An Entire Day of Best Friend Love

G’morning! Hope your weekends left you energized and ready for this week 🙂

Catching up on weekend posts? This weekend I:

Created my 2010 Thanksgiving Menu

I played Bunco, went to a drag show, and went to an awesome spin class!

This weekend, I also spent an entire day with my besties, Kim and Destiny!

I’ve mentioned on the blog before that Kim is getting married next year, and last month she asked D and I to be bridesmaids! Well, Saturday morning was reserved for trying on bridesmaids dresses!

IMG_0917 IMG_0918

After trying on several styles:


In several colors:


We found the PERFECT color and style for everyone. I couldn’t believe how easy it was! The dresses are so very cute, too – for bridesmaids dresses.

The bridesmaids + bride:


I couldn’t help but think back to my wedding. Kim’s pretty laid back about it all, but knows what she wants. It’s easy to let other people tell you what you should do, and Kim’s doing a good job of keeping her voice heard – she is the bride, afterall!

While the rest of the girls headed to lunch and shopping, I met up with Shane and his grandma! Both of their birthdays were this month, so some celebrating was in order 😀


Coincidentally, his grandma lives in the city where we were trying on dresses, so I just met them there at the restaurant, Red Lobster…which had this many –> 0 vegetarian options. Heh. I was about to order the broccoli and baked potato when I asked the waitress if this ever happens, and she recommended the lobster pizza without lobster.

Works for me!


It was very tasty – a bit greasy – but  I ate all but two little slices!!

And a side salad:


The food was good, but it was awesome catching up with Shane’s grandma. She’s such an amazing person. She’s a yoga instructor, practices yoga every day, eats different food (like nutritional yeast and whatnot,) and has been a pescatarian for over 30 years. AKA – we had a lot to chat about 🙂

After lunch, I met back up with the girls for what else, but a wine tasting!!



To Kim – congratulations!!!



After sampling quite a few pours, we each bought what seemed like a cart full, and then headed to the hotel that Kim was staying (since she lives in Wisconsin) to hang out a couple more hours.


Since I only live about an hour away, I didn’t get a hotel, and when Kim and her fellow Wisconsinite bridesmaids went out for the night, Dest and I headed on home.

Starving, and not wanting to make dinner, I swung by Moe’s on the way home for a whole grain veggie burrito:

IMG_0350  IMG_0352

These are fantastic. Don’t know why I don’t get Moe’s more often. Welcome to Mooooeee’s!

It was such a great day all in all. I definitely think part of healthy living is having a few good friends to share your thoughts, feelings, and good times with. Do you agree?


Well I’m going to go get geared up for spin. I’ve really been loving spin classes lately, can ya tell? 🙂 It’s such an awesome form of cardio.

I’ve already gotten in my pre-spin class breakfast with my go-to pre workout breakfast as of late:


So good, so light, and so fueling for a morning workout!


How’s the Monday outlook for you? Hopefully not too stressful! Hope you guys have short weeks this week too. I’m not working at the BIC this week, but I’m still training clients and playing volleyball.


Drunko Bunco and Drag Queens

Hey guys! Blogging from my car right now:




Don’t worry, I’m parked. In a parking lot;) Got a few spare minutes in between stops, and blogging is cheaper than shopping 😉

It’s been a busy past 24 hours!! Yesterday during the day, time was spent training clients and cleaning the house, in usual Friday fashion.


In between training, I took a quick break for some lunch while watching Glee!


This would be Wednesday night’s leftovers in combo bowl form. I added some spinach and broccoli for a little extra veggie powah:



Such a good combination of flavors this time around 😀

After training my last client, it was time to get ready for Bunco! I hadn’t been to bunco the past two months, so I was pretty pumped up 🙂 This month, my friend Theresa was hosting, and I knew there wouldn’t be much veggie fare, so I had a snack before leaving:


I love Oikos and all, but Fage is where it’s at, guys. Actually, Fage Total is where it’s at, but 2% is good too. The fat free version is just…no, though.


With some currants, flaxmeal, pumpkin, and vanilla stevia – it was a very tasty bowl!

