Return of the Appetite

What a day! I feel better than I felt yesterday, which is almost 100% I’d say I’m about at 90% actually. Hopefully I’ll be back to normal by tomorrow morning.

This morning started out bright and early with a Body Attack class. My friend Heidi somehow drug me out of bed and to a 5:30 a.m. class. Did I mention I don’t have to train today until 4:30 pm? I’m glad she did, though, because it was a blast! Erika, you’re right – this class is awesome! It was quick paced, fun, and booty-kicking!

After the class I did about 15 minutes worth of back and hamstrings, but I needed food like whoa. I forgot to grab something on my way out and I was famished.


Much bettah. Once breakfast digested, I finished out the workout with a 20 minutes heart-opening flow. And then got my work-from-home on for the BIC. It’s a deadline week, which means working more than I usually do.    IMG_0265

I’ve been craving nothing but fresh fruit the past few days, so I’ve been going with it as documented by my mid morning snack:


A juicy (Brown?) pear. Anyone know what kind the brown ones are called? I know they’re not Bartlett…

Then I showered up and made my way to running some not very fun, but very grown up errands, like changing my oil, getting my tires rotated, and making a return. What should have took under two hours took much longer than that, but we won’t go into the boring deets.

Juice for the run:



True Blood-esqe, no?


I digress…Let’s take a minute to regroup.

Signs that I’m feeling much better:

  • I exercised voluntarily and enthusiastically
  • I put on make up today
  • My appetite is back! and my ever present appetite for spice and veggies is back!


I hadn’t had a single vegetable (well, one that wasn’t attached to pizza or a sandwich) since Friday since I had the stomach flu, and today – I had a hankering for cauliflower!!

And see what’s on my pizza?!



Crushed red peppaaahh!! My favorite pizza topping. I had this, plus another half slice of pizza.

And I may or may not have had another piece of Mama Pea’s pumpkin bar…


See told ya my appetite was back 😉 Anyone know how long vegan baked goods last in an air tight container in the refrigerator? These are going on 8 days…

Well I have a client in a little bit [and a volleyball match after that – woot!!] and need to get some cleaning done beforehand!

Hope everyone’s Mondays are going OK 😀


Guerilla Warfare Guilt

Good morning 😀 I know I mentioned the crazy tornadic winds going on in Illinois yesterday (I was afraid Niko would blow away!) but it seems like there’s crazy weather all over the place based on everyone’s comments! And did you all see that there’s snow already around Janetha’s neck of the woods?! Cra-zay.

Yesterday’s good decision to log an extra hour of sleep proved to hold true. After training at the gym, I just hopped on the treadmill and cranked out a 5 mile tempo run. It worked out great because I was already at the gym, and my body was much more rested and healthy to get it done.

After the tempo run, I was starved!

Makeshift Pizzas for Two – His and Hers Style


Look who made an appearance agaaain 🙂 I used the last two pieces of naan for the husband’s makeshift pizza by spreading a little olive oil, tomato sauce, and cheeses on one piece, and then garlic, butter, and cheeses on the other.


And for mine, I took some whole wheat pita, spread on a little olive oil, sauce, tempeh, cheese, and tomatoes, and baked them all in the oven at 425 degrees for about 10 minutes. So easy!


Overdone (sometimes the tastiest way!) veggies – roasted cauliflower and brussels on the side.


This was a fantastic meal. But it didn’t keep me from taking a couple bites of this coconut ice cream.


OK. A couple bites turned into a whole serving, which turned into a half serving.


Truth be told, I felt pretty guilty when I put this back in the freezer. That hasn’t happened in a while! Typically I think it’s good for us all to practice not giving into guilt when indulging, but for some reason I really felt it. And that’s totally wrong! It really isn’t that much ice cream any how. Additionally, it’s OK to indulge (and even over indulge accidentally) sometimes. And honestly, I didn’t snap out of this guilt-ridden frame of mind until I woke up this morning. Guilt attacks when you’re not looking, right?!


Hope everyone has a good day!

How do you deal with unnecessary guilt about over-indulging?

When does guilt do a surprise attack on you most? I know it’s rare for me to feel guilty after overindulging much anymore because I usually know when it’s going to rear its ugly head. If we can ID why and when guilt is most likely to occur, we can typically absorb and then reflect the feeling. So for me, I know I used to feel a ton of guilt after eating ice cream because I was never able to stop at one or two servings! This way, as soon as I start eating ice cream, I know it’s very well possible that I could eat 2 or 3 bowls going in!

