Oops…I “Forgot”

G’morning guys! 🙂 How we doin?

It feels like old times over here. I just got back from the gym where I did an awesome cardio and iron pumping workout! I’m finally beginning to ramp up my strength training again and it feels great. I have a feeling that if I didn’t let it slip so much as my mileage increased that I wouldn’t have the injuries I do now 😉 It’s easy sometimes to get ahead of ourselves and “forget” what’s good for us, am I right?

Anyway, today at the gym I worked legs, shoulders and abs with the following super sets:

  • Squat w/ olympic bar – 3×12
  • Arnold press – 3×12 – 10 lb dumbbells

  • step ups w/ 15 lb dumbbells – 3×12
  • hanging leg raises – body weight – 3×12

  • walking lunges w/ 15 lb dumbbells – 3×12
  • external shoulder rotation – 10 lbs – 3×12 each arm

  • single leg deadlifts w/ 35 lb kettlebell – 3×12 each leg
  • saxxon side bends – 5 lb dumbbells – 3×12



Another thing I’ve “forgotten” about? How amazing acorn squash is!!

Before leaving to train a client, I slow roasted a HUGE acorn squash at 275 degrees. That way, when I came home an hour and a half later, all I had to do was crank up the heat to 400, stick some veggies in the oven for my meal!

 IMG_0054  IMG_0056

A BIG bowl of kale and brussels sprouts. I promise there’s brussels under there 😉

I filled the acorn squash up with pumpkin butter tofu (cubed tofu marinated in coconut oil and pumpkin butter – got the idea from Averie) to round out the meal.


It was stupendous! However, I still think my tried and true maple black beans stuffing takes the cake gord.


Keeping up with the old times feelings, I had another memory inducing meal for breakfast:

Another old-time-feeling is looming…the end of daylight savings time! It’s happening this Sunday!! 😦 I’ve been savoring every droplet of light before dusk that I can.


Love that extra hour of sleep, but getting dark out at 5:00 p.m. is no bueno.

I have to get to work early this morning for a unit meeting – off I go! But when I “come back,” since so many of you said you never wash your makeup brushes, I’m going to post the quick and cheap way I wash mine – it takes 5 minutes and is NOTHING fancy!

Have a great Thursday!

What do you prefer – falling back or springing ahead? I’m TOTALLY all for springing ahead!


When In Doubt, Wear Long Sleeves…

Well, guys, I had my first go around with the new Adidas’s this morning.


From what I can tell, they survived the 6 mile run just fine. But see, I was a little distracted (and still am) by the COLD COLD temps. I came in 45 minutes ago, and my left lower arm (where my Garmin sits) is still not right. Truth be told I’m a little worried. But I’m also over dramatic.

And foolish, apparently. Not knowing whether to wear warm weather clothes or cold weather clothes, I went half and half. Except I did it the wrong way. As you can see in the pic above, I wore running tights. With them, I wore short sleeves:


In 40 degree temps. Folks, if you’re not sure, always always go with long sleeves on top and shorts on bottom.



The legs are the working limbs, so they have blood flow to them regardless. The arms, that just hang out and pump a little, need the coverage.

Obviously, something hot was calling for breakfast (after a 20 minute HOT shower)



HOT oats in a nut butter jar.


Jar de jour:


And after all that heat, my wrist still isn’t right:(

I also tried out the Saucony’s yesterday on the treadmill for a 5 mile tempo run. They withstood the jaunt just fine:) They have a little less “beef” to them (as the running store owner said) and should be used for shorter runs, while the “beefier” Adidas’s should be worn on runs 6 miles or longer. Works for me!


And I enjoyed hearing everyone’s shoe stories. Congrats to those who have found “the ones,” and to those who haven’t, they’re out there somewhere. Don’t fret, everyone has a sole mate 😉 (pun intended, bahahaha I crack myself up!)

The sixth time’s a charm

A charm for a real, hot, home-cooked dinner!    IMG_9660          

I have tried consistently for the past five nights now to take this squash that’s been sitting on top of my fridge for the past week and turn it into something tasty (anyone else keep non-refrigerated produce ontop of the fridge?)

Last night was the sixth night that we would eat leftovers or frozen food in this house, and I’ll be darned if last night became the sixth.

