On this blog I share my experiences, viewpoints, and knowledge on all things fitness, health, and life in general.

On this blog you WILL find:

  • My recipes, which will always contain a short ingredient list, be ready in under an hour, and have simple directions
  • Meals that I’ve either created, are interesting, or new
  • Fitness endeavors
  • Product reviews of items I believe readers will find useful
  • An exaggerated form of my personality
  • Stories about my family, my husband, my friends, and my pets
  • Workouts to try out and exercise demos
  • Race recaps, training run recaps, new fitness adventures

On this blog you will NOT find:

  • Each and every meal and snack I eat (this is not a food journal)
  • Meals that are repeated day after day (I get on kicks …*cough* whole wheat waffles *cough*)
  • Every detail of every workout I do
  • Judgment, preaching, the word “should” (unless referring to how you should consult your doctor before trying any workouts posted)
  • Extremely personal experiences or information
  • Any pictures of children and or babies. There are way too many perves on this world wide web
  • My (or anyone’s, for that matter) weight, measurements, or clothes size

I also encourage conversation and feedback. This isn’t a one-way communication vehicle for me. I think debate and discussion make the world go round – but I also encourage its done in a respectful manner 🙂 I hope you enjoy! If you’d like to know more about my professional health and fitness services, endeavors, and advice, you can head on over to my other website, Fitconomy.com Fitconomy is more of a resource and less of a blog (though I do post weekly blog posts!)


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