Go Away Sickness, I’ve Got Plans!

After a solid 11 hours of sleep, I woke up this morning feeling much better and with a fever of only one degree higher than normal!



This is fantastic because…




The Jingle Bell 5K is today!! I know, I know. You guys are probably thinking more rest is in order, and I agree. However, there are several reasons why I’m thinking about running the race anyway:

  1. I feel better than I did yesterday!
  2. I had to drop out of the race last year
  3. The race is only 5 minutes away from my house – on foot
  4. The start time is at 1:00 pm

Yesterday involved little movement. At work, I was actually thankful no one stopped in to inquire about the gym. Once I picked up my race packet and headed home, I remained horizontal for the rest of the night watching VH1’s Entourage marathon. I tried walking Niko <—bad idea. I tried doing laundry <—bad idea. Ergo, I gave in and gave my body what it was loudly requesting –>REST! <—good idea 😉

Plus, my appetite was no where to be found yesterday!! It was craziness. And every time I did eat a little something, I experienced more stomach pain.



I wanted nothing more than to demolish this Fresh Market Vegetarian Pizza!!!


I didn’t get very far…

Luckily, my stomach troubles didn’t get in the way of the husband’s birthday on Friday.


While Shane was at work, I was up to birthday mischief!

I think this is his favorite present I’ve ever gotten him. Ever.


He’s thanked me at least 10 times this weekend. It’s the G25 wheel and clutch/shifter for car games.

Fast forward 5 hours of Shane playing Need for Speed, and it was wine time!


IMG_0849 IMG_0837

We caught the very last rays from the sun as it was heading toward the west.




No, Niko! That’s my wine!

Clarabelle always gives us the stinkeye when she’s the only one not on the back patio.



After having one small pour on the patio, I took Shane to a little wine cafe here in town called, A Renee’s.



They have a wine shop attached to it – my favorite wine shop – and this year they opened a cafe!


While there, we split a cab franc and a petite syrah.


I loved the syrah! I must buy a bottle soon!

For dinner, we headed to Baxter’s, Shane’s favorite steak restaurant here in town.



It’s a pretty snazzy restaurant located next to the airport.



This is where my stomach started talking to me. However, it didn’t stop me from eating a roll and a half and ordering the only vegetarian thing on the menu:




Salad – imagine that! 😉 It was a delicious salad with apple and smoked gouda, though.

By this point, I wanted nothing more than to end the night with some half caff coffee.


The perfect way to finish off an indulgent night!

I’m sure glad my sickness waited until the end of the night to rear its ugly head. The weather also did a 180! On Friday it was in the 70’s and today, the high is only 40 something… That will sure make for a collllld run this afternoon! Better bundle up 😀 And after the run, my family is coming up for another birthday celebration for Shane! Hear that sickness? Go away, I’ve got plans 😀

Hey…I think that’s my appetite!! Better go test it out with some breakfast 🙂


Sickey Mickey

Hey guys! Happy Saturday!! 🙂 It’s a dreary one over here, but I don’t mind because

A) yesterday was incredibly gorgeous. I mean, I went for a four mile run in a tank top and shorts and sweat like it was July!! Truly awesome.


B) I’m a sickey mickey.

All night long last night, I tossed and turned feeling feverish, achy, and with an upset stomach. My “coffee” this morning didn’t come from coffee beans.



I wanted nothing to do with coffee. That’s how I know it’s official.


Go enzymes, Gooooooo

Sleeping in a lofty three hours later than usual is pretty telling, too.

And not wanting breakfast for another three hours after that is just blasphemy!! And when my stomach did finally get symptoms that it was empty and needed food, all I wanted was toast. The thought of oatmeal actually made my stomach churn.


Ezekiel cinnamon raisin English muffins w/ raw almond butter and TJ’s jam were OK on it, luckily.

And of course, I was just bragging about my immune system. Why does that always happen?!

I should have known something was up when I turned down a mini pumpkin spiced birthday cake after dinner last night:



Me!? Turn down dessert?! On a weekend?! And it was pumpkin spiced cake?!

Yep. I’m a Sickey Mickey.

