Rolling Around

Hey there!! Happy Saturday 😀

I’m one of those twenty-somethings who calls her parents every single day. My brother’s the same way, I swear, so it’s not just me. It’s most convenient to call on my way to work, during which most of the time I’ll catch them as they’re drinking coffee. But every now and then, my mom, who is retired and teaches part time, will warily reach over from lying in her bed and answer the phone.


“mom, did I wake you?”

“oh no, I’ve been rolling around for about an hour. I need to get up.”

This morning, I physically woke up a little after 6:00, but I didn’t want to be awake. So I’ve spent the past hour and a half “rolling around.” Eventually I brought in my laptop and some coffee as I was getting restless:



But I was in good company.



That’s a Niko bump.



Sorry, kiddo.

Yesterday had I told the husband I planned on waking up and cleaning the house before my run this morning, so I had Clarabelle guard the door so I could make like I was making the bed instead of rolling around in it. 😉


I love lazy mornings:)

Besides – I needed the rest from the husband and my date night last night! I’m half way kidding. We managed to fit a bar, thai food, and a volleyball game into THREE hours! haha. A new take on speed dating 😉

We’d actually planned on bowling, but then when we saw that ISU was playing at home last night, we changed plans. (and sorry ahead of time for the blurry iPhone pics)



and I wasn’t hungry for dinner yet, and everyone knows you can’t eat on an empty stomach 😉

After a drink or two, we hit up a Thai restaurant, Nana Thai before the game.


I still wasn’t starving, so I got two smaller plates – the spring rolls:



Mmm 🙂

And the papaya salad/Som Tum



This was delicious but SO spicy. Me likey 🙂

Then, finally, we hit up the volleyball game.


IMG_1403 IMG_1402

It was bittersweet. It makes me wish I was willing to give more of myself to the sport when I played in college. Shoulda woulda coulda though, right??

Well I suppose I should do a load or two of laundry 😉 Then I’m meeting a girl friend for a  run! Sad to think that I would be running the Hot Chocolate 15k right now. Instead I’ll be running a much shorter distance…in Normal instead of Chicago.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Saturday plans?? Besides the run, I have a few errands to do and then a benefit to go to tonight!

Do you ever “roll around” in bed, bringing in coffee, a laptop, or a book in the morning?