Bitter and Sweet

Right as I headed to work yesterday at the gym for a few hours, the rain stopped and the clouds parted. So it made for a sweet sunny view from inside the gym 😉 I knew it was still bitterly cold with the wind blowing the trees around though 😉

On the workout front, I’d planned yesterday as a rest OR cross training day. I suppose it was more cross training than rest.

Activity involved:

Walking Niko for a quick 15 minutes before work




Riding the stationary bike at the gym for an easy 35 minutes while I read my book




A little yoga to stretch out my tight quads and chest

And hours upon hours of pro-style golf on some pretty sweet courses in Hawaii



Oh wait, that’s Tiger’s activity for the day;) Sidenote: whenever Shane and I play a game together, our “guy’s” name is Paine…Shane + Paine =cPaine. Pretty sweet right? haha Sadly, when I was directing our guy, he played like crap. I was kinda bitter 😉

It’s been quite some time since Shane and I have stayed in on a Saturday night playing video games. But when can I say? The new Tiger is pretttty sweet🙂

Meanwhile, there was dough a-rising:



And sauce a-cooking:



Pizza night! But pizza takes a long time to make when making the dough and sauce from scratch, so we had a pre-pizza-meal:




This has become one of the husband and my favorite things to do in the evening – enjoy appetizers + wine + conversation.

homemade pico and guac:




Delicious manchengo cheese:




And expensive, fancy wine crackers:




Does anything really beat a Ritz cracker? Don’t answer that… They’re good!

Now back to the pizza. For the dough, I used Kath’s recipe, which is the best crust I’ve made ever. Ever ever ever.




It’s better than any of the premade ones too, obviously.

For the sauce I chopped up a mixture of cherry tomatoes and roma tomatoes, simmered them in a pan with a little EVOO + chopped garlic for about 15 minutes, and then added a splash of red wine vinegar, a 1/4 c. fresh basil, s&p, oregano, and about a 1/4 c. of tomato paste, brought it to a boil, and then simmered for another 15 minutes.




SO easy to make at about the same cost as jarred sauce, WITHOUT weird, scary, unknown corn ingredients.

I was inspired by Jenna’s zucchini and ricotta pizza, and decided to use her method of grating a whole zuchinni to be used as my topping:



And Shane had cheese and pepperoni.




Looking forward to leftovers today 😀

And now…I’m about to leave for a 10 mile run. In the bitter cold.It’s 38 degrees!!! Not so sweet…as I’m sitting here in a fluffy robe in the kitchen 😉

And with that, I’m off.

What’s your favorite cracker? You know, I love the fancy wine crackers, and I love Mary’s (Gone) Crackers, and I love Dr. Krackers, but nothing beats a good old Ritz!!

Rumbly Shavasana

Let me preface this by saying that I am an eight-hours-of-sleep-per-night-girl. Give me eight hours, and I’ll give you a positive, upbeat, the-world-is-a-good-place Paige. Give me less and I’ll ask you, “what’s so good about it?” when you tell me good morning 😉

OK. Maybe I’m exaggerating on the latter half, but nevertheless. I know some people only need four or five to function and be fine – not me. I’m not sure whether I envy for feel bad for those people. Kelly Ripa only needs five hours of sleep per night. What does that tell you?? 🙂

So when I was tossing and turning for a couple hours last night, and glanced at the clock to see I was supposed to wake up in 5 1/2 hours to run six miles, I made the executive decision to give myself permission to turn off the alarm and run the six miles on Friday instead. However, when the husband tapped my shoulder and let me know it was 6:30, I felt rested enough to give it a go. I had just enough time to down some coffee, walk Niko for a warm up, and head out.

My goal was to run a quick, but fairly easy 6 miles and acheive a negative split:


1 – 9:36


3 – 9:01

4 – 8:57

5 – 8:44

6 – 8:25

Success! 6 miles in 53:   . Average pace: 9:00 min/mile. This was also my longest “short” mid-week run I’ve ever done. The longest midweek run I’ve done before this is five miles.