Unfortunately, I’m also working at the gym for a few hours today. I wasn’t scheduled to work, but a few days ago the other girl asked me if I could watch the gym for her – and I was feeling fine then!! 😉

Yesterday the husband’s birthday celebrations were a complete success (and a blast!) but my brain’s a little foggy to go into detail just yet. For now, keep on sharing your current obsessions as well as what natural beauty products your loving!! 🙂

Peace out, friends 8)

How many times per year do you get sick? I usually only get sick to the point of being knocked flat on my butt once a year – and I don’t even feel that bad now. So hopefully this sickness will take the place of the yearly knock-me-on-my-ass one 😉

Not Just Getting Through the Day

Hi there!!

So last night’s post I mentioned I wasn’t feeling well. Welll, that continued in through the night, and around 3:00 a.m. I reached over and turned off my alarm clock. I knew my body needed sleep more than a tempo run. Definitely not good to over train on minimal sleep, and even worse if the sickies are creeping in. But, today I armed myself with Kombucha, tea, and water and am gonna fight this bug to the death!

My girl Mel got me the cutest stainless steel water bottle for my birthday, and it not only brightens my day every time I look at it, but it keeps me guzzling the H2O. Why is it that I’m more apt to drinking water if it’s in a cute container?! 😉


Pink and green…wedding colors!

So thankfully this week is pretty slow at the office, which means catch up time! However, for some reason, today my mantra was “just get through the day” when I woke up. It took me the whole drive to work to realize, wait a second.l.. What kind of a mantra is that?! We will never ever have another March 30th, 2010 again, and I just want to get through? Hold up. Rewind. Erase first mantra and put a new one in its place:

“Find opportunities for beauty, joy, and peace today.”

Joy was found in my delicious bowl of Steel Cut Oat groats that I had for breakfast this morning:


It’s been far too long since I’ve had pin head oats, and this bowl was just beautiful!

My lunch time brought upon more food joy:


Hummus, spinach, bell pepper, and mushroom wrap

And sitting down to eat  this yogurt mess as a snack later on gave me peace in the hectic day:



Plain Oikos, strawberries, blueberries, cocao nibs, and unsweetened coconut.

My coworkers and I shared some joy as we helped another coworker celebrate her birthday over sweet potato chips and cookies:


Ate everything except the pink cookie. My eyes were bigger than my stomach!

I had an hour and a half to spare before this work ended and I had to be at the gym to train a client, and I was actually feeling much better! (Totally believe in the kombucha + loads of water  + green tea trifecta…but not all together;)) However, I didn’t want to push it and make myself worse, but still wanted to take advantage of the beautiful day we were having.

So I took Niko on a leisurely half hour walk!

I actually felt great, so I kicked it up a notch, and ran it tempo style. I forgot my Garmin, but it ended up being about a 40 minute run.

After cleaning myself up, I drove to the gym to train a client! 😀 Just had the one training appointment tonight, so I headed on home afterwards. I had planned on getting in some upper body work, but I just wanted to get home to take my puppy for a joyful walk while the sun was still out:

IMG_1152 IMG_1153

Beautiful😉 Why do dogs love fire hydrants so much? Niko’s OBSESSED!

Dinner was quick and easy, like usual as of late, albeit delicious.


Half an acorn squash, stuffed with black beans that I simmered with tamari, apple cider vinegar, and maple syrup.



And some steamed asparagus sprinkled with a dash of sea salt.


Finished er’ off with a glass o vino



Well, almost perfecto…


Forkful of decadent chocolate birthday cake! Multiply that by two if you will 😉

Throughout the day I also had a delicious apple and a crisp pear!

Although after dinner all I wanted to collapse in front of the tube, I decided to be courageous and tackle the laundry room!! And by tackle I mean launder one load 😀

I knew having a couple loads washed and folded would provide much more joyful TV watching.

On that note, I’m going to go grab my new Clean Eating mag that came in the mail and crash on the couch! Sounds peaceful, doesn’t it?

Peace out, everyone 😉


How did March 30th, 2010 go for you? What was the most peaceful, joyous, or beautiful moment in your day?

Carbo Cravings

Hey guys!

Tea Theraflu and cookies Breakfast cookie. Hey, it works.       

Sorry I flaked out on ya’ll last night, but I had a supah busy night, and then when I finally got home I started to feel like I was coming down with something. Boooo:( Another flu bug is going around the office, and apparently I was its next victim because I woke up feeling like crapola.

I blame it on the stress I was having last week. This is why we shouldn’t let stress get to us. Good thing that’s one of my New Year’s goals 😉

So even though I woke up in the morning feelin’ like a sicky, I made a yummy breakkie of tea Theraflu and cookies a breakfast cookie





and made the treck to work, because I don’t have a back up currently.

