A Day Ahead

Hey hey everyone! How was your first Tuesday back? Yesterday was Tuesday? I keep thinking it was Monday!! Todays’s Wednesday? What? Needless to say, my Tuesday was suuuper busy. Apparently about ½ the people I work with don’t quite know the concept of work/life balance, and sent me a many emails on Labor Day 😉 So I was busy playing catch up yesterday. Plus, it’s the busy time of year for us planners, which = busy Paige.

My lunch meeting got canceled because I was so behind, so I did manage to sneak out to Barnes and Nobles for a little sanity check. I looked at cookbooks, and found one that I’m going to get on Amazon this week:

Love her Operation Beautiful note in it:

Yayy! So true 😉

When I got back to work, I was ravenous. I had some of the usual oatmeal and a supercharge me cookie in the morning, alas, the beast wanted MOAR.

I intended to have some soup:

Mmm. However, I realized I had no can opener, and my friend who has one was out of the office today. So lunch was an impromptu mess of plain Oikos and Great Harvest Granola:

I put a big ol’ scoop in there:

And then even more after I took a couple bites. Muhaha.

Then it was more work, work, work, and around 3 I stopped for an (unpictured) Apple Pie Lara Bar.

Niko had to get some shots today, so I left work about 45 minutes early to take her in. She was pretty scared, and wanted her mama the WHOLE time. Poor little girl. But she did SO well with her shots – not even a yelp 🙂

She’ll be your BFF4L if you give her a belly rub.

Then it was time to relax at the homefront. Or so I thought…I put a big load of sheets in the washer, and then ventured downstairs, only to hear “rain.” Yeah..not rain. Our washer had a leak!! Luckily, my handy-man of a husband was able to fix it (crosses fingers!!!) Then it was relax time.


Carribean pizza by Kashi with plantains, kale, pepper, and tomato.

Zucchini pasta with tomato peanut sauce.

With some VINO!


I made the Zucchini pasta because I made some of Brandi’s Zucchini Banana Chocolate Chips Muffins!!! It’s my friend at work’s birthday, so we’re having a “food day” for her today, and my contribution is Brandi’s muffins.

They were goooood! Yes, I sampled. What of it ? 🙂

All packed up and ready to go!

What’s your current “home project/problem” right now?

Ours is obviously the washer. Our dryer also sqeaks and creaks and doesn’t dry very good. I’m working on the hubski to get a new one. “After our cruise,” he says.


Good Mood Monday and Zucchini Pasta Recipe

Hey hey! Happy Good Mood Monday! I really, really wanted an extra weekend day this week, so this is hard for me to be super positive right now, but I’m trying 😀

Today I’m thankful for:

  • Being able to do fun things like go to Cubs games
  • My legs that carried me through my awesome run yesterday
  • Time spent relaxing with my husband
  • Time spent chilling with my girls
  • Already getting in my workout!

My workout, by the way, was 40 minutes on the elliptical along with some bicep and back work. Felt great!:D

Now I’m enjoying a green purple monster with blueberries, mango, banana, GREEN Superfood, and water. Mmm mmm.

Yesterday continued on to be a pretty awesome day. I didn’t get everything done that I wanted to (hello, dirty floors!) but I had a fun time procrastinating.

I made some black bean burgers for Shane and I for lunch around 2:00 after doing some laundry I made them like the last time, but omitted the corn meal and doubled the flour. I also added hot sauce, soy sauce, onion, and green bell pepper to the mixture.

They turned out even better this time around! On top was some guac, ketchup, mustard, tomatoe, and pickle.


After some more laundry and being shamelessly lazy, I rolled out my yoga mat to do some yoga from On Demand. As soon as I set my mat out, Clarabelle came over and did her best cat stretch! I SO wish I had my camera in hand.

It was great to roll around the floor with the pets do some yoga again. However, Niko and Clarabelle wanted to get in on the action too. At least one of them was on the mat the entire time I was practicing. No joke. It was still fun though 😀

Dinner was a new recipe I conjoled together. I’m not sure what to call it yet, but we’ll start out with shrimp and baby bello squash pasta.

I just sauteed some frozen shrimp, asparagus, portobello mushrooms, tomatoe, and spinach in a pan with some garlic and EVOO. Next, I peeled half of a summer squash and half of a zucchini for my “pasta.” At this point, I was wishing I would have told Shane to order me some pizza when he ordered his. I wasn’t too sure how it’d go, but I continued on.

Finally, I added some salt and pepper and tomatoe sauce, and heated everything up in the pan.

After adding a little parmesan cheese, I had myself a damn good meal!! I couldn’t believe how well the zucchini and squash substituted as pasta. I will definitely be making this one again.

On the side, I had some of this:

With a little of that on top:

It tasted…OK. I’m not sure if the hemp bread is an acquired taste or what, but it’s very different. I’ll eat it again, but it’s not my favorite. I was surprised too, because I like Ezekiel bread so much. The sunflower butter was kinda “meh” too. Maybe I just need to try another brand, or just give it another chance.

My favorite nut butter by far is plain old (MaraNatha) raw almond butter. What’s your favorite nutt butter?

Also – I survived the night without dessert!! It was pretty hard, especially around 9:00, when I remembered I had Annie’s Bunny Grahams in the cabinet, but I prevailed 😀 Only 6 more days of hell to go!

What are YOU thankful for today? What’s one thing you’re looking forward to today?