I came across a recipe in Clean Eating for butternut squash bread pudding…


Now I’ve only had one bread pudding, and it definitely did not come from this kitchen. In fact, I declare it the best dessert ever. So why not try my hand at a savory version?

It turned out pretty good!


I didn’t have a couple of the spices it called for, like thyme and rosemary, alas didn’t taste as “herby” (hehe..herby, that’s a funny word) as it should have. But some extra pepper kicked it up a notch.

I was so enamored with making this bread pudding the I entirely forgot to make anything else for myself. Shane got chicken (which he said has been grossing him out lately! Possible conversion into vegetarianism coming soon?!!? 😉 ) and I just threw down the easiest salad known to [wo]man. Spinach+sliced tomater+balsamic vinegar. Done and Doner.


Bread pudding has always been one of those dishes that’s scared me. Like if I knew what went into it that I wouldn’t love it anymore. Alas, now that I know it’s not, I plan on trying my hand at a dessert bread pudding very very soon. The husband and I have already plotted it’s flavors muahaha. Anyone else feel that an evil laugh should come after the word “plot?” Yeah me too 🙂

Well it’s time to go get my work on! Ciao, friends!

Have you ever had a scare because of the cold? I should have known better. Really, I should have.

Put Your Skills to the Test

Hey hey hey! Happy Friday! What’s one exciting thing going on in your life today? I’m excited to finally tackle a to-do list that’s about a mile long 😉

Last night I knew I’d be getting home from training a little late for dinner, so I had Shane preheat the oven about 10 minutes before I got home. Because…we were having squash! It finally feels like it’s the weather to start having squash for dinner.

But first…



Putting our newfound wine skills to the test.

Sidenote: Jason, the instructor for the wine class, told us that we should make the first drink of the day a new bottle of wine we’ve never tried before. The husband chimed in, “I usually go with coffee, but whatever you say, Jason!” heheh 😉

I told Shane to go grab a bottle of wine from the wine hutch downstairs, and surprisingly, he came back with an Australian Shiraz (aka Syrah)


The husband usually picks fruity wines, so I was impressed that after one class, he’d gotten over that! And I knew he didn’t mistakenly think it was fruity, because he mentioned the alcohol percentage. The higher the alcohol, the lower the fruitiness



 Not surprisingly, this bottle came with a screw cap or a Stelvin closure.



Since this bottle traveled allll the way from Australia, a Stelvin closure makes sense, as they have the lowest failure rate out of the cork, rubber cork, and Stelvin closures. That’s a lot of shipping costs to have to ship back a bad bottle of wine due to a closure 😉



“decanting” going on. I’m horrible at this. I end up inhaling wine which is never a good thing. LOL

45 minutes and a half of bottle of wine later, dinner was ready and we were ready for dinner.



For the squash, I just cut it in half, placed each side upsidedown in a baking dish filled with a half inch of water, and baked at 425 degrees for about 40 minutes. While the squash was cooking, the black beans were marinating in a mixture of apple cider vinegar, tamari, maple syrup, and a little sea salt. During the last 10 minutes the squash was cooking, I flipped the sides over and added the beans.



Topped with goat cheese, this dish was FANTASTIC. The flavors went together impeccably!


However, don’t pair a shiraz with this dish 😉

As we were cleaning up the kitch, look where I found Clarabelle!!




In between the two panes of glass in our dining room table!! Clearly I had to snap a picture before chasing her down and cleaning;)



Well I’ve got a to-do list to tackle! You – have a fantastic Friday 😀

What’s your favorite squash? Mine’s the buttercup!

Not Just Getting Through the Day

Hi there!!

So last night’s post I mentioned I wasn’t feeling well. Welll, that continued in through the night, and around 3:00 a.m. I reached over and turned off my alarm clock. I knew my body needed sleep more than a tempo run. Definitely not good to over train on minimal sleep, and even worse if the sickies are creeping in. But, today I armed myself with Kombucha, tea, and water and am gonna fight this bug to the death!

My girl Mel got me the cutest stainless steel water bottle for my birthday, and it not only brightens my day every time I look at it, but it keeps me guzzling the H2O. Why is it that I’m more apt to drinking water if it’s in a cute container?! 😉


Pink and green…wedding colors!

