Ahh what a wonderful night! I got home from the gym to find that my dear hubski had dinner all set and ready to cook. He even made a side dish of corn. It was very sweet of him, because sometimes it’s a hassle having to cook dinner after getting home from the gym at 6:30, then having to shower and blog, too.

He made halibut steaks with a pineapple salsa topping. Oh they were so good! I knew they’d be spiced well (always hot and spicy when Shane cooks!) and it was amazing.

I also enjoyed a glass of Pinot Noir. I always seems to pair the wrong color wine with the wrong food lol. I’ve heard white wine goes best with fish, and red with steak or chicken. I always mix that up!

Yep, full out in my workout gear.

He must want something He must have been feeling extra sweet, because then he offered to go get us froyo! 😉

I got the mixed fruit/tropical flavor. This one had nice big chunks of strawberries and banana.
Although, we probably should have eaten the ice cream in the fridge to save money because…..WE’RE GOING ON A CRUISE!!!

It’s official! Later this year, the hubski and I will be cruising along the Carribean with another couple. I’m SO pumped. Time to start shopping for bikins while they’re still in out for the summer! 😀 Yeaaah.

One of the money saving tactics Shane and I are practicing to help save for the trip is to have “No Spend Days,” where we don’t spend any money at all (except in case of an emergency.) We’re doing this out for two days a week, and just being concious of our spending the other five. I’d really like to not have to cut corners on groceries or my gym membership, so this is what we’re trying for now. We’re also cutting back on meals out and trips to the mall.

The Running Yogini made a post today with some good ideas on how she saves.

How do you cut costs without giving up what’s important to you?