Last Night I Ate a…

Hi guys! Ready for another work week? Here we go 🙂

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I woke up early this morning after a rough night’s sleep to train a client, per usual, and when finished and back home, I scarfed down half a banana and set out for a four mile run. However, when I got a little less than half way, I had to turn around. The ominous clouds I’d been worried about setting out for my run opened up and started to pour. I would have kept on going, but I had my Garmin and the iPod on me and didn’t want to get them soaked. So my 4 miler turned into a 3.06 miler – a 27:43 minute run.

I was pretty hungry when I got back, and wanted nothing else but hot oatmeal. So I made a batch of the usual whipped banana oats with almond milk, flax meal, and stevia.


I topped it with a spoonful of Greek yogurt and a single serving packet of Justin’s Maple Almond Butter.


Craving = Satisfied.


Melty, melty goodness.

Last Night

In October of 2009, I quit eating any and all land animals. My reasons were ethically based, but you can read more about that in this post. Basically, I just got tired of the internal battle going on in my head about loving animals and then turning around and eating them – especially those who were raised in an inhumane manner. On January 1st, 2010 I decided to just quit eating animals altogether. Since then, no meat has passed through my lips.

Until last night.

Last night, I was making dinner for Shane and myself. We were both craving Thai food, so I was going to make a recipe I found in the May/June issue of Clean Eating – Thai Shrimp with Brown Rice noodles, and just leave the shrimp out of my dish.
Except then I absentmindedly threw the shrimp into the pan with the sauce and veggies. All of it. And it actually looked good.


Alas…last night I ate shrimp, and while a bit extremely weird, it was good.

I’ve actually been talking a lot lately about how if I want some sort of fish (probably just shellfish) I won’t feel bad about eating it, and it might happen.
It happened last night.

IMG_7644(I’ll spare you any macro shots of the actual shrimp)

And it will probably happen again. I know I’ll never (or at least truly believe I’ll never) eat any sort of mammal again, but for reasons I won’t get into (to cut the drama) ya might see a shellfish now and then on here. However, now that I’m reflecting back on this and writing about it…I feel pretty guilty.       


Amped Up Oats & Wrap Lovin’

Hey hey hey! Happy hump day! It is Wednesday, right? I swear, ever since I’ve been training, I have to go back and check what day it is like three times per day. LOL Not sure what it is, but it sure get a little confusing in this brain of mine.

I’m thinking it was the right decision to take yesterday as another complete rest day, because I woke up this morning feeling stellar! I’d venture on saying wide-eyed and bushy tailed, but I aim to be positive on the blog, not delusional;) Alas, I did arise without too much trouble when my alarm went off, made a kettle of French Press, and headed to the gym closest to my casa and…

Ran a 40 minute tempo run

  • 5 minutes (warm up) – 5.8-6.0
  • 5 minutes – 6.1-6.2
  • 5 minutes – 6.3-6.4
  • 5 minutes – 6.4-6.5
  • 5 minutes – 6.5-6.6
  • 5 minutes – 6.6-6.6 (ew. Too many 6’s. But my body just didn’t want to do 6.7 yet!)
  • 5 minutes – 6.7-6.8
  • 5 minutes (cool down) – 6.0-5.8

Winded and red-faced, I hopped off, and hit the weight room. Since I inevitably got to the gym 10 minutes later than intended, I only had 20 minutes for weights. In these 20 minutes, I got in…

  • Overhead press w/ 20 lb barbell – 3×10
  • Tricep dips w/ body weight – 3×10
  • Chest press w/ 30 lb barbell – 1×10
  • Incline chest press w/ 30 lb barbell – 2×10

Quickie but a goodie…not even gonna say it 😉

Came home and was STARVED! After showering and dressing, I sat down to this beautiful sight:



Amped Up Overnight Oats! Why amped up, you say?


Jay Robb Rice Protein powder was added to the mix!