So thankfully this week is pretty slow at the office, which means catch up time! However, for some reason, today my mantra was “just get through the day” when I woke up. It took me the whole drive to work to realize, wait a second.l.. What kind of a mantra is that?! We will never ever have another March 30th, 2010 again, and I just want to get through? Hold up. Rewind. Erase first mantra and put a new one in its place:

“Find opportunities for beauty, joy, and peace today.”

Joy was found in my delicious bowl of Steel Cut Oat groats that I had for breakfast this morning:


It’s been far too long since I’ve had pin head oats, and this bowl was just beautiful!

My lunch time brought upon more food joy:


Hummus, spinach, bell pepper, and mushroom wrap

And sitting down to eat  this yogurt mess as a snack later on gave me peace in the hectic day:



Plain Oikos, strawberries, blueberries, cocao nibs, and unsweetened coconut.

My coworkers and I shared some joy as we helped another coworker celebrate her birthday over sweet potato chips and cookies:


Ate everything except the pink cookie. My eyes were bigger than my stomach!

I had an hour and a half to spare before this work ended and I had to be at the gym to train a client, and I was actually feeling much better! (Totally believe in the kombucha + loads of water  + green tea trifecta…but not all together;)) However, I didn’t want to push it and make myself worse, but still wanted to take advantage of the beautiful day we were having.

So I took Niko on a leisurely half hour walk!

I actually felt great, so I kicked it up a notch, and ran it tempo style. I forgot my Garmin, but it ended up being about a 40 minute run.

After cleaning myself up, I drove to the gym to train a client! 😀 Just had the one training appointment tonight, so I headed on home afterwards. I had planned on getting in some upper body work, but I just wanted to get home to take my puppy for a joyful walk while the sun was still out:

IMG_1152 IMG_1153

Beautiful😉 Why do dogs love fire hydrants so much? Niko’s OBSESSED!

Dinner was quick and easy, like usual as of late, albeit delicious.


Half an acorn squash, stuffed with black beans that I simmered with tamari, apple cider vinegar, and maple syrup.



And some steamed asparagus sprinkled with a dash of sea salt.


Finished er’ off with a glass o vino



Well, almost perfecto…


Forkful of decadent chocolate birthday cake! Multiply that by two if you will 😉

Throughout the day I also had a delicious apple and a crisp pear!

Although after dinner all I wanted to collapse in front of the tube, I decided to be courageous and tackle the laundry room!! And by tackle I mean launder one load 😀

I knew having a couple loads washed and folded would provide much more joyful TV watching.

On that note, I’m going to go grab my new Clean Eating mag that came in the mail and crash on the couch! Sounds peaceful, doesn’t it?

Peace out, everyone 😉


How did March 30th, 2010 go for you? What was the most peaceful, joyous, or beautiful moment in your day?

Overnight Oats

Ever since I started reading food and health blogs, I’ve seen the intriguing breakfasts bloggers like to call Overnight Oats. Intriguing, yes, appetizing? Not really. At least not to me.

Growing up, oatmeal was always cooked on the stove with butter and brown sugar. My oats never scored high in the creativity department.

I should have known these bloggers were on to something when I was convinced to try nut butter with my oats. I gave the nut butter-on-top-of-oatmeal a try right off the bat (and now don’t have a bowl without it!) but serving them cold, mushy, and … cold?

Needless to say, it took me months to “warm up” (heh) to the idea of eating cold, overnight oats.

But last night, I finally decided to give overnight oats the old college try.

Overnight Oats – RAN Style

In a Tupperware container, I mixed together:

  • ½ c. Unsweetened vanilla Almond Breeze
  • ½ c. Organic rolled oats
  • 1 T. carob powder
  • 1 T. hemp powder
  • 1 T. flaxmeal
  • 1 T. Brown rice syrup

Unsure of what I would end up with, I stopped there, and shoved the container into the fridge.


Eight hours six hours later, I came back to the fridge to this:





I couldn’t believe how solid it was! It wasn’t breakfast cookie solid, but it wasn’t liquidy at all!!

Before I added the toppings, I had a wee taste, and knew I had just discovered something amazing in the world of breakfasts.

For my toppings, I sliced up a small banana, some raw chopped pecans, and about a tbsp. of almond butter.





This was outrageously delicious! I couldn’t believe it. I loved it even though I was expecting to be gaggy from the coldness of it!

