Guest Post: Living with Diabetes

Hey everyone! While I’m off frolicking in the Caribbean, my dad, who was recently diagnosed with diabetes, agreed to write a Clif Notes version of what it was like being told, and how it’s affected him. Take it away, Dad!


I never imagined that I would ever be a guest blogger for a fitness and food blog…..

When I was diagnosed with diabetes two years ago, I was totally stunned. Sure, I knew I was a few pounds overweight and didn’t always eat the most nutritious foods, but I had never had a serious illness. I hadn’t even had a cold for the past three years and had never been hospitalized in my 62 years.

I had lots of plans for my retirement years and left the doctor’s office feeling as though I had been told my life was almost over. In addition to the diagnosis of type 2 diabetes, my doctor suggested that I needed to reduce and re-balance my cholesterol levels, lower my blood pressure, and lose weight…… I had already been unsuccessful at accomplishing those recommendations.

In retrospect, this distressing news was probably a blessing because it made me take the disease seriously. I started by forcing a positive attitude that I hoped I could pass on to the rest of my family when my diagnosis was shared. At that stage, I knew little about diabetes other than the horror stories we’ve all heard about the complications. I started my quest for information; I searched internet sites, I bought books, and subscribed to periodicals that were dedicated to this disease called type 2 diabetes.

The good news that I discovered was that diabetes is one of the few incurable, progressive diseases that can be largely controlled by the patient. During the early months following my diagnosis, I was consumed with implementing life-changing events aimed at taking control; Splenda became my best friend, I counted carbs with every bite, and developed a daily exercise routine (the toughest thing for me.) Within three months I had shed fifty-four pounds, dropped my blood pressure by 20 points, and achieved an enviable cholesterol level. AND, I felt good and had higher energy levels that I had experienced in years.

Today, my disdain for exercise has turned to anticipation (taking Niko for long, brisk walks when we dog-sit, is one of my favorites.




My low sugar, controlled carb, diet is now routine (although I still occasionally crave fried chicken and mashed potato’s/gravy.) Along with daily meds and glucose monitoring, my diabetes has responded well and seems to be under control.

I, somewhat belatedly, recognize the value and benefits of healthy living, and always look forward to the delicious, healthy snacks that Paige brings me on her visits home.


Thanks, Dad!


I hope everyone’s having a wonderful Wednesday?

Do you or anyone you know have diabetes? How has it affected your life?