Slight confession: in my last vegetarianism checkpoint post, I mentioned how I became veg for ethical reasons, but the health benefits I’ve been feeling have been endless. Well, except one. I’m not losing muscle tone, per say, but ever since I’ve cut meat and a lot of dairy oat, I don’t notice as big of strength gains from lifting as I did before. I’ve been researching organic/low heat/vegan protein powders lately, and last week ordered me some Jay. I’ll probably only use it on lifting days, because I feel like I get enough protein otherwise. However, for someone who lift weights regularly, a bit more protein may be necessary. /End explanation.

A few four hours later (those oats held me over for a long time!) I had a savory snack of carrots and black bean salsa:


Lunch was supposed to be leftovers from last night’s dinner, but all I had were plastic containers to microwave it in, and I got a scary email from my mom about an article linking micro waved plastic to cancer.

Flat Out to the rescue!


I simply stuffed it all (asparagus, acorn squash, black beans, tempeh) into a whole wheat wrap, and ate it cold.


It was a little different, but ultimately tasty, nonetheless. MUCH better than I was anticipating. I used the same sauce as I did last night – apple cider vinegar, tamari, grapeseed oil, and maple syrup.


And thanks to Caitlin’s tip about putting the filling on one side instead of the middle before rolling up, it rolled up perfectly! 😀

Throughout the day I nibbled on about ¾’s of this cookiemuffin:


Aaaand then I ate the rest of it right before leaving the office:


Darn two servings in one wrapper gimmick.

I’ve never tried this flavor, but I really liked it! It was one of the cookies my girl Kim gave me for me birthday! Thanks, Kim:D

Right after work, I had to book it to the gym to train a client, and then I was bound and determined to spend some outside time on this b-e-a-utiful day we’re having here in Central Illinois! If I had to be inside one more minute, I just might have imploded. I knew Niko was thinking the same thing, so I packed her in the car and took her to the dog park.



It’s been ages since she’s been there, and we both had such a blast. She’s a little bossy, but she loves mingling with the other pups. However, after only about 10 minutes, all she wanted to do was sit on my lap.


She wanted nothing else. Anti-social mama’s girl.

I had no plans to cook, so for dinner I headed over to the Coffeehouse, a vegan café here in town (that I tried for the first time on Friday!) to grab some grub.



So I’m a wrap lover. What of it?


It’s official. I’m addicted.

Got the hummus and veggie this time. And it did NOT disappoint. Paid a hard-earned $3.83 for this dinner. Too good to be true! How, how, HOW did I not know about this little vegan slice of heaven cafe sooner?

After scarfing it down, I had the obligatory birthday cake (yes…I was obliged) for some dessert.


The smallest piece I could slice, and it was still a monstrosity.

Well boys and girls, I’ve got a date with the hubski for some tube and cuddling – finally! 😀


Where do you live and how is the weather there? It seems to be very nice in most parts of the country. I hope it stays this way!!

Vegetarianism Checkpoint

Hey all! How’s your Tuesday going? Mine’s juuuust about over. It went by SO fast!

Can you guess what I had for breakfast today?




Heck yeah I had overnight oats!

The only difference this time was I used Soy milk since I had run out of almond milk (almond milk makes them a lot better, though, imo) and I subbed nut butter for cinnamon.

The work day wasn’t too exciting (which can be an indicator of a good day ;)) but I did manage to sneak out of the office on lunch and get my oil changed in my car. I was about 2 months and 1,000 miles overdue. Bad, Paige, bad!

I stopped at one of the 134 Starbucks in town and picked up my fave – a Grande half-pump vanilla soy latte…in my eco cup. And guess what! My green intentions actually worked this time.




No paper cup wasted. Job well done, eco cup :-p

After work I came straight home to finish up the work on the project I’ve been working on for about a week now. I really can’t wait to tell you guys…it’s been killing me. But apparently I can be superstitious. Sorry for being secretive, but I’m just SO nervous…

Anyway, after that, I got started on dinner. Made the hubski some tacos and for me, I decided to continue on with the Ezekiel pizza theme of the week.

Tonight’s special? HUMMUS PIZZA!!!!




