Skippin’ Work to Work

Happy Hump Day! After today, it’s smooth sailing into the weekend:D

Sounds like almost all of your gyms are in that hot-and-muggy-transitional period. I kind of understand. If I were a business, and it were only April, I’d be hesitant on putting the air on full blast, too. But then again, I wouldn’t want a gym full of hot, sweaty, angry buff members to answer to either 😉

Sorry for the delay in posting today. I took half a day of personal time at my desk job to just catch up on my personal training business and just life in general. Since 6:00 a.m., I’ve gotten tons of accomplished! If only I could do this every day:D I guess I’m sort of skipping work to work! haha

Tonight I’m putting on a two hour fitness clinic in a town about a half hour away, so I’ve been working my little heart out preparing for that! Fun stuff!! 😀

After waking up and drinking some coffee, I headed to the gym where I got in a quickie lower body workout before hitting up the humane society and the veterinarian’s office.

Came home to a bowl of protein oats!


With some Naturally Nutty Vanilla Almond Butter and some Coconut butter.


You guys I am just not a fan of protein oats. All I wanted while I was eating this oatmeal was my normal tasting oats. I think I’ll take my protein powder in smoothie form from now on.

Speaking of smooothies, I made the most delicious green brown monster to supplement my lunch yesterday!


Poor Niko hates the blender. Every time she sees me pull it out of the cabinet, she runs and hides:


Don’t be scared, Niko! The blender only eats smoothies, not puppies!


With lunch, I had a tinfoil log:

IMG_6290Or perhaps it was a wrap…


Inside was hummus, red peppers, and spinach. Deeeelish.

Since one of my clients cancelled, I got to come home to eat dinner before my next client. I still had to make it snappy, though.

Enter ugliest dinner ever featured on Running Around Normal:


Boca vegan burger, avocado, ketchup + romaine lettuce, avocado, mushrooms, zucchini, Goddess Dressing and a GOB of goat cheddar.



I ended up mixing the two into a glorious world of delicious mongo salad.

And a stole some of the hubski’s chips.

IMG_6302Train, train, train, then came home and watched some tube while sipping some bub.  


IMG_6364IMG_6363…Or not so bub, but still good.

And some tardy Easter bunnies hopped on a napkin and into my mouth!


Well I’ve got a little more work to do before I head on into work. It’s going to be nice only having a 9 hour work day today 😉

Hope everyone has a lovely hump day!!! 😀 Ciao it!


Maple Coconut Tofu and my Training Plan

Hi loves! This week is flying by! I can’t believe we’re already on the last half of the week!

Did you have a good hump day? Hope so 😀

I had another bright and early morning this morning. When my alarm went off at 4:45 again, I went straight to the kitchen to make my extra-early morning pre-workout breakfast, which was the same as yesterday’s…

This combo of half a nanner, almond butter, cinnamon, and maca really does it for me! The perfect amount of food to get me through an intense workout, without being too heavy on the stomach.

Once at the gym, I ran a quick two miles, and then lower body:

Plie squats 3 x 12 w/ 20 lb weights
leg extension 3 x12 w/ 50 lbs
ab cable rotation 3×12 each side w/ 17.5 lbs
Lunges 3×12 each side w/ 5 lb weights
Hip abductor 3×12 w/ 120 lbs
Abs – medicine ball seated rotation 8 lb ball
stability ball hamstring curls myself!
leg press 90 lbs

I felt the burrrnnnnn!

After showering and dressing, my muscles needed some prooootein!



Ok, and maybe a few carbs 😉 Overnight Oats mix of the usual combination. I’d list it out but it’s been the same the past four times I’ve had it and the ingredient list can get pretty long 😉 But I probably could have typed it out by the time it took me to write that. And that. OK…moving on…

Went to work and had an absolutely fabulous time (what? I can pretend!:)) until it was time to head on home. Honestly though it was a good day, and sped right on by! Plus I got to gab on the phone with one of my girlfriends from back home over lunch that I haven’t talked to in forever, so that’s always a good thing:D

Got home, and was starved! I looked at the clock, and since it was only 4:51, and since I’m 25, not 75, I decided to make a snack instead of starting on dinner:



Bell pepper and hummus did the job quite nicely!

I played with the furbabies and chatted up the husband for a while after that. Shane and I had a somewhat lengthy discussion of what my being self-employed means for tax time. Ay ay ay…I’m glad he has the patience/knowledge to help me out with that.

Around 6:00, I decided it was an appropriate time for dinner, and got started on a meal that was inspired by a meal Caitlin posted about a few days ago. She made a coconut encrusted tofu dish, which sounded delicious! I knew I’d be trying a variation of this right after I read it. I love coconut + anything.

Maple Coconut Tofu Delight


  • 1/2 block of tofu
  • 1/4 c. maple syrup
  • 3 T. apple cider vinegar
  • 3 T. tamari
  • 1/4 c. unsweetened coconut
  • 3 T/ flaxmeal

After pressing and cubing a block of extra firm organic tofu, I marinated it in a sauce of maple syrup and apple cider vinegar for about 30 minutes.




While the tofu was marinated, I prepared my “breading.”


IMG_5556In a bowl went the coconut and flax…



And next, I sprayed a baking sheet with coconut oil



When the tofu was nice and marinated up, I tossed the cubes in the coconut mixture, then placed them on the baking sheet, and baked it for 35 minutes at 375 degrees, flipping half way through.



The result? Sweet, crispy, tofu goodness.



On the side, I had a sweet potato rounds and kale tossed in sea salt and nutritional yeast:




It was a very filling, very yummy, and very balanced dinner!


I made the same meal for the hubski, but substituted chicken for the tofu.


Half Marathon Training Plan Updates

I actually just remembered I have my first 5K of the year coming up in less than two weeks! Since I signed up back in early January, it’s kind of slipped under the radar. But it’s at the city zoo here in town, and I can’t wait!

Besides, I’ve been so focused on my half marathon training that I guess I’ve neglected it. I don’t even have a goal time set yet, which is very unlike me. However, luckily my half marathon training plan calls for several three mile runs throughout the week, including tempos, intervals, and pace runs.

I also realized that I haven’t yet shared my official training plan on the blog yet! (Click the link to see it.)

I created this training plan after literally hours of research and my own intuition. No matter how many different sample training plans that are out there, I know my body, my schedule, and my attitude, so I customized a plan that I knew would be a challenge, but one with which I could still succeed. The sample training plan I utilized the most was Hal Higdon’s Intermediate Half Marathon plan. Running three days in a row every week scared me a wee bit at first, since I had tendonitis last, but so far, it’s working out great!


Well it’s gettin’ late, and I’ve got another early one tomorrow! Gonna go sip on some chamomile, snuggle up with the husband and watch some boob tube. Ciao!


I hope everyone has a kick-butt Thursday!