Long Run and Third Sunday Market

Hi everyone! How’s your Sunday going so far? Mine’s going great!

I ended up going on my run, and it was fab! I’m so glad I got it done in the morning. I have a feeling come tonight I’d have been wishing I would have done it.

I ended up going 5.5 miles instead of 4.5. I finished in 52:30.

Max HR=185 (There was some hill work on this route)
Avg HR: 172 (a wee bit high)
Cals Burned=630 whoa baby!

I felt super awesome afterward, but during the run, I was SO hot. I thought since I made it out by 8:30 it wouldn’t be so bad, but it got to a point where I almost tore my shirt off to run with only my sports bra. I took one quick water break around mile four, but I think I needed a couple more in between. Next time I might take my own bottle of water instead of relying of drinking fountains. I was drenched when I was done.

Even my tummy was soaked!!

I think this is the most I’ve sweat in my whole life.

As soon as I got done, I made myself a GM and some blueberry pancakes made with oats and whole wheat flour:

(stupid uploading tool messing up again 😦 )

They were SO good. I wrapped some up for tomorrow’s breakfast. Leftover pancakes? You betcha.

A little after I finished eating, my friend called and asked if I wanted to go to the Third Sunday Market. It’s a HUGE festival in the summer each month on the third Sunday with vendors selling everything from antique doorknobs to summer squash to soy candles.

(Isn’t that a cool picture?)

Oh, and the best part were the Apple Cider Slushies!

Holy moly these things almost knocked my head off! Sooo good.

I ended up getting some blueberries and two soy candles. Shane wasn’t too happy about the candles. I’m a bit of a candle freak and we have drawers full of them…oops!

It was a lot of fun, and I can’t wait to go again next month!!

What fun festivals does your city have in the summer?