Squash it into Soup!

Goood morning! Happy Thursday! I can’t believe we’re rounding the corner to the weekend already! Hooray:D

Last night after taking Niko for her nightly #2 walk, I started on dinner, while watching last season’s finale of Gossip Girl. I still haven’t watched my TiVo’d eppie of the new one, so I thought I’d take a refresher course. I’m glad I did because I forgot a lot of it! So while watching GG and finishing off the rest of my Pinot that I’d opened on Monday, I cooked a little din din.

On the Menu…

  • Stuffed Peppers
  • Squash

For my squash, I made this soup out of the Food You Crave Cookbook:

Here’s the ingredients all sweatin’ it out in the hot tub:

And all swirled together!

It was…OK. I think I put WAY too much curry powder in it, because it was a little overpowering. Light hand, Paige, light hand. I actually only ate about half of it. But that was OK, because I made stuffed peppers for Shane, and I made 3, while he only eats 1-2. Muhaha.


Mmm! They needed a bit more rice, though. I had a bit of a cooking disaster cooking this simple, 5 minute brown rice. I usually use Kraft but this time I used a different brand. Who knew they’d cook so differently? I burnt it a wee bit. Oopsie!

I still stuffed my face, though 😀

I saved the other half of the butternut squash to make butternut squash for Shane. It’s one of his favorites. I filled in the cavity with butter and brown sugar.

And he devoured it like the growing boy he is 😉

The work out didn’t get done last night. But that’s OK, it’s race week, and I need to be rested for my 10K. Though in the future, I need to make strength training a priority again!! I *can* be passionate about more than one thing, I can! Right now, it’s running, but I needs to pump ze iron!

After a little America’s Next Top Model and Real World, (and a few less brain cells) I called it a night. One good night’s sleep later, and I woke up feeling refreshed! I also woke up to a glorious surprise!

Shane: “Oh, I forgot to tell you! You got something yesterday!”

Me: Jumping off the couch, “I did?!!? What?!” (I love getting mail)

Shane: “Look in the fridge!”

Me: *stares then runs to fridge*

I couldn’t believe he forgot to tell me, as much as I looove getting packages! Though it made for an awesome Thursday morning 😀 Vitalicious sent me some of their products. I saw them on a number of blogs, namely Christina butter’s, and I knew I had to try them – they looked awesome. I’m so excited to try them out and let you know how they are. I even packed a couple in today’s lunch!

Ok, I must cut this post short so I’m not late today, but I hope you all have a wonderful Thursday!!

Question: What product have you seen floating around the blog world that you can’t get your hands on but are dying to try? I can’t wait until I find the new Chobani yogurt flavors!