Roasted red bell pepper and zucchini seasoned with pepper and coriander a top of red pepper Sabra’s hummus. Such little prep, and only took about 15 minutes. This pizza was inspired from one in Dreena Burton’s Vive le Vegan.




Go ahead and drool. It’s ok 😉 The sweetness of the red pepper combined amazingly with the savoriness (savoriness?) hummus.


Three Month Veg Checkpoint


So it’s been a little over three months since I first declared my transition to vegetarianism, and I thought I’d write a checkpoint on how things are going so far.

I’ve dabbled in vegetarianism twice before. The first time, I quit because I noticed my hair was falling out. The second time, a more serious problem happened that coincided with it, and I ended up having to get a procedure done (not sure if my diet was a cause, but at the time, I correlated the two.)

Either way, both times, I did it for the wrong reasons, I did it irresponsibly, and I was uneducated.

Irresponsible because I didn’t prepare myself. Just cut myself off to all meat all at once. And I really didn’t eat that many vegetables to make up for it.

Uneducated because I didn’t research a healthy vegetarian diet at all – or plant-based protein sources. I knew about tofu, and that was about it.

It was for the wrong reasons, because I kind of just did it to do it. I’d heard vegetarians lived longer, and I just decided I’d try and be one too.

October of 2009, the urge to become a vegetarian crept up on me again.

Except this time, it was a passionate, committed, and necessary choice for me. It was a 100% ethical choice. I’d had it with being so hypocritical, being SUCH an animal lover, then turning around and eating them. I know this is fine for some people, and I respect that, but for me, it wasn’t. After reading a decent amount of literature and watching several videos, I knew this time vegetarianism wouldn’t just be a third stint.

This time I was responsible. I told myself that labels aren’t important, and I could ease into becoming a vegetarian. Strict guidelines weren’t a part of it. I ate fish up until the 1st of this year, and I’m still not 100% ruling it out if I really, really want to eat fish (though I haven’t had the desire so far.)

I also educated myself on the different vitamins and minerals, sources of proteins, and nutrients that plants have, as well as on the abundance of all the wonderful and delicious nuts, seeds, legumes, and grains available.

So now just three months later, I’m positive that I’ll be a vegetarian (perhaps even vegan some day – who knows!) the rest of my life. And even though my choice was due to moral reasons, the health benefits have shown through so vibrantly! My skin is is much, much more clear, my nails are so much stronger, I don’t feel congested at all, and my energy is through the roof. It’s also SO much easier to eat a rainbow of colors from vibrant fruits and vegetables.

I also haven’t yet experienced the boredom that some vegetarians do with their diet. Actually, becoming a vegetarian has opened me up to countless new food groups, herbs, nutrients, etc.

The only downside is the inconvenience within my household. My husband is a full out meat-eater (which is his prerogative – all I can do is try to make sure most of that meat is organic and ethically raised) so it makes dinners a little difficult. If you’re a regular reader, you know I do a lot of “his” and “hers” meals. This takes a good chunk of time out of the night, and is pretty inconvenient. Luckily, as I’ve been getting busier, the husband has been making his own dinners. Other hard parts involve attending dinner parties, dealing with anti-vegetarian people, and choosing a restaurant. None of which is too troublesome, though.

To wrap up–since I’ve rambled on a little longer than I intended to–even though it’s only been three months, I feel the best I’ve felt (physically) in my whole life, and am 100% sure that I’ve made the right decision. I’ve also learned that it’s a big, life-changing decision that you have to be completely ready to make. It’s OK to ease into it, but it’s still a big decision.



Well I hope you all had a wonderful Tuesday and have an even better Hump Day!


Are you stickler or are you naughty (like me) when it comes to getting the oil changed in your car? I try not to let it go over 1,000 miles…I know that’s so bad! I really need to get better at that!

What has been your biggest change regarding fitness/health/overall well being?

Back to School, Back to School

Good morning, friends! It’s already hump day! This week is passing much faster than last week if you ask me.