If you haven’t yet made overnight oats, make them and be prepared to enter Yumtopia.

Washed it down with some French Press in my new V-day coffee mug 😀




Cute! For some reason, cold outs kept me fuller than regular oatmeal (not sure why?)

OK, I think you get the point. I need to stop rambling about them. Go make Overnight Oats tonight!

This breakfast got me off to a great start for the day. And man did I need it! After coming back to the office from the weekend, I had 73 unread emails! Yiiiiikes. Ended up powering through most of them before the end of the day though, luckily.

I broke for lunch around 11:30 and came home for it because I had forgotten a couple things I needed for after work, and kinda felt like seeing the petski’s.

Lunch was a hodge podge lunch, eaten while standing up, at the counter. What, don’t tell me you’ve never done it before 😉




House salad



Millet bread w/ Earth Balance & black cherry fruit spread




Orange pepper and miso paste.

Back to work for a few more hours, then headed to the gym to get my workout on.

When I finally got home for the day, I was starving. I attempted to eat half this PRO Bar as a pre-workout snack…but I honestly think it was rotten. It tasted completely rancid, and almost made me gag. I chucked it after one bite, thus was famished after my workout.

After a quick shower, and chatting on the phone with a girlfriend for a while, I tackled a HUGE pear with some brie while I cooked dinner:




This was so filling! I’ll have to keep in mind that pear + brie = satiating snackie.

For dinner, I roasted this cute little kabocha:





in salt, olive oil, and cinnamon. And made another attempt at a homemade pizza:



Chopped onion, garlic, arugula, and mozzarella on an Ezekiel tortilla. SO SO SO good. This combo is BOMB.



I had this, x’s 2. Of both. Nom 😀

And I have to admit that this was eaten while watching the Bachelor. I know it’s such a trashy show, but I can’t help it! They really reigned in the crazies for this one.

Well, the husband just got home from his dad’s and I’m gonna go spend some QT with him.


Hope you all made it through your Monday all right!!


Have you tried overnight oats before? What’d you think?

Do you snack while making dinner when you’re supah hungry? Or do you wait it out? I think we all know what I do 😀

Let the Race Season Begin!

Hey all!

Thanks for all your responses about not feeling like myself in my last post. Sounds like most of us feel a little off when we have stress in our lives! Hopefully this little funk will pass soon. After all, our mood can most certainly be a self-fulfilling prophecy! 😀


So I did it – I signed up for the first race of 2010. Let race season begin! Well, almost.

January is my last “off month” for training. I’m going to spend the rest of the month doing more yoga, more group classes, and more cross training.

Then when February hits (and actually probably late January,) I’m getting my training face on. Oh yeah, bring it!

The first race is in early March, but it’s just a 5k, which I run twice a week now anyway, so I figure I’ll be fine with only a little over a  month of actual training for it. Besides, it’s going to be a fun race anyway!

I’m running it with one of my besties, Kim (who I went on the cruise with.) It’s her first race ever, so I’m super pumped for her! She runs regularly though, so I’m sure we’ll be running for both time and enjoyment 😀

Either way, I’m sure you can tell, I’m pumped. The only thing that can make races even better is running them with a friend!

So after enjoying my last couple weeks of cross training (aka Paige is too much of a sissy to run in single digit temps) I’ll be going back to a schedule of four-five days of running.


Just thinking about race season got me so pumped that I tentatively decided to get started on accomplishing one of my 2010 goalsI picked a race for my first ever half marathon! There’s a half marathon about an hour away from my town on May 1st, and I’m thinking I’m going to sign up for it. Who am I kidding, I’ve already created my 12 week training program (which I’ll post in my Workout Log tab soon.)

I’ve also been thinking about doing something to kick the race season up a notch for me. However, I’m not 100% about it yet. It’s something that will be just a bit time intensive. I still have to decide if I can commit (fully) to it along with possibly training part-time. I don’t want to overload myself, but it’s something I really want to do. We shall see. I have to decide by the end of January, so I’ll let you all know by then what I’m talking about.

Yaaaay for race season! 🙂


Work today sped by, and I spent the entire work day trying to catch it. Busy bee I was, I left work somewhat on time, I ventured straight to the gym where I got in a good hour long sweat session.

