Pretty Purple Potatoes

Yay for alliteration! haha Oh, and yay that tomorrow’s Friday! woo hoo!!

Today was hella busy. It seemed like every time I finished one task, I’d have someone requesting another. Such is work, though, right?

The company I work at has its own farmer’s market at their park, and tonight was the second night it’s been open this summer. So when I got off of work, my friend, Missy, and I decided to try it out. We were both Farmer’s Market virgins of this market! haha. I forgot my camera, but it wasn’t too impressive. It literally had about 3 booths, whereas the down town Farmer’s Market fills about 3 blocks! However, I spotted a few goodies that I’d never had before, and wanted to try.

Have you ever had purple potatoes?

They were bred out of Cornell University for their mega nutrients and flavor…or so the farmer’s market lady said πŸ˜‰ I’m very excited to try them. They weren’t too expensive either – $2.50 for about a pound. I’m thinking maybe in a crock pot with a roast and some carrots? How would you prepare them?

Next in my shopping bag went some Swiss Chard. I’m not exactly sure how to prepare this either, but they said it could be used like one would use spinach. I love spinach, so I was in! And, it was just so colorful and pretty…
Then I saw some Kale, and new I wanted to try this. I’ve been wanting to try this in a green monster. I asked the booth lady how it would be in a juice, and she said she’s heard of it being blended with carrots and granny smith apples. Can you guess what I’ll be picking up at the grocery store?? πŸ˜‰

When we were heading back to the car, I overheard a market go-er say, “I’m not sure what it is, but I know kale is very good for you.” I don’t really know why it’s so good for you either. So, the journalist in me jumped on the web and started researching.

According to the Whole Foods website (which I love!), it’s extremely high in vitamins K, A, and C, and very high in manganese.

And according to, Kale…

“is a superfood. It’s a member of the Brassica family of vegetables, which include cabbage and Brussels sprouts. Unless you exist totally on Big Macs and supersized fries, you probably know that cabbage and Brussels sprouts have gained quite the reputation as cancer-fighting foods. And kale is loaded with the organosulfur compounds that may lessen the occurrence of some cancers. Studies suggest that the phytonutrients in kale and other Brassicas may actually help the liver neutralize potentially cancerous substances.”

So in sum, the market go-er was right, it’s very good for you πŸ˜€

This ended the farmer’s market purchases, but hopefully next time I visit, they’ll have more vendors and more food to offer.

Today’s Eats

Breakfast on-the-go: Puffins! I love these little guys.
I think my run made me hungry, because around 9, I was already hungry again! A trip to the cafe helped squander the beast:
Love these guys too. Bananas and PB (although I prefer it with almond butter.) It held me off perfectly until lunch, which was out to a little local Italian restaurant with Shane and some work buds.

I started off with a salad with oil and vinaigrette dressing:
I didn’t finish it though…I’m not a huge fan of the iceberg lettuce. But the entree did not disappoint! Mmm chicken parmigiana πŸ˜€
Look at all that sauce! Underneath of it was hiding a good size piece of chicken topped with mozzarella. I finished all of the chicken, but left about half of the noodles. It was fab.

When I got home, I was hungry again and noticed my plum was finally ripe, so I gobbled it up in about 20 seconds!
I couldn’t even wait to take the picture!

It was a pretty good day all in all, and I’m super excited to try my new Farmer’s Market Foods.

What kind of new foods are you itching try?