Working Out and Baking Out

It has been an entire day of baking over in my neck of the woods! Well, baking and workouts, it seems.

After I posted this morning, I was on my way out the door to a power yoga class when the husband called me and let me know his “gaming chair” (don’t ask…) would be arriving by 9:30 via FedEx and it needed a signature.

So instead, I turned around and turned the office into a yoga studio by cranking up the heat and setting out my mat.



While the room heated, I got in a 30 minute interval workout on the elliptical in the workout room. After I was hot and sweaty from the cardio sesh, the room was too, and it was time to bend, twist and jump – Dave Farmar style! I did a 70 minute pod cast which left me giving everything I had. There were several times I uttered a curse word at Mr. Farmar when he had us holding one side a little (a LOT) longer than the other. I hate that!

It also left me STARVING. I had a mini breakfast (the usual pre-workout breakfast as of late) a few hours before, but I needed MOAR! Look what happened upon my bowl of oats this morning:


         IMG_0430 IMG_0431    

PB Overload 2010 is over! Bring on the peanut buttah 😉



And a little Greek yogurt aside it.



If you haven’t tried Fage Total, do it, and it’ll change your life. I’m telling you, it’s worth the extra calories, and it’s extremely filling and satisfying.

My mid morning client cancelled, which I was OK with, because I had hours to spend in the kitchen. Here’s a glimpse into the next, oh, five hours:







I stopped a few hours in because I had the urge to do some strength training – at home, with no equipment. Have you ever visited before? Zuzana kinda makes me uncomfortable and like I’m watching something dirty with her barely there workout clothes and very primal grunts, but she does have some good workouts. I just did the Try This at Home workout. Felt good to really use my muscles:)

I also had a small lunch, really just to get in a second meal. The snacking and tasting while baking throws my meal times off!

Tasty Bite to the rescue!


Over whole wheat cous cous with a side of snap peas:



Now it’s after 5:00, and I’m no where near hungry because of all the tasting and quality control I’ve been doing all day. That, and I need to step awaaay from the caramel popcorn 😉



It’s addictive!!

Are you able to stay away from snacking while baking and cooking all day? I just can’t help it! I even caught myself snacking on a piece of raw pie dough that was leftover. Raw pie dough doesn’t even taste good!! lol


I think I’m going to retire for the night. All my baking and cooking is almost done to bring over to my aunt’s tomorrow. Then it all starts again tomorrow night for hosting at my house on Friday. And for this one, I have to serve turkey! I’m scared – Anyone have an easy no-fail way to cook a turkey??

Happy Thanksgiving Even, everyone!!! Be SAFE if you go out for Black Wednesday!! It’s sleeting here and I’m tired, so the only partying I’m going to do is watching this week’s Glee. Oh yeaaa 😉


And Now Peanut Butter Disgusts Me

Morning! Happy Thursday 😀 Can’t believe how fast the week has flown buy. I know I always say that, but I guess it’s always supah fast when things get busy. ahem.

Last night after training I client, I decided to try out running a four mile run. If my body wasn’t up to it, I’d stop. I’ve been going light on exercise this week just to give my body a bit of a break. However, I got through the four miles and called it done. I was at about a 9:15 pace – so an easy pace for my training, and it was just the heart pumping cardio I needed.

Once I left, it was already getting a bit late for dinner. So I flew in the door, begun slamming around pots, pans, knives, and ingredients and wound up with this:



This would be (never)homemaker’s peanut sauce over some brown rice and grilled, chopped portabello mushrooms:



it was ok. The sauce was just a little too much. Too … sweet? salty? flavory? I’m not sure what was off about it.

tofu marinated in EVOO, tamari, maple syrup, and apple cider vinegar:


tasty, as always

And sweet potato fries that I sweetened up with a marinade of honey, EVOO, water, and salt.


too. much. sweet.

These dishes were good, but not good all together, ya know?

Since tomorrow at the BIC we are celebrating November birthdays for the month, it’s encouraged that everyone bring in a dish to help the celebration.

So, i finally made Mama Pea’s dough balls.



And sampled the obligatory piece of dough or two before popping them in the oven.



Then it happened.

It came on all the sudden, like a bad cold.

I think I OD’d on peanut butter.

Even now, the thought of it repulses me. I know, I know. Blasphemy! What will this morning’s breakfast consist of?! I sure don’t know!!