Pretty good run seeing as my iPod died right before I left and I didn’t have my running buddies, Twista, Lil Wayne, the Glee Cast and Salena Gomez with me (we’re a mixed crowd.) It was actually for the better since the traffic was pretty high due to all the schools I ran past.

So back to yesterday.

Yesterday was quite the doozy at work. I got such little sleep the night before for some reason, that my eyes were dry and red the whole day. I had grand plans of going to a vinyasa class at a local yoga studio and kept going back and forth on whether I should go. At the last minute I said screw it, threw on some yoga clothes, gathered my mat, and hit the road:

IMG_9126 Ready to rock flow.

The class was all right. It wasn’t nearly as flowy, fun, and powerful as my old power yoga class was, but I’ll take it. I just bought a 3 class pass for now, so who knows. I may just consider David Farmar my yoga for now.

After class, I was starving. In fact, I think my rumbling stomach may have disturbed some of the participants shavasana 😉 haha

So, the husband and I made a semi-homemade dinner.





The crust was an all-natural whole wheat crust, layered with some olive oil, homemade pizza sauce, freshly shredded mozzarella, spinach, and eggplant.


After 10 minutes in the oven, it turned into a melty, gooey, cheesey, goodness:


My plate:



This was amazing!!! I know hunger is the best ingredient, but this was really, really good!! I think the only thing I’d do differently next time is add more cheeeeese 🙂 I’d also like to try my hand at making some homemade crust again, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.


Tonight should be fun! After working at the BIC and training a few clients, I’m going out with some girlfriends for drinks for my friend, Heidi’s birthday 😀 I’m not sure how the night will go, so I cleared my schedule in case I need a few extra hours of shut eye tomorrow morning. Ahh…sweet rest! I miss you!


Do you make your own pizzas? What’s your favorite “topping” for it?

Saucy Summer Date Night

Heya 🙂 Happy weekend 😉

Holidays, sports games, birthdays, vacations, anniversaries. Books, TV shows, dates, shopping. We all like to look forward to things, big or small. Just knowing that something exciting will happen in the future – big or small- puts an extra hop in my step.

On any given day, I like to try to have two things to look forward to – one long term and one short term.

I’ll get to the long term event in another post, but yesterday, I had a skip to my step because I knew tonight was date night! (ok, Fridays tend to make me skip as well in general.)

Typically, the husband and I will choose either Friday or Saturday to go out to eat, hit up the town, or meet out with a few friends. Sticking to one night keeps it an exciting, out of the norm activity, and also keeps our wallets happy.

After the husband got home from work and I finished cleaning the house, we headed out. First, to buy a coffee maker. I love the French Press, however, the husband hates the process of using it, so I’m always the one who makes the morning French Press coffee. Since he’s been waking up before me lately, this means he typically doesn’t get coffee until he’s running out the door, if at all. heh That said, we decided to get a grind and brew coffee maker that we can program to have coffee ready when we he wakes up.



Where was I? Oh right, date night.

After the coffee maker + beans buying excursion, we headed to one of our favorite little pizza joints in town, Firehouse Grill:


It’s a modern looking fire house-type that serves pizza with the most amazing sauce.






Getting saucy!!



Mmm. This should really be called a salad pizza, no?

With our pizzas, we each had a beer:



Sad face because I got a summer shandy, soon to be a thing of the past. (until next summer…)



After pizza, we had a wild and rambunctious night of setting up our new coffee and brewing the first cup (despite it being 9 p.m…)


We know how to par-tay par-tay 😉 haha


      This morning, I did something I haven’t done in a loooong time.



I made bacon for the husband! I’m not a fan of bacon (even cooking it or looking at it.) I know that’s probably a sin to say considering how popular bacon is right now in America. Regardless, it’s true. It just never suited my fancy. Didn’t rock my boat. Plus it leaves you smelling like bacon perfume (I’m assuming this is real) the rest of the day. But I digress. My point is, I was a good wifey and cooked bacon for my husband for the first time in years.

I had some whole wheat protein pancakes! While reading Susan’s blog the other day, I saw that she just uses her same waffle recipe for her pancakes. I tried this, realized that mine were too dry for pancakes, and added more almond milk.


Maybe a little too much?



They were a little runny and crumbly. But the PB + Greek yog + smashed banana topping made up for it 😉




Now I’m tworkin’ it at the gym, training a few clients, and doing my weekend thang. Today’s a work day, but I’m planning for tomorrow to be 90% fun day! 🙂

What are your plans for the Labor Day weekend??

