Office Puppy Chow

And no, I’m not talking about gossip 😉

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Good morning! We’re almost to that weekend! 😀


First off, I wanted to let you guys know, I took a plunge yesterday, and did something very exciting yesterday!! It’s fitness/health/healthy lifestyle-related, but I can’t share exactly what it is yet, because it’s not100% certain, and I don’t want to jinx myself. Seems like whenever I talk about something like it’s for certain when it’s not completely 100%, it comes around to bite me! haha I will let you know as soon as I know though 😀


Secondly, after I posted last night, I got to work on the treat I am bringing into work today. There’s about a gazillion birthdays in October at my work (do you know a lot of people with October birthdays?) so we are celebrating with a “food day.” This typically consists of everyone bringing in inevtiably not-so-good-for-you food, and grazing all. day. long. I try to mostly stay away, unless someone has brought it something very yummy from somewhere like Great Harvest Bread or Panera. I can never turn down a bar or bagel from those places 😉


Well, this time I put in my part by making something I’ve been seeing on a lot of you guys’ blogs for a while…


Puppy Chow!!


Is there a puppy chow season or something? Seems like it’s been everywhere on the bloggies lately! Anyway, my puppy chow isn’t your typical puppy chow. Instead of chocolate chips, I use dark chocolate and butterscotch chips, and instead of peanutbutter, I use White Chocolate Wonder and Dark Chocolate Dreams peanut butter:



Ohhhh yeaaah.


I bought some Halloween cookies, in case I got home and realized I didn’t have all the ingredients or that I screwed it up (somehow??)…




Alas, I prevailed!!!








Mmmm sugary, chocolatey, peanut buttery goodness. I told Shane I’m like a crack addict around this thing. As soon as I finished making it (before even letting it cool) I made a small bowl for myself. I got my fix 😉 Hopefully it will all get eaten at food day today. However, I don’t know how appetizing it’d be anyway after a day of a bunch of hands being in it…eek.




Wish me luck on staying away from the “food table” all day 😉 I have a birthday lunch out with a friend today, so that will be my incentive. I don’t want to go out to lunch already stuffed, right? After this lunch, though, no more lunches out for me. Shane and I are trying to save, save, save, but it seems to be the season to spend, spend, spend. Every time I turn around, someone at work is telling me about some kind of party they are having, whether it’s a purse party, a jewelry party, or a fundraiser party. I don’t mind spending money for fundraising, but anything else, I pass on. I’ve spent enough money on Tastfully Simple, Lia Sohphia etc…

Do a lot of people you know have birthdays in October? When is the month where there’s the most birthdays for people you know? For me, it used to be March/April, but I think I’m singing a different tune, now!


Veggies Give you Wings!

Happy Friday, Bloggy Friends!! 😀 My Friday has buzzed by, as it always does, but I’ve got a lot done so far.

Lately I’ve been noticing I haven’t been getting as many veggies in my diet as I should be, so I’m making eating vegetables a priority. Additionally, I feel as though I get way too much sugar in my daily diet. If you take a look at a typical day of eats, nearly all of my snacks are sweet rather than savory, same with breakfast, and most of the time with lunch. If I incoporate more veggies, I’ll bet it will make my sugar stats plummet:) And I really think having too much sugar yesterday made my run go to the pot. Although, I bet if anyone could sweeten up veggies, it’d be me. Mmm carrot cake anyone? Kidding, kidding 😉

With that said, I woke up today and made a delicious green monster!!

It contained:

  • spinach
  • Greens + Superfood
  • 1 organic carrot
  • half a frozen banana
  • ice, water

It was scrumptious! I found this combination staved off my hunger longer than my typical green monsters do for some reason. I didn’t even mosey on over to the cafeteria at work until 8:30! Usually I’m there and eating by 7:30 😀

And instead of my usual sweet bowl of cereal or oats, I opted for a veggie omelet!

Along side was a piece of whole wheat toast with strawberry preserves.

The omelet was made with All-Eggs, mushrooms, onions, tomatos, green pepper and cheese. It was sooo good, and whatdya know? Kept me fuller longer!

I did end up having a snack around 10:45 before I left for the day. I had a facial afterward, and didn’t want my tummy grumbling while I was trying to pass out relax. So I had a bowl of 0% fage with blueberries, and a vitamuffin top!

I used this Vita Top, which was SO much better than the chocolate peanut butter fudge one I had yesterday.

I really, really liked this flavor. Hopefully I can find them somewhere around here soon!!

My facial was amaaazing. It was an Aveda Relaxing Facial, and my salon has a special on them this month by giving their customers %20 off. Since I can’t refuse a bargain, when my hair stylist asked me, I said, “signb me up!” It was pretty much the shiz. Afterward, I took my clean (and bare) face to Fresh Market to get next week’s groceries:

I’ve done a total 180 on saying I wouldn’t buy produce here. It really isn’t more expensive, and it’s SO fresh, and doesn’t all come from Mexico.

Then I had to make a pit-stop at Kroger to get a couple staple items that I knew for sure would be more expensive at FM, like zip lock bags and a couple other items.

Continuing my quest for increasing my veggie quota, I set out to make a veggie-filled lunch.

It started with some homemade hummus, layered with spinach and tomatoes, sprouts, cucumbers, and avocado:

In a wrap, of course!

It was a wee too big for the wrap, but don’t you worry, I managed just fine 😉

Along side was a sliced Pink Lady apple with some Barney Butter:

But the Barney Butter wasn’t what I chose at first. I was going to eat the Cinnamon Swirl Peanut Butter first:

But…The Barney Butter had 6 less grams of sugar, so I opted for that. Plus, with apples, you really don’t need flavored nut butters in my opinion.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to become some sugar gram counting freak 😉 I’ve just noticed it’s something I need to pay attention to a little more, and if it’s affecting my running and energy levels, it needs to be a priority.

Speaking of running, I’m so pumped for my race tomorrow morning!! My dad’s going to be in Morton tonight, so he’s picking my packet up for me and meeting me at the race tomorrow. I have an all out fan club that will be rooting me on! My mom, dad, hubski, BFF, and BFF’s mom are coming. And, the race is at 7:30 a.m!! These are some pretty special people I have in my life 😉

Tonight I’m going out to dinner with thte girls for one their birthdays at a place called, Biaggi’s, then I’m coming straight home to prep for the morning, so there might not be another post before the race. We’ll see though – I love writing out all my thoughts and nerves to you guys before a good race!!

I hope all of you have an awesome Friday night!

Do you feel like you get “too much” of something in your day-to-day eats?

What are your plans for the night?