I ended up leaving around noon, though, and had a craving for an Ezekiel pizza (fourth day in a row, what?!) It was a mad craving and I just had to have one. Being sick always makes me have cravings. Before I left work today I had a snack of cocoa puffs and milk. What the heck?! I digress..

Sadly, I couldn’t fulfill the craving because the ice storm we’re currently having caused the power to go out right as I started to get huuungry! Luckily, we have a gas stove, so I could still make do with a wrap:



Egg white, laughing cow, zucchini, yellow bell pepper, and nutritional yeast deeeliciousness.

With a full belly, I then crashed here until I woke up to Dr. Phil’s voice, got scared, and went back to sleep.




Also did a little reading of this book my mom let me borrow Super Freakonomics:



Interesting stuff!!

I finally managed to drag my booty out from the bed to do a little laundry and bathroom cleaning. I think I have a complex – I feel SO lazy when I’m sick that I have to do some kind of productive work even though my body hates it. Hopefully you don’t do the same.

Worn out from the chores, I collapsed again – but this time with a change of scenery from the bedroom to the living room – with the hubski. I didn’t want to cook, and he doesn’t cook anymore, so we decided to order Chinese.

This presented the dilemma that we haven’t ordered Chinese since I’ve become a vegetarian! Now what?!

Enter: Sesame Tofu!




First thought: ew, that looks like chicken.

Second thought: That’s one big honkin’ piece of tufu!

I was leery, and made a small plate:



Then got upset because I wasted $7 on a very sucky meal. Blech! Blech! Blech!

For some reason, though I finished my plate, but didn’t go back for seconds, but instead (again went with what I was craving…)




Brown Rice flour bread and Earth Balance!!! I’ve been craving me some toast a lot lately…

OK, well this post is just turning out to be a post about me and my cravings while ill, so I’ll put you out of your misery and just end it now 😉 I don’t write well when I’m sick!


What do you crave when sick? Clearly, I’m a carb-craving maniac!

Still Sickly

Good morning, bloggy friends. First off, thaaaank you for all the well wishes! You guys are way too freakin’ sweet :-D         

Although it’s almost afternoon, I just arose from my bed. Yep, the sickness definitely didn’t get better. I didn’t go in to work today, and any chance of going into work around lunchtime like I said I’d try to is getting less and less. My fever is only about 1.5º over what it usually is, but I feel like a truck hit me. And I’ll be damned if I let this sickness ruin Thanksgiving! So, I’m hereby ordering myself to bedrest for the day. This is very hard for me. Very, very hard for me. I’m the type of person where I can’t sit still. In fact, the husband and I joke that we can’t sit down to watch movies/TV for the night until 8:00. But it’s true, I usually won’t let myself “retire for the night” until 8:00 or else I feel lazy! I like it that way though 😀

So I came home from work around noon yesterday, but brought my laptop home to do some work, because I was super slammed with a couple deadlines. Although it sucked to be working at home, being in bed with PJ’s on and my doggy next to me sure helped!

After a while, I took a brake from this:


to make some soup/casserole that sounded superb to me. I’d been wanting to try this recipe out from Vive le Vegan for a while, but then decided yesterday was the perfect day to do so.



There’s a lot of ingredients that are super healing and medicinal. Just what I needed. Ingredients such as garlic, coconut, and curry would be sure to help speed up this cold.

Although there’s a lot of ingredients, the recipe was super simple. Just combine everything and put in the oven, stir, cook it s’more, and eat!


Ahh… this was definitely a lunch for the mind, body and soul. It also got things moving around my stuffed up head. I made the whole batch, because I knew I’d want leftovers.

The rest of my day was spent here:

IMG_2308Niko kept me company (and warm – she’s like a heat blanket.) While Clarabelle was the “watch cat” to the bedroom:


She always lays in the doorway when I’m in the bedroom. Silly kitty.

The cold got worse as the night went on, and then by about 6, I had the chills until I went to bed. I think my shower lasted a good hour and a half. You know where you just don’t want to get out because the heat just feels so good. Yep, one of those kind of showers.

This morning has been pretty pitiful. I’ve been drifting in and out of sleep, and checking my work emails and doing a little bit of work in between. Hopefully all this rest will = a very healthy Thanksgiving Paige!

Hope today is going fabulously for everyone! Ciao!