Then I grabbed my bunco goodies:



balls and wine. What more does one need?


And headed to drink some vino and play some bunco!


When we finished the rounds (I tied for biggest loser – ha!) a few of us made a last minute decision to hit up a local gay bar down town, Bistro. They were hosting a drag show – and I’d never been to one.

Hey, why not??


Work it, girrrrrl


IMG_0911It ended up being a blast, and I’m so glad I joined in!

Have you ever been to a drag show? What are your thoughts on them?

However, waking up this morning I second guessed my decision. I had signed up for a spin class this morning, and felt the three and a half drinks I had last night coursing through my veins.

Pre-spin snacky:


Spin ended up being a great class, too! And I felt 100% better afterward. However, I had to be in Peoria by 10 this morning, and in Paige-fashion, I overestimated the amount of time I had to get ready.

After a quick shower and makeup (no time for hair!!) I booked it over to Peoria to meet my besties for some bridal fun:


More to come on that later 😉

For now, I’ve got to run to meet Shane and his grandma for a birthday lunch, then meet back up for the girls for some more fun. Not sure what the night will entail. I have a shower that I have to help with tomorrow, so it probably won’t be too late of a night.

Have a lovely Saturday, everyone! It’s a beautiful day here in central Illinois!!

The Most Perfect Day: 09-27-2008

Good morning! How’s everyone today so far?

Not too shabby here. Because two years ago today (9-27-2008) is the day I married the love of my life.




It was the most perfect day.

From getting ready in the afternoon…


to setting up the ceremony details…


From walking down the aisle…



and saying our “I do’s”


IMG_53 IMG_55


to our first sunset walk as a married couple…


IMG_102 IMG_89


from our first dance…



to partying it up with our very closest friends



IMG_201 IMG_160

…yes, it was the perfect day 😀


I treated yesterday as a work day because today I have lots of fun stuff to do! Starting out with a run – and then a trip to the salon. I haven’t gotten my hair cut or highlighted since MAY! That’s waaayyyy too long for this girl.

I’ll be back this afternoon with a more typical post- and a sweet (and salty!) giveaway in honor or our anniversary 😀

Hope you guys all have a great Monday!

And We Were Dancin’ And Singin’

  Hey, hey, hey!

So where did I leave off? Ah, yes – there was part of a bridal party in Hobby Lobby.

From there, we all gathered at the winery. They had a small room for the bridal party where we proceeded to drink wine, apply makeup, and cater to the brides demands (heh, this bride was anything BUT a bridezilla 🙂 )


Aren’t the bridesmaid dresses pretty? They were J. Crew – and about knee-length. The matron (me) and maid of honor w/ Jess’ mom:


Pretty bridal party bouquets 🙂


The bride getting laced up:


IMG_8453 IMG_8451

Gah, her dress was gorgeous.

Obligatory shoe shot:


40 toes!

Jess warned me that the meals weren’t veg-friendly, so I stashed a veggie sub from Subway in my purse and ate it around 1:00


The wedding was at 4:00, and the weather was looking iffy, and unfortunately started to rain around 3:45! And the wedding was outdoors. But hey, what are plan B’s for? Luckily the bride rolled with the punches and decided to use plan B – which was to have the wedding under a covered area. It actually turned out nice, because that’s where the reception was anyway, so everyone was already seated and at their spots come time for the reception!

Apparently after the pre-wedding stress was over, I retired as photographer, because these are the only other shots of the night I captured:


Bride and groom

Table we were sitting at (in between dancing it up!)


In addition to the glass of toasting champagne, I probably had about 2 beers the entire night. It was SO much fun though! Everyone was dancing and singing like it was nobody’s business, which always = a great time in my book 😀

Congrats Jessica and Clint :D:D

Shane and I got home around midnight, and I was starved (I partook in some melon and potato salad for the wedding meal, hehe) so I popped an Amy’s veggie Enchilada in the micro as soon as I got home:


And then drifted off to dreamland…


It’s going to be a productive day – I can just feel it! Good thing, because yesterday didn’t exactly turn into a work day like planned. I have a lot of writing, constructing, and cleaning to do 😀

Hope you guys have a great start to your week!