Want me to tell you about my personal training class last night? Good! Because that’s just what I’m going to do:D

After my HIIT run, I had the other half of my Run Glo Bar, and then downed the quickest dinner ever:




Oh, Amy, what would I do without thee? These burritos are awesome!




I need to go restock. I think Shane would like them, too.


So the great thing about class is the college is 3 minutes away by car. Literally. I left the house at this time:




And arrived at this time:



I knew HIIT always amps up my appetite, so I packed a little snackie for a grumbly tummy:



A revive bar! This bar is awwwe-some! I had it and was completely satisfied for the rest of the night. I didn’t even eat a dessert before bed – something I always do!

Anyway, class was pretty cool! I couldn’t find the room at first, then found it, and saw there was another class in there. So I waited outside with about 10 other people, and then when those ten people eventually herded in a biology class, I realized that it wasn’t a difference class in the right room, but the personal training class, as I stumbled in a few minutes late – LOL woops. It’s all good though, I walked in right as she was saying, “Paige? Paige not here?” hehe – here I am – present!

It’s a class of about 12, and the energy is great. We’re of course all there for the same-ish reasons, and we are all super eager to learn. The only bad part is there’s a TON of info to cover in six weeks. There were two people there who were from same company I work at now, even. Not that I know them, as my company is humungo. Also, there’s two women that insist to raise their hand and tell a personal story after every slide (you know what I’m talking about!) but I digress…

I love the instructor for the course! She got her cert for AFA, then realized she wanted more, and then went to get her masters at ISU. I can’t remember all the creds she spewed off, but there were a lot! Plus, she’s got a great attitude, and she’s adorable – 6 months pregnant!

We got out a little late, but it’s OK – gotta cover all that info, and then I zipped home to watch some Biggest Loser and have a celebratory drinkie with the husband:


Salud! (Did you know I’m part Swedish? I don’t think I’ve mentioned it on the blog! Well, I am! And this is the reason for the blue and yellow decor in my bathroom. I even have a Swedish flag in a frame hanging in there that I forgot to take a picture of. But I digress, yet again…)


Veggie Meals

So it’s been a week since I decided I was going vegetarian, and I really haven’t mentioned much about it on here since then. Well, it’s been going great! I’ve had ease creating meals, my energy is up, and I don’t feel hungry😀 I was a bit worried about all three of these things. Plus, I’ve only had fish once I think it’s going to be fairly easy to phase that out. However, since it’s such a new and fragile concept in my life, I’m going to start posting more of my meals on here. My breakfast is always vegetarian, but I’ve been having to get creative with lunch and dinners. So, I’ll be posting them for a while!


Other blogland news and events:


The Candid RD is having a sweet giveaway with some swag she scored!

Shannon at Tropical Eats is having a giveaway in honor of a great cause:)



In class, do you remember any particular classmates who told lots of anecdotes? Or were there any that stood out to you in general? I love the diversity of classrooms and everyone’s learning style – it’s so cool to see and be a part of.

Take care and have a great hump day!

50 Excellent Women’s Health and Beauty Blogs

Good morning and happy Friday, errbody!

First off, thank you, thank you, thank you, for all your kind comments about my decision to become a certified personal trainer. You all are too kind 😀 I know it’s ultimately my decision, but you guys do one heck of a job making a girl feel good and helping me reinforce my decision 🙂 *warm fuzzies!*

Be sure to check out this article on 50 Excellent Women’s Health and Beauty Blogs on I was surprised and excited to see Running Around Normal was on there under the “Health and Nutrition” category. Note: mine is the one they mistakenly titled Running Around Nowhere;-) hey it still takes you to the right site!  For some reason, people like to switch out the word “Normal” on my blog with other words. haha – one time I even got called “Running Around Crazy!” LOL -Either way, it was a nice surprise 🙂 There’s a lot of other really cool blogs on there, too, and they separated them out between various categories in health and beauty.


Don’t know about you, but I, for one, am super glad the weekend is finally here. Work this week really beat me down. I won’t dwell on it, but just know I’m happy for the weekend!

