Priming up for a Tempo Run

Aloha! The husband and I were just reminiscing about our Hawaii honeymoon, and I have island on the brain 🙂

When I woke up this morning and peeked outside, I saw the conditions were prime for a run – 65 degrees with the sun just peeking out above the horizon. Perfect? Methinks so.

So run, I did. I actually implemented a training run into this week that I haven’t done in quite some time: a tempo run! A tempo run is where you start out slow and steady, pick up the pace with each mile, and then ease up a bit again for that last mile. At least that’s what it is in my mind. Anyway, I cranked out 5 miles in about 44:08 with an average pace of 8:49





1 – 9:46

2 – 8:58

3 – 8:40

4 – 8:13

5 – 8:38

Ok, so I got a little overzealous and booked it during the last mile. I can’t help it!

I immediately came inside and grabbed some nature’s gatorade to sip on


And after rehydrating the flowers, taking the pup for a walk, and showering, I refueled.

Now, I’ve been sparing you the typical breakfast pictures because honestly, I haven’t come up with anything post worthy lately! However, today I made the prettiest whole wheat protein waffle, and I have to share:


Is there anything better than a juicy, organic peach in the summer time?


IMG_9038I think not!

Yesterday was a rest day, workout wise. Sometimes 12 + hour work days just need to be rest days, knowwhatImean? Besides, it’s been a week since my last official rest day. A rest day it was NOT in terms of actually being restful. Since 6:00 this morning I have been busy with insurance work, clients, and business meetings. All in all a good day though 😀 And the weather is PERFECT right now in Illinois; how about in your part of the globe?

Since yesterday was quite the go-go-go type of day, I relied on (and planned for) a nice and simple meal.


Buitoni had teamed up with Foodbuzz and offered me the chance to sample one of their “meal for two” dinners. I chose the only vegetarian option available, four cheese and spinach ravioli



IMG_9021Not bad.

The directions were simple enough with the only cooking involved being to boil the pasta, which the husband did for me. But I wasn’t even prepared for the deliciousness that was to come!



I’m not sure if it was the sauce on the pasta or my hunger that made it so fantastic, but I’m sold!

We enjoyed the meal with some light and crisp Chardonnay:


Count your lucky stars…:)



Well I’m to go work for a bit and then train a few clients. Tonight on the dinner menu is an Indian dish! Pretty excited about that 😀

What’s your ideal weather conditions for an outdoor run or workout? Mine is right at dawn between 60 and 70 degrees, with clear skies. Oh, summer mornings in Illinois 🙂