What’s your favorite breakfast that doesn’t contain any nut butter?

It’s going to be a busy one at the BIC today. Deadlines! Deadlines! However, tonight is Power Yoga and then dinner with the girls! 😀

Shy Away From the High Way

Hi friends! How’s your Thursday going? Not too shabby here. A little late in posting here, but I ran out of time earlier.

This morning before heading into work, I got my yoga on! Thursday mornings are generally reserved for my long short run. It’s usually between 5 and 6 miles in duration, which is a little longer than my typical 3-4 mile mid-week runs.

Today, however, started out with some yoga. Since I’m planning on doing my long run tomorrow due to the race on Sunday, I figured it’d be the perfect morning to take it easy and get in some hip opening stretches. It was quite nice!



Now I’m about to head to the gym to train a couple clients. Since I had some time to stop by home, though, I did some serious dinner prep:

IMG_9753 IMG_9752

Veggies galore! Chopped and coated in EVOO and S&P before leaving so all I have to do when I get home is stick ‘em in the oven. Two points for saving time 😉

Sidenote: whenever Niko hears me peeling anything, she darts over to me in hopes that I’m peeling a sweet potato that she can snag:


hahah silly dog 🙂 Well, I guess not so silly – she got a slice of sweet tater!


So tomorrow I’ll be leaving for Cheee-caaa-gooo! I’ll be staying with my girl Destiny for the Frank Lloyd Wright 10K on Sunday. I’ve been to Chicago more times than I can count this year alone, but this will be the first time I’m driving up by myself – ever. I’ve always either ridden along as a passenger or taken the train up because I am horrible at driving in high traffic. The nerves get to me! The one time that I did drive up myself I had my mom in the passenger seat, and she might be the only other person who’s worse than I am at driving through traffic-y areas (sorry mom.) Oh and, um, not to mention I almost got us killed. Ha…


Needless to say, the husband is a little worried for me. I plan to drive the speed limit, give myself PLENTY of time to be in the correct lane for exits, and place my phone in the back seat. Oh, and to give myself ample time to make a Lululemon stop along the way 😉 I know it sounds like I’m being a baby, but that’s just because I am one 😉 I really just don’t like driving at all anywhere, and try to get out of it when I can. Ask my friends! When it’s my “turn” to drive somewhere, I’ve been known to provide my car, but have them drive, haha. Wish me luck!

As far as packing goes, here’s what’s on my list. It’s always a bit more comprehensive when there’s a race involved.

-running tank

-long sleeved running top to go over tank

-Nike tempo shorts

-Running tights in case it’s super cold


-iPod and headphones


-running socks and shoes

-outfits for going out



-chargers: phone, business phone, laptop, iPod


Am I missing anything? I’m sure I’ll be packing about 5 minutes before I leave too. It usually works out that way for short trips 😉

OK! Gotta go get people into shape!! 😀


Are you a good driver in high traffic areas? As much as I declare that I’m really a city girl, I don’t think I could handle the traffic. I definitely wouldn’t own a car if I lived in Chicago or another big city.

Bridal Parties Bonanza

Heyyyy guys! Having a great weekend so far? There’s still a bit left – soak it up! 🙂

Mine went by at lightening speed. It was pretty packed from Friday afternoon until today. Instead of making this post a mega post, I’ll tell you about it in sum.

Saturday after my morning client, I was a mess trying to leave in time. Whirling around town running last minute errands, and then again around my own house trying to get everything together, I made it out of the house and into town an hour later than I had planned. Not bad by my standards. It was one of my BFF’s bridal shower and bachelorette party who I’m a matron of honor for, and I knew I wouldn’t be driving home that night.

I only had a 45 minute trip but as always, I packed road fuel:


The usual suspects (ice water, green monster, granola bar) plus an iced coffee.

When I made it to my parents’ house, I made a veggie sandwich on whole wheat, because as a vegetarian, I never know if I’ll be able to eat at parties:


I also did some yard yoga, because that’s how I roll:

IMG_7586 IMG_7588


Alas, there was plenty of veggie-friendly fare at the shower, so I ate a second lunch. That’s also how I roll 😉


Great set up!


The shower was lovely, and I think everyone had a great time. I know Jessica did – and she got a lot of wonderful things:)


After presents were opened and we chatted a bit more, it was time for the inevitable group pictures.