After showering, I realized how hungry I was! I had eaten a Cherry Pie Lara Bar around 3:00, but was still famished from working out when I got home. I tore into some chips and homemade hummus before getting started on dinner:




I’ve had an acorn squash I’ve been wanting to play with for a few days, and decided tonight would be just as good a night as any to do it.

Tonight I made a combination that I’ve never done before – sausage (meatless) and apple stuffed acorn squash!



Such a delicious combination!


I usually just go with sweet for squashes, but this sweet + savory combination was definitely a winner. I loosely followed the recipe here (and obviously used meatless sausage – Tofurkey to be specific, rather than pork.)


With a wee side salad of romaine, spinach, tomatoes, and Goddess. Nom.

Pleasantly full with healthy and delicious food, I digested while catching up with laundry, your lovely bloggies, and a little reading.


Heyyy, how’d that chocolate get there 😉 Such great tasting dark chocolate.

You guys, I’m really liking this book. Although, it’s not going to transform me into being a vegan overnight, it definitely puts information that I knew and have heard before into a different perspective. I think having an open mind is very important, and Alicia’s way of telling her side has me really intrigued. I’m not ready to make the switch from vegetarian to vegan (that’s a huge commitment I’m just not ready to make) yet, but she makes very valid points without being pushy or judgmental. 

Plus I can’t wait to try out some of the recipes 😀

Does your work out routine change during certain times of the year? Or do you stick to the same schedule pretty consistently year round? As I explained above (and in my fitness story) my workout schedule changes when I start training for races. However, before I started racing, I would switch up my routine 2-3 times a year as well. I think it’s important to put some variance in my workout routine, as to not become bored or burnt out. You can switch it up with classes, cross training, workout DVD’s, new activities – such as cycling or yoga, upping your reps and lowering your weights and vice versa…the options are endless!

My Workout Took One for the Team

Hey guys!! Well if you’re reading this, you must have made it through your Monday! Congrats!

My Monday turned out not so bad. The day was busy as ever, but I took it in stride. I honestly think practicing more yoga lately has already made me…not so much a more patient person yet, but a person who doesn’t react to situations or dilemmas so rashly. While I was doing yoga Sunday night to one of Dave Farmar’s podcast, he said a quote about accepting the situation, but not absorbing it – he even related it to receiving a not so pleasant email – and not letting it get to you! It might sound funny, but I totally went back to that quote several times yesterday🙂


I had grand plans to spend a little QT with my elliptical last night. I even got on it for a few minutes, but in the back of my mind, I knew I had a TON of personal business work I had to take care of, and I just couldn’t concentrate. My workout took one for the team, and I hopped off the elliptical and got started on my work. I’m glad I did, because alas, when I finished up it was nearing 10:00 – this party girl’s bedtime 😉

Of course I did take a break for a little dinner!

I’ve had an acorn squash sitting atop of the fridge for a while now, so I decided to put that to good use. I just cut in half and roasted the little “bowls” at 400 degrees for 35 minutes – one for me and one for the husband. In my squashie bowl I put a tablespoon of some black beans, tamari, maple syrup, a little sea salt, and Earth Balance that I cooked on the stove real quick when it had about 10 minutes left.


Turned out deeelicious! Loved the sweet n salty combo.

And on the side I had a smallish salad of spinach, broccoli, red pepper, mushrooms and tomatoes in an organic honey Dijon dressing.


I’m really loving this salad dressing- so good. In fact, this salad was so good that it convinced me to make the same thing and pack it up for lunch today!


…but I need to get Goddess dressing back in my life and in mah salad bowl!      

After doing a little more computer work, I caught up on some Bachelor premier that I DVR’d earlier. I told myself I wasn’t gonna watch, but I just can’t resist a little trash TV. I’d been avoiding my cell phone for fear that I’d gotten a spoiler text telling me which gems he let go. Ohhh, the suspense 😉


Well today should be a fun one! I’ve got some personal errands to run over lunch, hitting up the gym to get a quick run in after work, then heading to another gym for an hour or so long trainer shadow session 😀

Have a great day all!

Do you watch mindless, brain-cell killing TV? If so, what’s your favorite one? I think I’d have to go with a tie between Housewives and the Kardashians. Sometimes its nice not to have to use the brain, haha.