Return of the Appetite

What a day! I feel better than I felt yesterday, which is almost 100% I’d say I’m about at 90% actually. Hopefully I’ll be back to normal by tomorrow morning.

This morning started out bright and early with a Body Attack class. My friend Heidi somehow drug me out of bed and to a 5:30 a.m. class. Did I mention I don’t have to train today until 4:30 pm? I’m glad she did, though, because it was a blast! Erika, you’re right – this class is awesome! It was quick paced, fun, and booty-kicking!

After the class I did about 15 minutes worth of back and hamstrings, but I needed food like whoa. I forgot to grab something on my way out and I was famished.


Much bettah. Once breakfast digested, I finished out the workout with a 20 minutes heart-opening flow. And then got my work-from-home on for the BIC. It’s a deadline week, which means working more than I usually do.    IMG_0265

I’ve been craving nothing but fresh fruit the past few days, so I’ve been going with it as documented by my mid morning snack:


A juicy (Brown?) pear. Anyone know what kind the brown ones are called? I know they’re not Bartlett…

Then I showered up and made my way to running some not very fun, but very grown up errands, like changing my oil, getting my tires rotated, and making a return. What should have took under two hours took much longer than that, but we won’t go into the boring deets.

Juice for the run:



True Blood-esqe, no?


I digress…Let’s take a minute to regroup.

Signs that I’m feeling much better:

  • I exercised voluntarily and enthusiastically
  • I put on make up today
  • My appetite is back! and my ever present appetite for spice and veggies is back!


I hadn’t had a single vegetable (well, one that wasn’t attached to pizza or a sandwich) since Friday since I had the stomach flu, and today – I had a hankering for cauliflower!!

And see what’s on my pizza?!



Crushed red peppaaahh!! My favorite pizza topping. I had this, plus another half slice of pizza.

And I may or may not have had another piece of Mama Pea’s pumpkin bar…


See told ya my appetite was back 😉 Anyone know how long vegan baked goods last in an air tight container in the refrigerator? These are going on 8 days…

Well I have a client in a little bit [and a volleyball match after that – woot!!] and need to get some cleaning done beforehand!

Hope everyone’s Mondays are going OK 😀


A Conscious Effort

Afternoon 🙂

THANK YOU for all your words of encouragement regarding running a marathon in 2011. It means tons, and every supportive comment inspired me that much more 😀

These past few days, I know I haven’t been drinking as much water as I should be. I can feel the thirst, feel the lethargy, and can tell my skin is dry. But one tell tale sign that let’s me know to chug water asap is right before my eyes!



It is my eyes, actually. Whenever I need to up my H2O, my eyes get dry and red! It rarely gets to this point, but it did today! (sorry for the eyeball bombardment at the front of the post too!)

Needless to say, I’ve been a water guzzler all day.




As I’ve been lacking in water drinking, yesterday’s eats were definitely lacking in vegetable eating. I think I’ve made up for the lack of veg in my diet yesterday and it’s only 3:00!


That’s a mixing bowl!!

Lunch was cumin and curry spiced chickpeas (yum!) over a HUGE bed of greens – romaine and arugula.



I swear that’s not dog food. It’s deliciously spicy chickpeas!

This was eaten along side two leftover pieces of pizza on TJ’s crust, but I was too full to finish both pieces!




Last heirloom tomato from the farmers market right here:



I’ve also had a green smoothie and some veggies and hummus to meet the quota. I’m a firm believer that the body is great at checks and balances. One day you’ll OD on sugar, and then next your body wants nothing to do with it. Regardless, I made a conscious (I can never spell this word right) effort to get in more green today.

Ran a 5 mile interval run with minimal pain! Woot!!

Back to work! And guzzling away…




gulp, gulp, gulp

Have a good rest of your Wednesday, friends!!

What’s an odd way you can tell you are dehydrated? I also tend to get snacky! Well, snackier than usual 😉

Shy Away From the High Way

Hi friends! How’s your Thursday going? Not too shabby here. A little late in posting here, but I ran out of time earlier.

This morning before heading into work, I got my yoga on! Thursday mornings are generally reserved for my long short run. It’s usually between 5 and 6 miles in duration, which is a little longer than my typical 3-4 mile mid-week runs.

Today, however, started out with some yoga. Since I’m planning on doing my long run tomorrow due to the race on Sunday, I figured it’d be the perfect morning to take it easy and get in some hip opening stretches. It was quite nice!



