Perfect Day for a Run

Can’t. Move. Ah! I just got back from a 6.3 mi. bike/run with the hubski (he biked, I ran) and I totally broke my speed record for that distance. I finished in 57:55, and I was ecstatic, but now I’m SO tired. Combine that with a booty-kicking Body Pump session and I am one beat down lil’ lady 😉 I love it though! haha

It was a perfect day for a run!! We got out at about 8, and it was super sunny and only 68 degrees – PERFECT! I was so happy Shane went with me, because it was nice to have someone along besides my music for a change. I could tell it wasn’t exactly what he wanted to do, but he went anyway. I’m so luck to have him 🙂 Plus, he rode in front of me, so I had his cute booty to chase after for incentive (haha, sorry 😉

Speaking of awesome husbands, he also went to see the Time Traveler’s Wife with me last night! But first, we stopped at Moe’s to chow down. Moe’s is right by the theatre, so it was super convenient.

We each got burritos, but I got mine sans meat, add avocado:

And I had an airplane sized bottle of chardonnay, because I’m klassy like that, of course:

Excuse the lack of makeup. I’d heard the movie was a tear jerker, and I didn’t want to look a hot mess afterward. And I’m glad I did, because being the sap I am, I cried twice or three times during the movie. It was really, really good. Rachel McAdam’s is just fabulous. I love when a good romance film like this one comes out. I can’t stand romantic comedies because they’re so predictable (boy meets girl, loses her, cries, wins her back) and diminish the quality of romance, in my humble opinion. Plus, they’re just not funny. Ok…I digress.

For the movie, I had packed two zip lock baggies – one for me and one for Shane – of these bad boys

but then we stopped at Schnuk’s and I grabbed these:

and about ate the whole bag

blech – too. much. food. Ohhh well!

Speaking of food, my pre run snack was a light half of a banana

but then afterward was the good stuff -Post-Long-Run-Blueberry-Pancakes!! You know it!

And with that said, I’ll end the post showing you some new yoga poses, courtesy of Clarabelle:

Isn’t she adorable?!

What’s the weather like where you are and where are you? Here in Central Illinois, it’s 70 degrees and sunny as can be! On that note – SEE YA!