Will you Keep My Banana? Giveaway!

Hi everyone! As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I have an exciting giveaway for you guys! 😀 I’ll post all of the details at the bottom of the post, but before you scroll down there, read on about my Friday night dinner out with my girlfriends!

After all of the excitement of my first 10K, I forgot to put up a post about the awesome dinner and time that I had with my girlfriends at a wonderful restaurant called, Biaggi’s!

Friday night we celebrated a friend’s birthday dinner at my favorite restaurant here in town. I looove this place. They have really great food and drinks:)I had a glass of Pinot before dinner:

And sampled a piece of that bread you probably spy in the back. ;-)Then for my entree, I had Butternut Squash Ravioli with Walnuts:

Looks and sounds awesome, right? Well, it probably would have been a favorite if they didn’t drown it in butter. It was one of those dishes where you could literally smell the butter. I was a bit put off by that, but ate most of it anyway. The actual ravioli were amaazing. Such a creative idea for fall!

After we all finished, we all split their famous white chocolate bread pudding for dessert – sooo yum.

And they gave the birthday girl their signature ice cream (spumonti) and it came out with a candle in it – so cute!

It was so nice getting together with everyone. A couple of them live out of town, so it’s harder to see them often. Everyone had a blast!

Ok, now for the guts of the post – the Giveaway!!!

There were so many positive comments on my post the other day about my Tupperware banana keeper , I knew I just had to do a giveaway for one! Thanks to RAN mom and sister-in-law for donating one (SIL is a Tupperware consultant) to Running Around Normal so I could share! 🙂

This little container is really cool:

  • It allows you to take a banana with you, without getting squished in your purse or lunch box
  • It keeps it fresher longer
  • It’s SO cute 🙂

And the winner of the Banana Keeper won’t find their banana keeper empty:

I’m including two random flavors of Lara Bars in the keeper. See, it can keep more than just bananas! haha

The rules:
The contest is only open to US residents. I’ll pick a winner on Thursday night!

  • Just leave a comment on this post telling me one thing you LOVE about yourself. That’s it!
  • Or if you’re not on Twitter, you can just linkback to this post in one of your posts. But make sure to leave another comment on here, so I can count your extra entry.

Mail Man Goodies!

Foodbuzz just sent out the email announcing the Food Buzz Festival!! It’s in San Francisco (where my bff just moved!!) in November, and I want to go soooo badly! Too bad we’re already saving for our cruise in December :-/ Plane tickets cost a butt load to fly there, and I just don’t know if I could swing buying the tickets. Oh well…we shall see I guess.

My Friday morning started out nicely with a new Green Monster. Tina‘s posts lately about putting coffee in hers made me want to try it. So I basically just made my normal chocolate GM, but added in some cold coffee in the mix (sorry no pic – I was rushing around the house like a mad woman this morning.)

About an hour after I got to work, I had a yummy bowl of Optimum Zen + Kashi Good Friends. No picture here either. Dangit, I’m 0 and 2! It was good though, I promise 😉

I decided to go on my run right around noon after I got home from work. Shane and I were supposed to go on a bike/run tonight after dinner, but they’re calling for rain, so I thought I’d get it out of the before it starts pouring. So, I set out for my 4 mile run.

I have to admit, this was a hard 4 miles. Why are my shorter runs so much harder than my long runs? I felt great the first mile, OK on the second, and then when I was at 22 minutes, I just wanted to give up! My legs just felt like bricks. It might have been because I ate about 10 minutes before I left?

I had a half of an apple with some PB. Guess I won’t make that mistake again. Plus, cars were being jerk faces, and my shoe kept coming untied. Ugh.

I finished at 39:15, which isn’t my greatest. Oh well, what counts most is I did it, right? 😀 Here are my stats a la my Polar F6 Heart Rate Monitor (after a quickie cool down):

The weather was fabulous for a run – 70 degrees and breezy! However, somehow, I still ended up a hot sweaty mess like I usually am:D


After my run, I went to check the mail, and much to my pleasant surprise, I had gifts! 😀

First off, I got this sample of Chia seeds and powder from Diane at Greens +

I can’t wait to try them both out:D

Secondly, my giveaway package from Christina arrived! 😀 I was so excited to try out these Adora Discs:)

These are not only delicious, but also deliver a supplement of calcium, vitamin K, and vitamin D!

she also included lots of RAOK‘s (random acts of kindness)

Thanks so much Christina!

After basking in my deliveries, I heated up some lunch using my new Tupperware Heat n’ Serve container.

Isn’t that cool? The little red thing pops up to let it vent while microwaving. I had last night’s Indian food leftovers. It did pretty well heated up the next day. Even the naan wasn’t too bad 🙂

And you can bet I had a “calcium supplement” afterward.

I put calcium supplement in quotes, because it’s more like dessert. Seriously, these things are awesome! I would eat them even if they didn’t have the vitamins and supplements in them.

Well I suppose I should make some use of my self and do a little house cleaning today. Stay tuned for this afternoon’s post, where I am having another giveaway contest!!!

Question: Have you heard about the Food Buzz festival? What do you think about it? It sounds SO fun!