Fashion Plates Police

Good*yaaawwwn* Monday morning! I was up pretty early to train a client, but I think I might squeeze in a nap after my second one. I slept like crapola last night!

What a weekend! 🙂

Saturday, as you know, I didn’t get into the race, but instead attended a group power class. Power power:


Just yer’ breakfast quesadilla. Inside the Flat Out wrap was a mixture of banana, almond butter, and protein powder. Deliciousness!

After power and then groceries, we were off to our parents’ to celebrate Father’s Day! My parents’ have a pool, so we kicked it poolside the whole day:



Niko joined in on the fun, too!


I use the term fun loosely here 😉

Does this look familiar?


Poor drowned rat-dog:(

She prefers to watch from a distance.


heh 🙂

Throughout the day, we noshed on veggies and hummus, fruit, and chips n’ guac.



I had two of my dad’s famous G n’ T’s (gin and tonics) while there as well.


Then we cleaned up and headed to Shane’s dad’s house for some visiting – and took he and his girlfriend out for dinner. It was a very fun day all around:)


Sunday was a scheduled rest day, and man was I dragging! I headed to the gym to train a client after making some waffles:


The waffles were topped with my signature breakfast topping now a days – Greek yogurt + almond butter + pure maple syrup. Seriously guys, whether it’s oatmeal, pancakes, or waffles, try this topping!

I also topped it with the biggest blackberries I’d ever seen:



Remember that drink that was really trendy for a hot minute? The blackberry berries remind me of these little guys.


This was the stuff dreams were made of;) Oh, nostalgia.

After breakfast, I trained a client, cleaned, and worked on a creative project:



Kombucha + lavender candles + positive thinking CD (a brainwaves CD my client gave me!) = creative fuel. And although this fuel served my creativity appetite, it did nothing for my belly.

I’ve had a bag of lentils for who knows how long, and yesterday was the day they’d be eaten. The night before, I was talking to Shane’s dad about being vegetarian. He was vegan for about seven years, and we were talking about Boca burgers, and all the hard to pronounce ingredients in them. In fact, when Shane grills out, he doesn’t even call it a veggie burger! He says, “hun – your disc is ready to eat!” LOL

That got me to thinking – it’s been a while since I’ve made my own veggie burgers! My friends, the homemade veggie burger dry spell hath ended:

IMG_7804I made a ton – enough to freeze a few! Recipe will be posted soon (hopefully today!) They were very good! So good, that I even thought Shane might like them. It’s been a while since I’ve forced suggested he try some of my vegetarian fare. But just like how Shane is with The Real Housewives, he just doesn’t understand veggie burgers. Someday, someday….

Sometime throughout the day, I also made another French Press of coffee:


This did the trick!

Also had a JUICY plum:

IMG_7809And caught Clarabelle sneaking in a nap:


After some lounging, writing, more cleaning (oh, Sundays…) and reading it was about dinner time. A bit on reading…since blogging, my reading material has decreased tremendously. I used to be able to read book after book after book.  Especially when I was young, sometimes I’d read three in one day! Granted, those books were about 100 pages long and involved people looking like skeleton’s in pictures, but I dominated those books, nonetheless.




But I digress…

Back to dinner. I didn’t use all the lentils I cooked for the veggie burgers, so I thought it’d make a good addition to some red sauce.

I made his and hers, of course. The one of the left is red meat sauce and the one on the right, red lentil sauce.


I poured the sauce on top of some pan fried polenta, and called it done.




Alongside were some green beans, and we called it done.


This time, we BOTH gobbled it up fast.

We watched the Informant the rest of the night, which ended up being pretty funny! Lots of Deep Thoughts, hehe

Well I’m off to catch a spin class, train a client, and get some work done.

Come back later on tonight for special post answering some readers questions about how I went from working at a desk job to working in the fitness field 🙂

What’s one thing you remember from when you were young that you don’t think anyone else remembers? Fashion plates, anyone?

FP_2I’m pretty sure I was actually meant to be a designer 😉


Niko the Surfing Dog and Giveaway Results

The results for the Giveaway are in!

But first….

My parents watched Niko for Shane and me while we were livin’ it up Buffett style yesterday. So this morning when we got back home, I headed over to their house to hang out to pick her up.

Niko with cousin, Buck:

Reunited! (and it feels so good:D) haha

Heck yeah I’m rockin’ my Jimmy Buffett concert tee!

Even though my parents only live about 45 minutes away, it’s still nice to come home. It’s changed a lot since I moved out 5 years ago (what?! 5 years??), but at the same time, has stayed the same.

For example, the purple and black paint that used to cover my bedroom walls is now a more calming beige.

However, my stuffed animals are still in the same place they were the day I moved out.

Aww, hi little Snowy the Seal haha

And what were once Justin Timberlake and Josh Hartnett posters covering my walls are now beautiful paintings of my mom’s.

But my bouncy ball collection is still on display 😀

Nothing like coming home.

Since it was beastly hot today, I decided it’d be a great day to take advantage of my parents pool and take a dip. The water was 88 degrees, and the air outside was even warmer, and this equates to the perfect swimming situation in my opinion.

Niko even joined us in the pool. She surfed while the rest of us swam around.

Go Niko, you got this! 😛

haha she loved it!

After Niko’s surfing lessons, my mom and I did some pool running for about a half hour. I didn’t plan on working out today, so this was just a nice, short, impromptu workout.

It’s pretty much a rule ritual to drink bloody mary’s and beer whenever I come to my parents house, but this time I just wasn’t up for it due to my shenanigans of last night.

So instead, I’m blogging and their playing two handed euchre and drinking their own bloody mary’s. And a certain someone is by my feet.

Do you have any traditions or routines you do whenever coming home?

On to the Giveaway winner!!!

And the winner of the giveaway contest is………

<br>The numbers generated by this widget come from RANDOM.ORG’s true random number generator.<br>

Cinnaswirlycakes! Congrats, lady! 😀 Next giveaway will be for my 100th post!

And thanks to everyone who signed up! 🙂

I hope everyone’s having a fab Sunday so far 🙂