy texture, and the slightly salty and nutty flavor. The husband tried them all too, and he prefers the honey bbq.

I haven’t seen them in stores yet, but according to Shaina, they’ll be hitting stores soon, and I could definitely see myself buying some when they’re gone 🙂


After leaving the office, I headed to the gym to train a client. It was so incredibly nice out – 60’s and sunnnny! Instead of training for the whole hour in the gym, we headed to the trail by the gym and did the first half of her workout outdoors. It was very nice for a change of pace. I think she enjoyed it too 😀 I seriously love springing ahead!!

For dinner, I had planned on having a staple Ezekiel tortilla pizza. However, while toasting the tortilla, I was also cooking sweet potatoes and chicken in the oven, and well…see for yourself:


I may have left it in the oven a tad too long 😉

It was the last one in the package, so I had to make with do.

Can’t fail with a (big as a ) house salad!


Spinach, red bell pepper, baby bella mushrooms, edamame, cucumber, quorn meatless chicken, goat cheese, and burnt Ezekiel tortilla!


With a side of sweet potato fries:) Nommy.

Sorry that my dinners have been pretty boring lately. I swear they’re all still delicious, it’s just that the amount of free time I have available has been dwindling, and well, creative and time-intensive dinners have taken the toll. It should get better fairly soon, though. Not intending to stay this busy for too much longer 😉

How’s that for a random post!

Now I’m about to watch some Big Bang Theory with the hubski and perhaps snack on some Annie’s Bunny Graham’s just ate probably 2.5 servings of Bunny Graham’s while uploading pictures and editing this post. Woops…

Hope you all have a lovely night and a fantastic Thursday!!

Spare Me

Hey, all! How was your day?

Mine was pretty much your standard Tuesday. Seemed like a looooong work day though. In fact, I could have spared myself the entire afternoon portion of the workday!

The morning half passed by fairly quickly, though. Worked through some emails when I got in, while munching on some oatmeal:




Just ya standard oats w/ 1/2 cup of oatmeal, 1 c. water, 1 T flax, 1 T. hemp powder, 1 T. brown rice syrup, 1 ripe nanner, and then a 1/4 c. bluberries, and a blob of raw almond butter on top. Deliciousness as always!

I ran out the door today forgetting my gym bag, so over lunch, I ran home and got it, and fixed up something I haven’t had in SUCH a long time.

A wrap! But not just any wrap…a Flat Out! wrap 😀




In the Flat Out fabulousness was a half a yellow bell pepper, cauliflower (the white stuff you see) spinach, and hummus.




With some fresh pineapple and Friendship brand cottage cheese as a sidecar. Nom. There may or may not have been consumption of a cookie that obviously wasn’t spared 😉

Played with the pets a little while, and then headed on back in to work where I worked away for nineteen more hours the afternoon.

By the time I left work it was SO bitterly cold outside. It was snowing just a tad, but each flake burned on my skin as I walked to my car. Good thing I was parked in the front row, heh 😀

Drove straight on to the gym to do a little speed work. I have a 5k the first weekend of March, and I’d really like to get my time around 28:00. Today’s interval training clocked in at 29:27. Hmm…maybe 28:00 might be a little lofty. We’ll see. Did some chest, triceps, and shoulder work plus a little QT with the stair master, and I was on my way home.

I had a pretty decent pre-workout snack:




But my stomach was still roaring when I got home from the gym. My gym stank trumped the hunger, so I hopped in the shower, dressed and only then made some grub.


IMG_1581 IMG_5126


Used the rest of the kale to make some kale chips – for this batch I just placed the kale leafs (torn from the stems) on a pan with aluminum foil, drizzle with olive oil, toss, then sprinkle on sea salt and some nutritional yeast. Yum! And no, there were no kale chips spared from this batch.



Piled every veggie we had as a base layer in this huge Tupperware bowl for a salad (spinach, yellow and orange bell pepper, tomato, broc, zuke)



Then added some Quorn meatless chik’n nuggets and goat cheese for added deliciousness…


And had a cup of Trader Joe’s tomato soup my girl Destiny bought me!


And from there I simply basked in yumtopia 🙂

Until I heard the husband calling from downstairs, wanting a rematch from last night’s Wii bowling. Oh yeah. Bring it.