Traditionally Untraditional

Oh my wedding! What a weekend! It was busy and fabulous and perfect and ironic. But not ironic in the grammatically correct sense, but in the Alanis Morissette sense. But more on that later – perhaps in another post tonight, because we all know there’s lots to say about wedding weekends. 😀

How are you guys? Hopefully had and are having a fantastic weekend.

Let me tell ya bout it. I’ll skip the minor deets and go straight to the guts of the weekend.

Friday was a great day. I was off from the BIC and only had to train two clients, so it felt more like a Saturday. Plus, Shane only had a half day, and we had stuff to do, things to rehearse!


Jessica (my childhood BFF) had her rehearsal dinner at the winery she was getting married, so the husband and I decided to head about a few minutes early and enjoy a glass or two of wine beforehand.


and enjoy the scenery:

IMG_8350IMG_8330 IMG_8352IMG_8340




The breeze was a perfect means to cooling everyone off, but when it got time to rehearse, it was downright hot.



Everyone rolled with it though, and it went down without a hitch. That’s what rehearsals are for right?

Shane played an excellent photographer throughout the whole shindig 🙂




After the rehearsal, we all headed to a small church and had a few readings and some good eats. I didn’t photog because the groom’s family is pretty conservative. Thought it might be pretty rude to bust out the Cannon 40D between prayers 😉 It was very nice though. And I was actually able to eat several of the options – the salad, a doughy whole wheat roll, a perfectly sized potato (ha) and even sherbet!

When everyone finished eating, Jessica and Clint gave out the bridal party gifts, which were very cool and extremely thoughtful. For the guys, they hand made some quality bag sets painted with their favorite baseball teams’ logos, and for the girls, they made super cute customized dog bowls!


Seriously, how adorable is that?! The even sanded and stained the wood, too! Heh…the only thing is, we gave it a test run with Niko and she’s scared of it. Seriously Niko, seriously?! No worries though…we like the looks of it so much that we decided we were going to put Clarabelle’s food in there instead:


Clarabelle dug right in 😉 It actually works out because we have to keep the cat’s food up or else Niko will eat it anyway, and since Niko’s scared to go near this frightening contraption (heh) it works perfectly!

IMG_8477But I digress!

At this point, Shane dropped me off at my parents’ house and headed back into town. So Jessica, Clint, and I finished her guest book and talked about the day to come.


Jessica and Clint are really anything but traditional -that’s one of the reasons I love her so much! – they didn’t have a problem seeing each other the night before. Jessica’s always been one to follow her own path, and it definitely shined in the wedding festivities this weekend. It definitely made it their own, which is a good thing. It was traditionally untraditional in a sense. 

Wedding Morning

still in the same post so far! woot!

I slept on my old futon at my parents’ house, so it wasn’t exactly a restful sleep, but I got a solid six hours. Not bad considering all the excitement going on! Although the bride arranged for a brunch at the hair salon in a couple hours, I was glad to see my mom had all the ingredients to make banana yogurt oats.


(and coffee!)


Gotta be prepared unless you wanna be a hungry vegetarian 😉

The brunch spread:


I ended up eating about half this croissant and some strawbs anyway 🙂


It was actually a lot of fun getting our hair done. There was a LOT of reminiscing going on and we were all so excited 😀



Le bridal party

It only took a couple hours to get everyone done up and purty, so afterward, we all just headed to the winery for make up, some sips of wine, and pictures, but not first before taking the obligatory classy wedding day pictures in Hobby Lobby for a last minute stop 😉


Right next to the decorative lamps, obviously.

And then we were off to the wedding site! But I shall talk about this part in another post…this one’s already getting a bit wordy!

Besides, I need to shower and get ready to train a couple clients. I was able to get up and run a quick 3.1 miler this morning (with a negative split – woot!) I danced the night away last night, but probably only had 2 cups of beer and a half glass of champagne, so I was happy to not be hung over today. I told Shane I’d be the DD since I knew approximately 5 x’s as many people as he did at the wedding 😉 Fair enough, right?