Now I’m about to head to the gym to train a couple clients. Since I had some time to stop by home, though, I did some serious dinner prep:

IMG_9753 IMG_9752

Veggies galore! Chopped and coated in EVOO and S&P before leaving so all I have to do when I get home is stick ‘em in the oven. Two points for saving time 😉

Sidenote: whenever Niko hears me peeling anything, she darts over to me in hopes that I’m peeling a sweet potato that she can snag:


hahah silly dog 🙂 Well, I guess not so silly – she got a slice of sweet tater!


So tomorrow I’ll be leaving for Cheee-caaa-gooo! I’ll be staying with my girl Destiny for the Frank Lloyd Wright 10K on Sunday. I’ve been to Chicago more times than I can count this year alone, but this will be the first time I’m driving up by myself – ever. I’ve always either ridden along as a passenger or taken the train up because I am horrible at driving in high traffic. The nerves get to me! The one time that I did drive up myself I had my mom in the passenger seat, and she might be the only other person who’s worse than I am at driving through traffic-y areas (sorry mom.) Oh and, um, not to mention I almost got us killed. Ha…


Needless to say, the husband is a little worried for me. I plan to drive the speed limit, give myself PLENTY of time to be in the correct lane for exits, and place my phone in the back seat. Oh, and to give myself ample time to make a Lululemon stop along the way 😉 I know it sounds like I’m being a baby, but that’s just because I am one 😉 I really just don’t like driving at all anywhere, and try to get out of it when I can. Ask my friends! When it’s my “turn” to drive somewhere, I’ve been known to provide my car, but have them drive, haha. Wish me luck!

As far as packing goes, here’s what’s on my list. It’s always a bit more comprehensive when there’s a race involved.

-running tank

-long sleeved running top to go over tank

-Nike tempo shorts

-Running tights in case it’s super cold


-iPod and headphones


-running socks and shoes

-outfits for going out



-chargers: phone, business phone, laptop, iPod


Am I missing anything? I’m sure I’ll be packing about 5 minutes before I leave too. It usually works out that way for short trips 😉

OK! Gotta go get people into shape!! 😀


Are you a good driver in high traffic areas? As much as I declare that I’m really a city girl, I don’t think I could handle the traffic. I definitely wouldn’t own a car if I lived in Chicago or another big city.

Leisurely Low Key

Hey peeps! Have a fantastic Monday? An OK Monday? Good enough 😉

Sorry for the delay in posting this morning. Apparently, I got too used to waking up to alarms and then ignoring them due to the husband’s hectic work schedule this weekend. Alas, when my alarm went off at 5:15 this morning, my body had other plans – to sleep for another hour and fifteen minutes! Doh!

It was pretty nice having the morning to relax yesterday. After declaring the next couple days “easy days” on the workout front, all I did was take Niko for a (beautiful) long walk, and get in about 20 minutes of upper body weights. The summer-like temps are still here and I’m still loving it. It’s like the best of both worlds – the beautiful colors on the trees are here, but without the gusty winds and cool temperatures.

I took these pictures on my long run from Sunday as I ran through my alma matter’s quad as evidence:





I love running through the ISU campus. Each time I do, I pretend like I’m still a student there 🙂 Oh college life…

Following the leisurely workout, was a leisurely breakfast!


I haven’t had waffles in quite some time, and I had a fierce craving.

And after some cleaning and some blog work, I headed into the gym to watch the front desk for the day since the owner is also a farmer, and it’s har


But this also meant I had to pack my lunch!I haven’t blogged about it, but I’ve eaten this sandwich the last four out of five days:



Arnold’s sandwich thin, tomato, baked tofu, & a Laughing Cow blue cheese wedge. The flavors go so well together! See? When I love something, I become obsessed 😉

Although the day was pretty low key and relaxing, it was still work, and I didn’t get home until it was just getting dark out. I really wanted to cook something for dinner, but alas the lateness of the day proved it too much work, and it became the fourth day in a row that I haven’t cooked dinner. I’m not sure who I am right now!

While Shane got leftovers, I quickly roasted some vegetables that were on their last leg and heated up a veggie burger:


x’s 2 of the brussells. It’s been a while since I’ve had a premade veggie burger, but sometimes I just don’t have the gumption to make my own!


Double decker!

After dinner, I foam rolled and watch Sabrina and Blair fight and make up yet again. My goal is to foam roll once a day every day for the next few weeks in order to get my hip flexor up to par! 😀

Time to go twork it out…

What’s the weather like where you are right now? Seems like it’s kinda all over the board across the country!