Or not. He didn’t spare me on game one, as he got more strikes than spares, and my curve was throwing off my game. Game two I served some whoop ass though 😀 I’m pretty sure I was in the 200’s and he, well, was not. Nope…not even sparing his dignity!  I sense yet another rematch come tomorrow night.

Currently nomming on some bliss and I write up this post.


Aaaand finished ‘er off. So sad this coconut bliss is gone. But I can’t wait to try more flavors! Too bad it’s $6 a pint at the local health food store. Aah well – totally worth it. Just like the boocha.


Wow, what a food-filled post! You can always tell when a day’s uneventful judging by how many food pictures are in one of my posts.

Tomorrow after work, I’m going to one of my friend’s gym with her. She’s going to be training for the half marathon with me, so we’ll probably work on some kind of running, and perhaps venture into a class! Love shaking up the workout routine 🙂

Time to go downstairs and dive back into my book because I’m boycotting the Biggest Loser. I really just can’t stand it anymore. Between product placements and the contestants just getting larger and larger, I really don’t want to contribute to its ratings. So please, just spare me 😉

Besides, I can’t put my book down! I even feel the urge to pull it out of my purse while at stoplights! LOL..don’t worry, I suppress that urge, bahaha.

Have a great night and an awesome hump day, bloggies!!


Are you watching the Biggest Loser this season? Or do you feel it’s just gotten a little too out of hand? Obviously I’m not a fan anymore. But adding to my reasoning, it seems like there are SO many commercials, and for two hours, no thanks.

I’ve Got Soy Milk in my Coffeeee

Hey beautiful bloggies!

Happy Sunday! I just woke up not too long ago, and am continuing to wake up with a nice, hot, cup of french press with soy milk.



And yes, it’s in my “Let it Snow” mug. Why not…it’s not like the snow has freakin’ melted yet!



I just don’t know about this soymilk in my coffee, though. It works in my latte at Starbucks, but at home, I think I’m going to stick with the half n half. I tried!

Yesterday after munchin’ on some oatmeal, I got ready and hit up the gym. Saturday’s are now my all-cardio days, since I’ll be using them for my long-run days here pretty soon. I ran for 5.2 miles on the treadmill. This is actually my longest run since November. Can’t believe I’ll be running 13.1 miles May 1st…ahh!! 😀

Left the gym, and headed to Starbuckies, where I picked up a grande soy half pump vanilla latte for me, and another latte for my friend, Heidi.




She’s a new mom, so I thought I’d bring some coffee over so we could chit chat it up. And of course, so I could see her gorgeous babyloo.

An hour of chit chat and catch up later, and I was back to finishing up my errands.

When I got home, I was pretty famished!

Showered, dressed, and hungry, I came downstairs to mow on some foooood.IMG_4968 

Big as a House Salad w/ arugula, spinach, julienned zuke, tomatoes, orange bell pepper, Goddess dressing



Sweet tater fries, garden veggie burger, avocado, keeeetchup.

Such a typical Saturday lunch for me, but oh-so-good.

Then I put my work face on!

I have a little personal business project I’m working on right now (personal, because I don’t want to talk about it publicly, then jinx myself – weird, I know,) so I holed myself upstairs in our office, and worked straight from 2-5. And when I say worked straight, I mean I took a break to watch a little Gaga on Oprah on Youtube, and another to read blogs, and another to drink some crackbucha and eat some zuke bread:



Fresh Market has THE best zuke bread ever.  I bought it Friday, and it may or may not be more than half gone. Doh!

As many a break as I took, I still got a lot accomplished, and plan on working a little more on it today.

For dinner, the husband was craving Mexican food, so we decided to both get out of the house (he had been downstairs working the day away) and hit up our fave Mexican Restaurant. Fiesta Ranchero!

I was feeling uber lazy channeled my inner Operation Beautiful, and wore exactly what I was wearing all day (sweats) and went makeupless:




Nothin’ new here…






Mmm…Bud Light draft w/ icy crystals a-floating on top. Margarita on the rocks for the hubski.



Got the ushe. Veggie fajitas w/ guac, beans, and rice w/ corn tortillas.