Probably going to consider today a work day since I slacked the past couple of days. I only have 2 clients, but then have a meeting with a client-turned-business partner to get some work done!

Hope you all have a wonderful end to your weekends!

Regarding weddings, how traditional were you/do you think you’ll be? I was untraditional in the fact that my wedding was on a beach and we were all barefoot, but I was traditional by not seeing the groom the day of the wedding – which was pretty hard being cooped up inside when there’s a beach outside! I think I should have reconsidered that part, haha

Bridal Parties Bonanza

Heyyyy guys! Having a great weekend so far? There’s still a bit left – soak it up! 🙂

Mine went by at lightening speed. It was pretty packed from Friday afternoon until today. Instead of making this post a mega post, I’ll tell you about it in sum.

Saturday after my morning client, I was a mess trying to leave in time. Whirling around town running last minute errands, and then again around my own house trying to get everything together, I made it out of the house and into town an hour later than I had planned. Not bad by my standards. It was one of my BFF’s bridal shower and bachelorette party who I’m a matron of honor for, and I knew I wouldn’t be driving home that night.

I only had a 45 minute trip but as always, I packed road fuel:


The usual suspects (ice water, green monster, granola bar) plus an iced coffee.

When I made it to my parents’ house, I made a veggie sandwich on whole wheat, because as a vegetarian, I never know if I’ll be able to eat at parties:


I also did some yard yoga, because that’s how I roll:

IMG_7586 IMG_7588


Alas, there was plenty of veggie-friendly fare at the shower, so I ate a second lunch. That’s also how I roll 😉


Great set up!


The shower was lovely, and I think everyone had a great time. I know Jessica did – and she got a lot of wonderful things:)


After presents were opened and we chatted a bit more, it was time for the inevitable group pictures.

IMG_2122Bridesmaids!! 🙂

Then we took it outdoors a bit later before heading out for the bachelorette portion of the night:


For the first half of the night, we headed to the winery where Jessica’s getting married at!


It was really cool to be there and think about how she’s going to get married in the same spot in about a month!! It’s a beautiful winery, and she’s going to be SUCH a gorgeous bride. Gah.

Jessica and her bachelorette glass:


We had a table reserved, and after several tastings, each got our own bottle


IMG_2136I chose a riesling, and guys, this bottle did me in.


Bottoms up!


I’m not the drinker I once was. I didn’t even finish my bottle! It didn’t help that they didn’t have anything I was able to eat there…but I made with do:)

While everyone else ate pizza (none was available without meat – they tried though 🙂 ) I snacked on some popcorn:


We left when the bottles were (mostly, heh heh) finished, and headed to a bar down town where we danced and had a great time! Oh, and I had my second course:


I whipped that bad boy out of my purse in the booth we were sitting at in between songs, haha

And once back home to my parents’ house, I had a real meal:


Peanut butter and jelly! And water.


I was slow moving at first this morning, but as I got going, I felt a lot better. This sustaining breakfast helped me out a bit too:


Sometimes I feel like green monsters can fix anything…

I hit up the gym, worked on some websites, did some detox yoga, and talked with a client, and then I was already hungry for lunch:


My favorite baked tofu atop a bed of rice and baked asparagus. My baked tofu recipe will soon be in the recipes tab you see at the top of my page. My friends Jessica (the bride) and Steph (in the purple) convinced me this needs to be done. And it will be done. Promise! Got the tab up there now, so it’s in motion!

I also ate my weight in watermelon today 🙂


Well I’m off to go finish cooking dinner and then get in some relaxation time. I’ll see you in the morning with a somewhat TABOO topic post. Yikers!!

Don’t forget to enter my NuNatural’s Stevia Giveaway! It ends tonight at midnight!

What was the wildest bachelorette party you’ve been to if you’ve been to one? I’d have to say mine was for my girl Mel’s bach party four years ago. It was a willlld night and I was in rare form!