Check out the additions of my top picks for seasonal recipes on the Seasonal tab!

Saucy Summer Date Night

Heya 🙂 Happy weekend 😉

Holidays, sports games, birthdays, vacations, anniversaries. Books, TV shows, dates, shopping. We all like to look forward to things, big or small. Just knowing that something exciting will happen in the future – big or small- puts an extra hop in my step.

On any given day, I like to try to have two things to look forward to – one long term and one short term.

I’ll get to the long term event in another post, but yesterday, I had a skip to my step because I knew tonight was date night! (ok, Fridays tend to make me skip as well in general.)

Typically, the husband and I will choose either Friday or Saturday to go out to eat, hit up the town, or meet out with a few friends. Sticking to one night keeps it an exciting, out of the norm activity, and also keeps our wallets happy.

After the husband got home from work and I finished cleaning the house, we headed out. First, to buy a coffee maker. I love the French Press, however, the husband hates the process of using it, so I’m always the one who makes the morning French Press coffee. Since he’s been waking up before me lately, this means he typically doesn’t get coffee until he’s running out the door, if at all. heh That said, we decided to get a grind and brew coffee maker that we can program to have coffee ready when we he wakes up.



Where was I? Oh right, date night.

After the coffee maker + beans buying excursion, we headed to one of our favorite little pizza joints in town, Firehouse Grill:


It’s a modern looking fire house-type that serves pizza with the most amazing sauce.






Getting saucy!!



Mmm. This should really be called a salad pizza, no?

With our pizzas, we each had a beer:



Sad face because I got a summer shandy, soon to be a thing of the past. (until next summer…)



After pizza, we had a wild and rambunctious night of setting up our new coffee and brewing the first cup (despite it being 9 p.m…)


We know how to par-tay par-tay 😉 haha


      This morning, I did something I haven’t done in a loooong time.



I made bacon for the husband! I’m not a fan of bacon (even cooking it or looking at it.) I know that’s probably a sin to say considering how popular bacon is right now in America. Regardless, it’s true. It just never suited my fancy. Didn’t rock my boat. Plus it leaves you smelling like bacon perfume (I’m assuming this is real) the rest of the day. But I digress. My point is, I was a good wifey and cooked bacon for my husband for the first time in years.

I had some whole wheat protein pancakes! While reading Susan’s blog the other day, I saw that she just uses her same waffle recipe for her pancakes. I tried this, realized that mine were too dry for pancakes, and added more almond milk.


Maybe a little too much?



They were a little runny and crumbly. But the PB + Greek yog + smashed banana topping made up for it 😉




Now I’m tworkin’ it at the gym, training a few clients, and doing my weekend thang. Today’s a work day, but I’m planning for tomorrow to be 90% fun day! 🙂

What are your plans for the Labor Day weekend??

Have a fantastical Saturday, guys!! 🙂


Oh, and don’t forget to enter the Thermos giveaway 🙂

Vegetable Surrender

Morning! Sorry about the lack of postage (heh) yesterday. Things get a little hectic between Tuesday and Thursday around here and usually one of the days gets left out. What can ya do!

This morning I woke up and immediately laced up my running shoes and bolted out the door for a 5 mile run. Well, part of that’s true. I stumbled out of bed, drank coffee, and then bolted out the door 😉


Coffee in system, and Camelbak in tote, I headed out. The first mile was a breeze, but the rest were painful! Between the thick humidity and my breathing techniques, the run was a lot harder than it should have been. I love the Camelbak, don’t get me wrong, but I tend not to breathe when I take sips (I’m still running while I take sips) and obviously that’s a recipe for cramps.

Anyway, I cranked out 4.5 miles with an average pace of 9:18. The splits were pretty horrendous. Besides that last half mile where I gave it all I got, I’m pretty sure my time increased with each mile. It’s important to remember to treat mile 1 as a warm up mile if you don’t jog for a warm up before hand, and that little tidbit tends to fly out the window when I start running.

I got back in time to do some planks and shoulder exercises, showered, and then devoured (rhyme alert!) the breakfast of the summmaaa:


Whole Wheat Protein Waffles w/ Maple Greek Butter (just made that name up right now!) on top.

IMG_8303And a banana to switch things up a lil’ bit. Gotta keep it fresh 😉


For some reason, my hunger levels have absolutely been insatiable this week. You all know I love food, but it’s gotten rather annoying! My activity levels, water intake, and meal size/substance hasn’t varied much, so I’m guessing it has to do with sleep. I slept SO well this past weekend, but this week? notsomuch.