The hubski was at a guy’s night out last night, so it was just me and the girls all night!



 Ignore my post-workout, post long, hard day face:D

Clarabelle is so camera shy. She wouldn’t even get in the picture. Snobby kitty. Niko told her what’s up.




It was actually a nice, quiet relaxing night.

As expected, I made dinner with just me in mind! I made a complete and utter Anti-Husband(AH) meal (something hubski would never dream of trying.) I started out with my Edamame Hummus and a glass of wine from a little carton thingy!





AH ingredients: edamame, tofu (the other ingredients he’s fine with)



I only wanted to make a single (well, Paige-sized portion) serving, so I halved all the ingredients. I made sure I had the right amount of tofu by weighing it on my Eat Smart Kitchen Scale that Food Tools sent me to try out.



Then measured the rest of the ingredients according to that.

Followed by a bean taco:



Beans, salsa, chili powder, cheese in a corn tortilla. AH ingredient: lack of meat

And since I only used half of the tofu, I knew exactly what I would make for dessert – pumpkin mousse!



The pumpkin puree and tofu blending it up.




Deliciousness! I got this recipe from this month’s Clean Eating magazine.

AH ingredient: you guessed it, tofu. However, I didn’t get to enjoy it tonight, as it needs to chill four hours first. Not that that’s stopped me before…but I had other desserts to be consumed. Like leftover puppy chow!


Today after work I am looking forward to an easy 4 mile run. However, it’s completely gross outside today – 50 degrees and rainy. I promised myself that I’d run it outside, because I’m guessing that my 10K in two weeks won’t exactly be warm and sunny, but I’m having second thoughts now. I’ll give it a whirl, and dress smart, I guess. I’ll just keep my focus on my reward for after:   a much needed pedicure. Ahhh, so excited for this! Then tonight’s a girl’s night in at my girlfriend, Mel’s house. I haven’t seen these girls in for-ev-er, so I can’t wait! I’m even missing bunco for them, so you know it’s serious!


What are your plans for this weekend?

Eggplant Pamesana

SUCCESS! It’s pretty hard to screw up eggplant, though. This is definitely one of the favorite dishes I make.

You should make it too! It’s easy peasy.

  • preheat the oven to 350, then slice up an eggplant into 1/4 of inch thick rounds

  • dip them in an egg wash, fry them in non stick cooking spray on medium

  • spread half the slices in a square pan, then pour a little marinara over each of the slices, and layer with goat cheese, parmesan, mozzarella, and cheddar (or really whatever you have a hankering for!)

  • Next, layer the other half of slices on top, and repeat with the sauce and cheese.

  • Pop in the oven for 25 minutes, and take out your delicious dinner!

My plate:

It was oh so good, and filling!

I needed something sweet, so I had half a box a few of Annie’s Bunny Grahams:

After consuming this meal, I noticed that I didn’t have one “meat meal” today. I’ve experimented with vegetarianism before, but have always gone back to meat because it made my body do weird things. For example, the first time I switched back to eating meats is because I noticed my hair was shedding a heck of a lot more than normal. I’m not sure if this had to do with not eating meat, but when I went back to meat, it stopped.

After my second trip to vegetarianism, I noticed I was getting canker sores in my mouth a lot, so I switched back. Again, never could find the answer to if the two were a causal correlation, but it stopped when I switched back.

Perhaps I just wasn’t getting enough protein. Maybe now that I’m more educated about ways vegetarians can get enough protein I’ll try again some day. For example, now I eat the crap out of all kinds of nut butters, and I know more about tofu from reading veggies’ blogs, and I know certain grains seeds contain protein that I didn’t know about before entering the blog world.

I’m such an animal lover, which is why I tried going meatless the first two times. Now I suppose I’m in denial whenever I’m eating meat products. I just try not to think about it. I really have a hard time eating meat that you can obviously tell where who it came from. For now, I’ll continue being a omnivore, but I have a feeling I’ll try the vegetarian route again some day.

Have you ever thought about becoming a vegetarian? Why or why not? And if you already are, how has it affected your body?