IMG_2122Bridesmaids!! 🙂

Then we took it outdoors a bit later before heading out for the bachelorette portion of the night:


For the first half of the night, we headed to the winery where Jessica’s getting married at!


It was really cool to be there and think about how she’s going to get married in the same spot in about a month!! It’s a beautiful winery, and she’s going to be SUCH a gorgeous bride. Gah.

Jessica and her bachelorette glass:


We had a table reserved, and after several tastings, each got our own bottle


IMG_2136I chose a riesling, and guys, this bottle did me in.


Bottoms up!


I’m not the drinker I once was. I didn’t even finish my bottle! It didn’t help that they didn’t have anything I was able to eat there…but I made with do:)

While everyone else ate pizza (none was available without meat – they tried though 🙂 ) I snacked on some popcorn:


We left when the bottles were (mostly, heh heh) finished, and headed to a bar down town where we danced and had a great time! Oh, and I had my second course:


I whipped that bad boy out of my purse in the booth we were sitting at in between songs, haha

And once back home to my parents’ house, I had a real meal:


Peanut butter and jelly! And water.


I was slow moving at first this morning, but as I got going, I felt a lot better. This sustaining breakfast helped me out a bit too:


Sometimes I feel like green monsters can fix anything…

I hit up the gym, worked on some websites, did some detox yoga, and talked with a client, and then I was already hungry for lunch:


My favorite baked tofu atop a bed of rice and baked asparagus. My baked tofu recipe will soon be in the recipes tab you see at the top of my page. My friends Jessica (the bride) and Steph (in the purple) convinced me this needs to be done. And it will be done. Promise! Got the tab up there now, so it’s in motion!

I also ate my weight in watermelon today 🙂


Well I’m off to go finish cooking dinner and then get in some relaxation time. I’ll see you in the morning with a somewhat TABOO topic post. Yikers!!

Don’t forget to enter my NuNatural’s Stevia Giveaway! It ends tonight at midnight!

What was the wildest bachelorette party you’ve been to if you’ve been to one? I’d have to say mine was for my girl Mel’s bach party four years ago. It was a willlld night and I was in rare form!

Green Intentions

Hi everyone!

How goes it? Tomorrow’s Friday – Woohoo:D

I started today out the only way I know how…with a cup of French Press coffee!




Mmm. I’m really getting used to the whole using no sweetener in my coffee thing. Dare I say it helps me feel better in the morning, too? I get the caffeine buzz without the sweetener buzz, which is a good thing in my book.


I followed up the coffee with a delicious juice from our Christmas juicer:



Carrot, celery, grapefruit juice. Yuuuumtopia!

Look at all the pulp it produces from that one cup of juice, though:



Yeah…that’s why I mainly like to EAT my fruits – look at all that fiber I’m missing out on. Oh well, juicing is FUN and surrre is tasty 😀

Then I was off to work!

Work was another busy day spend mostly at my desk, but then around lunch time, I snuck across the street to my stylist to get my eye brows waxed. Am I the only one who actually likes this feeling? I really don’t think it hurts at all – but instead that it feels good! I know, I’m special. Haha

I couldn’t help but pass a Starbucks on my way back to work, so the centrifugal force pulled me in. Besides, I wanted to put my reusable eco cup I got for Christmas to use!



Yay Green!

Except I didn’t even end up being green. I gave my cup to the barista just as he was about to write my order on the paper cup. Then, when he took my reusable cup, he totally turned around and through the paper cup in the garbage! So much for trying to be green! Oh well, I tried to spare that one cup, right? At least I saved the earth from a plastic lid? Haha Oh well – next time I’ll be quicker 😉

Either way, my grande soy half pump vanilla latte (no way I’m totally skipping sweetener in this bad boy) was spectacularrrr– and put me in a happy place for when I got back to work 🙂

After eating my lunch at my desk, and working on a couple other items, I decided I needed a break, and hoofed it up to the top floor to park it and work at a desk right by the window. Killing two birds with one seat, I got a TON of work done and got in a lil Vitamin D while I was at it. When working inside all day, in a cubicle, it can be tough to get your daily dose of sunshine.

Left work a little late to finish up on some scheduling and made a quick stop at the grocery store to fill up my fruit basket and my veggie drawer.