Yesterday was one of those days when a vegetable did not pass my lips until 4:30.

Around 4:30, I went a little veggie crazy.

First was mindless eating of fresh and local sugar snap peas and baby bella mushrooms.

IMG_8279 I ate these until I decided what I wanted:


Leftover eggplant and onion. This was a little dry, so I added a tbsp of tomato paste, a little EVOO and some S&P and it was MUCH better. Very tasty indeed. I ate this when I decided what I really wanted:


A green monster. Ok, veggies – I surrender 🙂

I drank this on the way to a client/business partners house where we proceeded to work and talk biz-nass for the next three hours. I may or may not have busted out my new Lange Body Fat Caliper:

IMG_8282And I may or may not have practiced on the hubski 🙂

IMG_8289It’s comin’ right for ya!!!

Good times until I started feeling the length of the day…

Low and behold, I came home hungry.


Finally, this bowl (and a half) staved off the hunger until I woke up this morning.

Well I’m off to work at the BIC (Big Insurance Company for the noobie readers:) )for a while…but the good news I’m pretty sure I’m going out for Indian food over lunch! Hooray!   

Oh! and other good news – I’m going to the Healthy Living Summit!!! So excited 🙂 Who else is going? Can’t wait to meet other bloggers 😀

Meta Writing

It’s a technical term. I technically made it up in my head 😉

Hi guys! How ya doin on this fine Tuesday night? I decided to post tonight instead of tomorrow morning, because if I went with the latter, I’m not sure there would be a post to publish. Tomorrow is an endurance day. By that, I mean I’ll be working sunup to sundown. Hardcore.

This morning I had to get in a supah quick run. I’d planned on running a three mile interval run, sprinting for .2 miles and jogging for .1 miles for 3 miles total. Kinda like reverse HIIT. That’s a technical term too 😉 After realizing that I pressed snooze two too many times and I didn’t want to be caught running around the house yelling, “sh!t! I’m late!! Crap!!” I cut it down to 2.5 miles. Actually…who am I kidding, I still ran out the door saying those exact words, but that’s neither here nor there.

Post-run breakfast:


One bigass whole wheat protein waffle with the usual toppings. Guys, this stuffed me to the brim. I didn’t have time to pack a lunch for work, but that’s OK. This held me for five hours until I meandered down to the cafeteria to grab an apple and a banana to eat with a handful of almonds. I just didn’t want anything heavy.

Before heading home, I munched on a chocolate brownie Lara Bar. Lara Bar really hit the mark when concocting these flavors. This was pure excellence. Still rating the cookie dough flavor numero uno out of the ones I’ve had so far (Carrot Cake and the Brownie) but this one falls closely behind. So good, with no artificial-tasting flavor.

I told you guys how I’ve been STARVED lately and just end up making whatever I can get my hands on for dinner, so I played it safe today and made a Green Monster to hold off the hunger beast within.


IMG_0059 It provided some energy to help the hubsky plant the veggies one of my clients gave me!


Sweet peppers, hot peppers, and tomatoes. Grow baby, groooowwww 🙂



Later the husband finally mentioned the word dinner and I was chopping veggies in five seconds flat.



It was a grill night, which meant all I had to do was chop and season the veggies. Perfect.



Mound o’ veggies.IMG_0066

Had them with grilled potatoes, a veggie burger, and a glass of red vino. Totally delicious and nutritious.

Dessert was my book, the patio, and my dog. The ultimate summer evening can be considered a dessert, m’friends.


Mental Stories

Today I realized how much I “write” stuff in my head. Whether it’s for the blog or for another project I’m working on, when I have time to be idle and not concentrating on something, my mind always goes into writing mode. By this I mean, I was writing this post in my head on my walk from the BIC building to my car. As I was planting the plants, and as I was waiting for the husband to talk about dinner (I’m hungry, damnit! 😛 )

Writers (we’ve all got a little writer in us!) do you have a writing dialogue going on in your head when you’re not concentrating on a task at hand? – or while you are…I’ll take a side of ADD with my inner dialogue 😛 Like I said, I do! Sometimes I get so deep in thought that I almost have to shake myself out of it LOL. And I actually thought about this question while mentally writing. What is that, meta mental writing? LOL


Have a fabulous night, everyone, and an even better hump day! See you Thursday morning, and don’t forget to enter my New Flavors of Lara Bar giveaway! 🙂