An Old Friend and an Old Burger Joint

Sorry I went MIA this morning! My girlfriend, Kori (and her boyfriend, Corey), from Orlando, came over last night to visit!! I always have a blast with this girl. She’s a friend from college and as soon as we graduated, she took off for Orlando and worked as a cast member at Disney World. She’s my most free spirited friend. No matter if we were out at the bars or in watching American Idol, we’d be having a blast together. We also helped each other out through some really tough times, so that made our friendship even stronger. In fact, three days after Shane proposed to me, I helped her move to Florida. It was me, her, her Camry and all her luggage and the open road. It was a new beginning for her, and I wanted to be there with her  A trip to Florida wasn’t bad either 😉 And now, whenever she comes to visit, it’s like we never left each other. Anyway, I guess I stayed up a wee bit past my bed time and over slept

Ok, and with that being said, onto the FOOD!

After a little chit chat and catching up at our house, we moved on to dinner, which was at Schooner’s, staple restaurant in Bloomington/Normal, and a local favorite. It’s basically a burger and fries joint that has a lot more than burgers and fries.

First, drink orders were taken, and I ordered up one of these bad boys:

That’s right, a schooner full of draft beer – Bud Light to be exact. I enjoyed this beverage thoroughly. I was the only one who ordered an adult beverage, but that was just fine with me

Schooner’s has the best corn fritters! So of course we had to order some up for an appetizer.

I had just one, and enjoyed every bite.

Kori’s boyfriend is hilarious! He has only lived in Florida and California his whole life, so he was amazed by all the corn here in Illinois. When I ordered the fritters he was like, “Man, corn really is everywhere here!!” Then on the ride home he was all, “Oh, I know where we are; I think there’s going to be a corn field up here on the right!” LOL He was also super excited about our basement. We showed them our home theatre, and the first thing he said was, “Basements are awesome!” Shane and I just kind of exchanged weird glances. Haha – I’ve never thought of a basement as a crazy concept!

Any who, back to dinner.

For dinner, I had the turkey burger and fries.

It was pretty good, but the patty was really thin this time for some reason. Oh well, it did the job and I was stuffed afterward.

Kori and I posing for the camera.

After dinner, they came back and chatted for about an hour and then took off. I love seeing her, but I hate when she leaves! It feels like it’s just a teaser! And now they’re off to move to California. However, now I get an excuse to road trip it out to Cali this time 😉

Shane and I sat outside on the patio for a while after the left, and I enjoyed some of Annie’s Chocolate Bunny Grahams. Not too long after it was time for Good Eats (the show, not real food :-P) in bed.

Do you have friends who live really far away? How do you keep your friendship going strong when you have limited time together?