The Hangover

The Hangover ended up being pretty good! I laughed a lot more than I thought I would, and it was completely relateable (albeit on the extreme side) to some nights I had back in the day. Ay yay yay. Heidi and her husband ended up meeting us there, and we watched the movie together 🙂

I had some of Annie’s chocolate bunnie’s while watching, so needless to say, I was starved when we got home! After showing hubski my blog, and getting some techy-help from him, I made some snackies.

So I cut up some broccoli and dipped it in hummus. I poured out some ranch for hubski. I put the cutup broccoli in my new Tupperware container! It’s stackable and collapseable. Throwing out mounds of gladware was very liberating. Yay for not getting attacked by containers when I open the cabinets! haha

I needed a bit more substance, so I busted these bad boys out. Yum! And we’re having another couple over in a little while, so I made a quick-n-easy appetizer. Literally took 1 minute to make. Nuefchatel cheese with Tastefully Simple’s sweet jalepeno jelly on top.


We’re making a thin-crust supreme pizza now, and the snacks held me over perfectly.

While I made snacks, hubski drank his Corona and played Oregon Trail on the iPhone. It’s what we do now, play iPhone!

Well this will probably be my last post of the night. Looking forward to a night of good company, food, drink, and ROCK BAND!
Until tomorrow,



A rainout

Alas, the bbq got rained out =-( It’s just too rainy, and the host didn’t want that many people inside her house. The bbq was intended to be outside, so it would just be one muddy mess. I can’t say I blame her. I wouldn’t want 46 messy, muddy shoes inside my home!

So, Shane and I decided we’d see a movie instead. We’re going to see The Hangover (finally!) We’ve been trying to see it for a couple weeks now, but it’s just gotten pushed to the back burner. Only so much you can fit in a weekend 😉

I decided to have my festive snack-like lunch anyway, since I know I’ll be bringing in something to snack on at the movie (Chocolate bunnies, maybe?) I made a little bowl of greek yogurt with honey, blueberries, strawberries, and Bear Naked Fit granola. YUM. Go red, white, and blue!

The movie’s in about an hour, so I need to change out of these stinky clothes and get ready!
I have a feeling when we get back, we just might have to break into the corona we were going to bring to the cookout. Can’t let it go to waste, right? 😉

Also, I have to give a shoutout to my parents. Today is their anniversary, and they’ve been married for 45 years!! And here I am thinking I can’t believe it’s almost been one year for Shane and me. Congrats, mom and dad! Love you!

Clarabelle wanted to say Happy 4th, too!