My drawer was once bare, but now runneth over

Do you know how much I love Aldi’s? I typically hit up expensive health food stores, spending more than I need, but this month the husband and I are doing a little challenge to see how much money we can save on food by having me not buy unnecessary expensive items from health food stores. I’m sure I’ll stop by there once or twice to pick up some spelt flour or kombucha, but for the majority of this month (and probably months to come, seeing as how Aldi’s is bomb) I’m stickin’ to Aldi’s and Wal-Mart.

Besides, I was chattin’ it up with my girl, Destiny, about Aldi’s and she told I have got to try their Winking Owl wine. Supposedly it’s like $3 and tastes amazing and doesn’t leave a hangover. Needless to say, I was super amped to see this magical wine to my right upon first entering the store:



Anyway, from Aldi’s, I drove to a Power Yoga class 😀

It was an intense class with lots of vinyasas. I really wish they held this class more than once a week. Well, actually they do, but they need to reschedule it to fit MY schedule 😉

When class ended, I went downstairs to the gym to get in a smidgen of cardio, before gallivanting home around 7:00

Famished as I was, my stankiness from the gym somehow outweighed my hunger. One Godspeed shower later and I was ready for dinner.

I knew the amount of effort I wanted to put into dinner was slim to none. So you know what that means…



Frozen pizza night!

It was a spinach pizza, but I added some bok choy for a little extra umph.

Popped it in the oven and devoured the first snack in sight patiently waited for it to cook.



Brock and hummus that probably should have been thrown out before this last hurrah.

Finally the pizza was finished cooking.



Ahhhh. SO good. And the stats are pretty amazing too! Not too many ingredients, mostly organic. And the cheese was feta and tofu. (I didn’t mention the scary “t word” when the hubski snagged a piece of it…muahaha)

with a spinach and tomato side salad:




Friggin’ amazing.


Shane basically had the opposite:



And we washed it all down with some magical wine:




Look, even the cork is cute!





Tomorrow’s going to be a busy one. I get off work at 10:30, but I have a fullll day of personal business errands to run. The reward for such productivity? A full body massage at the end of the day from my friend who’s a massage therapist. Score!! :D     


Just had to add one more thing – Relief efforts are making it as easy as ever to do your part in helping Haiti through it’s time of devastation and destruction. How amazing is it that you can donate $10 just be sending a text message? Yep, all you have to do is send the message “Haiti” to the number 90999 and you will have donated $10 minutes, and it will only have taken 2 minutes of your time. If you can’t donate $10, there are many other ways you can donate to the Haiti Earthquake victims.

How “green” are you? Do you change anything up to try and be more environmentally friendly? Aside from the whole reusable coffee cup thang obviously, I also try and recycle as much as I can, unplug large appliances when they’re not in use, and use reusable grocery bags. I know that’s not much, but it’s more than I did a year or so ago!

Ciao it!

It’s Shooow(er) Time!

Having a fab Saturday? I sure can’t kick!

Let me tell you, that Power Yoga was a SUCCESS! The class description said to prepare to sweat, and sweat I did.

The class is actually a class in the loft area of my gym. It’s an ashtanga yoga class with lots of vinyasas. It was also the “launch class” today and had a few newbies, so I’m hoping the regular weekly classes are even more challenging.

After class I was talking to the instructor about how much I enjoyed the class, and how hard it has been actually trying to find a good, challenging yoga class here in Bloomington. She felt the exact same way, and that’s how she got the idea to start the class. I’m so excited to start attending this class regularly 😀

After yoga, I did about 35 more minutes of cardio, and then headed back to the homefront to get ready for a shower.

Once showered, I felt a little snacky from my work out.



Lovely combo of plain Oikos, fruit + nut granola, chopped apple = happy belly



Tried to convince myself to clean the house, but only ended up doing one load of laundry, then started to catch up on your lovely bloggies instead 😀

All the sudden it was lunch time!

The last blog I read was Miss Snackface’s, and naturally, I had to try making some cheetahs!




OK ya’ll…I’ve made sweet potato fries before, but none like these. Yumtopia!!! Perfect amount of crunchiness. If you haven’t tried making sweet potato fries with this recipe, I encourage you all to do so stat!

But that’s not all. On plate numero uno, the cheetahs, and on plate numero dos…



Hummus and dippers platter! Dippers were orange bell pepper, broccoli, muchrooms, and crackers.

IMG_4796Nom to the nom.   

