Pass it On

Hi there! Have a good weekend?

Guess what! I got my camera back! As soon as it turned 11:00 a.m. on Saturday I called the little ice cream shop we were sitting in front of, eating ice cream and taking pictures of said ice cream. Turns out, some old man found it and gave it to the people working there, and the people working there held it for me. That’s gotta be like 5 different people involved who have morals. I was so happy I coulda cried! Although…the ice cream would have been worth it 😉


I wanted to leave the man who turned it in something, but they didn’t catch his name. So I left the ice cream shop workers something instead. Gotta pass it on. I love it when people do the right thing!!! 😀

This weekend was a great one. I worked a lot, but played just as much.

In fact, when I got home from work on Saturday, it was go time.

Go time started out with the grillllll. I’d frozen my homemade veggie burgers from last week, and Saturday was my first time trying them out on the grill. Well, Shane was the one grilling, but I digress.


Alongside were chopped red potatoes and onions. Omg…they were marvelous.


Perfectly done.



And my veggie burger turned out wonderfully!


Straight from freezer to the grill, it held together just fine and tasted just as good as it did the day I made them. How bout that! I topped it with romaine, homemade guac, and a dab of ketchup.

Go time continued with some more shenanigans.

We said our goodbyes to the pets…



And then headed out to a local winery with another couple:


I love this place. It’s so scenic and organic for central illinois.



We went with our friends, Doug and Heidi.



We didn’t stay too long – about a couple hours – aka two bottles worth 😉 hah


It was a great time!

The work part of the weekend took over on Sunday morning. I trained a client, and afterward met up with her for a business meeting. This took the majority of the morning and part of the afternoon. I’d been planning on doing a long run after that, but decided the house needed a long cleaning instead. So I cleaned the floors, the bathrooms, the rugs, and the laundry. Work time over.

Play time resumes!

                         IMG_7901 Shane’s “don’t you be lookin’ at my Uno cards!” face. Fierce.

A little later, my parents came over to visit, drop off my camera (!) and go out for Indian food.


I got something I’d never ordered before, Yellow Dal.


Munched on some of my mom’s spinach dish:


And of course got a side of roti and nan.


It was a really fun visit, and I didn’t want them to leave! However, I found solace in Jack Bauer and the hubski as we watched the obligatory 24 before hittin’ the sack.


Now I’m up and awake ( is about to be consumed) and going to go train a client.
Hope you have a marvelous Monday!


When’s the last time you experienced someone else “doing the right thing?” Before this, I had left my Lululemon workout clothes in the bathroom of a gym, and 10 hours later, I returned to see them neatly folded over a chair! I was blown away! I have faith in humanity 😉