Have a fantastical Saturday, guys!! 🙂


Oh, and don’t forget to enter the Thermos giveaway 🙂

Productive Relaxation

Morning loves!

Do you know what I realized yesterday? I completely forgot to write about it in my post, but a year ago yesterday was my very first race!


More nostalgia! That night I also went to my first Buffet concert, haha.

Yesterday was a great mix of relaxation and productivity. I had a client at 9:00 (or so I thought) so upon waking up, I immediately coffee’d and was out the door for a quickie 3 mile run. Average pace of 8:54 had my run last a total of 26:43 before I was in the shower getting ready to train my client. Only until I got out and saw a voicemail that she had to cancel. Trainer confidence isn’t the best right now, as I’ve had probably 5 cancellations this week. What gives?!

I made it better with a breakfast that I’ll be talking more about in another post…


Cleaned the whole house in two hours, worked diligently on a project, and then broke for a simple and delicious lunch:


Lentil bean dip/spread, hummus, tomato, and zucchini on whole grain bread.


I wish I had two. It was amazing!!IMG_8767


Throughout the day I visited my husband in his new cave. For quitting smoking, his gift to himself was to buy all new computer parts to build his own computer. It’s been a few years since he’s built one, so he went all out.



He even built a separate room in the basement and his own desk, and two HUGE monitors. He’s a happy camper.

A little while later, I met my friend Heidi at the pedicure place where we caught up (it’s been a couple weeks!!) and relaxed and got our toes done. I needed a pedicure badly, and wanted to get one before the Healthy Living Summit. Which I leave for Thursday!!!

On the way home from getting a pedicure, I had the genius idea of picking up Papa Murphy’s pizza’s.


Veggie deluxe for me and meat for him.


I LOVE the abundance of veggies they put on the veggie pizza.

IMG_8780 Especially these lil’ guys.


IMG_8781 My plate + 1 more slice.




In food comas, we headed downstairs to the theatre and watched Hot Tub Time Machine. I’d heard this was hilarious from a number of people, but I thought it was just OK. I think my standards were too high, whereas others might have watched it with lower standards? There were some pretty funny parts, though!

Well I’m off to pack for the HLS, train a couple clients, and get some studying done before training a couple more clients. Busy day!

Don’t forget to enter my TERRA chip giveaway! Only one more day to get your entries in! 😀

What’s your favorite veggie topping on a pizza? Mine’s definitely artichokes, but I love tomatoes, too!

The Only Option We Have Right Now

I did it. I convinced my parents that pizza was a far more attractive choice than Mexican when they came up just to see me to give me back my dog last night.


But how can you turn down Lucca’s Pizza? It’s sinful, and there’s no need to be sinful on a Sunday now is there.


I still felt like a zombie from getting close to no sleep the night before, so I’m not sure I was much fun company, but I do know that the pizza was right on par!


Loads of veggies!


To drink, I had about 5 refills of a large glass of water.

Stuffed, I came home, we said out goodbyes, and I proceeded to pass out on the couch while watching another episode of 24. It’s getting highly amusing how Jack Bauer can literally get anyone to do anything.

I wish I had those persuasive abilities. Me: “Husband, we need to get a Vitamix, NOW. It’s imperative to the state of the smoothie. It’s the only option we have right now.” Husband: *sigh* “you’re right.”

After a solid eight hours of sleep, I woke up this morning STILL feeling like I’d been hit by a truck! So I slept another half hour, rolled out of bed, drank some coffee, and nibbled on some pre-running fuel:


Oh, TJ’s dried mangos. How I’ve missed you so.

Now, I definitely debated while I took Niko on her morning walk on whether I should go for  my planned 4 mile run or not. My body said ehhh probably not a good idea, but my heart said there’s no other option available (Jack Bauer-style, of course.) So I headed out, telling myself not to push it, and to take walk breaks if I needed them.

The run actually made me feel much better, and I ended up running 4.25 miles in 38:47 😀 About a 9:08 average pace.

Usually after a run, I crave waffles or oatmeal, but today I wanted nothing more than a big, fresh, icy cold green grey (?) monster


It was the only available option 😉


Well I’m off to get a bit of work done, get my study on, and train a client! Hope you guys have a lovely Monday!