When we got back home, I was so ready not to be a party pooper! But Shane had other ideas. Like falling asleep on the couch at 8:45. It was clearly his night to be the party pooper. I poked him and told him to wake up a few times  let him sleep like a baby while I watched a couple drama-filled epi’s of Jersey Shore.

That pretty much sums it up!

Today’s going to be a pretty busy one. I need to finish up some work, hit the gym, then drive to  a few cities away to try on a bridesmaid dress for my good friends wedding! (Didn’t end up going yesterday – today worked better for both of us.) Somewhere in there I need to fit in giving Niko a bath, too. Dirrty Dog.

So sadly to say, while I wish I could do this all day…



She was lightly snoring in this picture…so cute.

…I’ll be gettin’ my productivity on!


Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday. Enjoy it!      

Crown me the Snow Queen

Hi bloggies 😀

How was your hump day? Mine sped by! However, on my lunch break, I ventured over to the dentist for a routine cleaning, and at the end found out I need to get a crown 😦 HUGE bummer. I have one of those porcelain fillings, and it’s begun to leak. Alas, a cavity has formed. Booo to crowns!


On a brighter note, today was the warmest day here in Central Illinois that it has been in WEEKS! And when I say warm, I mean it got to a scorching 34 degrees! I never thought I’d be saying how happy I was that it got to the 30’s.

Alas, it did get above freezing. Do you know what that means?! Time to run OUTSIDE!! Woo hoo!

Even though 30’s is SO much better than the bone-chilling cold it has been lately, I still was a little leery about running in the cold and the snow.




I definitely layered up. On bottom were Lulu Wunder Unders, and up top was a skim singlet tank, lululemon long sleeved running shirt, and lulu run track n field jacket. And of course a headband. (Can you tell I have an obsession? Yes, my name is Paige, and I’m addicted to Lululemon.)I was reeaaaddy to go!

After taking Niko for a quick walk as a warm up, I turned on the Garmin (first time since November, baby! Holler!) and was on my way. Nothing could stop me! Nothing except huge snow banks where the sidewalk should be :/ Doesn’t anyone shovel their sidewalks anymore? Even the sidewalk in front of the school was filled with snow. At first, I tried tromping through it but soon after I ended up with wet shoes and ankles.

Instead of giving up, I decided to make the best of the situation, and headed back to my subdivision where I ran in the street. Now even though it got above freezing today, the snow most certainly did not melt. And let me tell ya – running in the snow is like running in the sand, except harder because you have to watch out for ice and slick spots. I’m actually thankful my iPod was dead, because I seriously had to pay super close attention to where I placed my feet. For a while it’d be OK – powdery snow, and then all the sudden there would be ice!

One trip through my subdivision is about 1.5 miles, so I made two loops, and finished 3.11 miles in 33:10. Not too bad considering I was dodging and dashing my way around the street!

Luckily, I made it back in one piece, and felt wonderful. I think a nice outdoor run was exactly what I needed…Well, this, and talking to my bestie, Destiny, on the phone earlier (who can pretty much naturally cheer up anyone she talks to) 😀

After kicking it with the husband for a while, we got started on dinner.

Since I’m currently on a HUGE salad kick I didn’t have many veggies today aside from a green monster and a carrot, apple, almond butter wrap in an Ezekiel tortilla (while eating that, someone asked if I was pregnant LOL) I decided to have a huge house salad!




Spinach, romaine, zuke, brock, tomatoes, eggplant, and Tofurkey Italian Sausage (which is amazing and contains 29 grams of protein, btw.)

Along side some Cheeeeeetahs:


Schmillley 😀



Tonight was Wednesday night TV night with the husband, so we settled in, popped some popcorn, and watched the Modern Family (love!) and in the Middle.



Air popped in a brown bag w/ carob chips, nutritional yeast (does anyone have a yummier name for this stuff, btw??)….

Used these carob chips:



And washed it all down with a Sunset Wheat I found in the fridge:



Got a busy one tomorrow! Working a little overtime, then heading straight to power yoga 😀 Still so excited about finding a decent power yoga class here in town.

What’s the norm where you live when it snows? Do people typically clear the roads and sidewalks fairly well? Not here! The streets are still snow covered (although they were plowed the first day it snowed,) and sidewalks are a mess! It’s crazy dangerous for pedestrians.

And if it doesn’t snow where you live, well…then…I envy you ;)