As I was finishing nomming, my ride to the shower came, and I grabbed my gift and headed out.



Twas such a cute baby shower! The decorations were adorable, and there weren’t too many cheesy games. Just a couple, and not the kind that make people feel awkward. My kinda shower.

Little self-tidbit: at my bridal shower, I didn’t have any games for the guests to play. Just mimosas 😉

Got home from the shower and started to actually clean the house. The original tentative game plan was to have another couple over for a night of Euchre, but that fell through, so the hubs and I decided to have a date night at one of our favorite restaurants in town, Biaggis!

I was feeling fun and had a martini while waiting for our table:



French martinis and I go back 😉

After being seated noshing on some bread and olive oil, our entrees came out.

For mine, I had the eggplant parmesan:




Gaahhh I can’t explain how delicious this was. Hands down best eggplant parm I’ve ever eaten.

Dessert, however, was in our future, so I had to force myself to only eat half – and there was a LOT of eggplant there!

Also had a glass of red, red, wine with the din:



Full, but not quite miserable yet, we ordered the white chocolate bread pudding to put us over the top:




OK…words cannot even explain how decadent and delicious this dessert is. I’ve never had anything like it before.

All right. That did the job. Now we were miserably full, and decided to linger a while longer, while digesting and chatting it up, and sipped some coffee to aid in digestion:



Now we’re all settled in for the night and playing a little Wii Mario World.

However, I’m beginning to think we should have gotten decaf coffee after our meal, because it’s about time for bed, but I’m ready to beat Mario World whether it takes all night! Back in the day, I’d do that all the time! Blasted sense of time…

Well folks, I’ve got a level two Sand World to beat. Hope you have a fabulous Sunday! The husband and I are trying out a new church tomorrow. We’ve yet to find one that just “feels right” here, and we’re really hoping this is the one. Wish us luck!


Do you like to play all the shower games at wedding and baby showers? I’m clearly not a fan. I’m a HUGE kid at heart, and usually love all games, but there’s just something about shower games that give me the groans.

Power Yoga Oatmeal

Happy Saturday!

I’m awake bright and early for the launch class of Power Yoga at 8:00. I’ve never been before, so I’m supah excited to try it out. Hope I like it!

Yesterday morning I woke up to look out the window and saw that it was light outside. First though: Hm, that’s nice. Second though: Crap! I’m late for work!!!

With all the snow day antics on Thursday, I must have turned off the alarm. Oh well, we were just an hour late for work, so we stayed an hour late (11:30 – more like 12, though.) Plus, I got a much needed extra two hours of sleep.

After work, I set off to do the usual gym time and grocery store stops. Got in a nice cardio work out at the gym, and then made a couple stops at a couple grocery stores, gathering all the necessities. However, I didn’t sit down and make a meal plan this week, so the groceries were kind of haphazard. I also had to make a stop by the Tarjay to pick up a baby gift for a neighbor’s daughter’s shower.


After getting home, I was finally able to eat some dinner. And I was craving nothing but a big as your house salad. I had picked up a bottle of Goddess dressing (finally!!) at the store, and couldn’t wait to use it on a salad:


 IMG_4742 IMG_4748


After devouring, I was off to Bunco with the girls. The night was FULL of laughs. It seemed like everyone brought out their inner rowdiness, which always makes for a good time. A few extra drinks doesn’t hurt either 😉 And the icing on the cake? I won!! It’s been a while since I won, so I thanked everyone and told them I had fun taking their money before we peaced out 😀


Which brings us to this morning. I woke up around 6:30, so I could make a nice big bowl of oats and have a big cup of coffee.

In the oats? This line up, right heah:



Oats, smashed nanner, Sun Crystals, flax meal, water:



With a blob of peanut butter and some TJ’s pumpkin butter = yummay in my tummay.

Have I told you I’ve stopped putting sweetener in my coffee? I just got sick of trying to decide if I should do cane sugar, stevia, a stevia blend, etc. So I just said screw it, and nixed it altogether. Problem solved, and with a few extra pennies in the piggy bank at that.


Well, friends, I need to go get ready for Power Yoga! The description says Be prepared to sweat! Exceeellllent😀

What type of sweetener do you put in your coffee/tea? I’ve gone from sweetened creamer (aka white, liquid chemicals ;)) to sweet n low (which made my upper stomach hurt – weird,) to cane sugar, to stevia, to NADA!