Burn, Baby, Burn

Hey there! Happy Friday 😀

Thanks for all the non-pb breakfast ideas! Sounds like I need to go get some eggs! I used my last one in a batch of waffles the other day 😉

Wanna know something funny about Niko?



Whenever Shane or I sit down to eat, she knows it’s meal time. As soon as the form hits our mouth, she walks over to our bowl and starts chowin’ down too.




The little weirdo can never just eat at her bowl, though. Oh no. She has to bring it over to a rug and only then will she begin to actually eat it.


 IMG_0316    IMG_0322       

And sometimes, she’ll actually bring the food pebbles over to whoever’s eating and set it on our feet.



WTF, dog?



I never claimed she was a normal dog. 😉

Pet owners: do your pets have any weird/quirky eating habits?


This morning I had to wake up super early for an early morning client. Before leaving the house, I had my favorite “light breakfast”


A banana, chopped, topped with a little drizzle on honey and then about a tbsp of raw wheat germ.


Perfect amount of carbs, fat, and protein to getcha goin’.


Burn Baby, Burn: Legs and Back Circuit Workout

I had to have a little something on my stomach, because after training my client, I trained myself! I completed a 45 minute circuit workout that focuses on legs and back. It was killa! I’d love to share!

Complete the workout circuit-style, going from one exercise to the next. Complete the circuit three times. Before trying this workout or beginning any workout program, please consult with your doctor first.

Warm up: 5 minutes light cardio

leg warm up: walking lunges—> 10 down, 10 back

1. Step ups w/ 10 lb dumbbells

2. Lat pull down

3. Back extension w/ 10 lb. plate

4. Bulgarian Split squat w/ 10 lb. dumbbells

5. Single point dumbbell row w/ 15 lb. dumbbells

6. Single leg stiff leg dead lift w/ 25-35 lb. dumbbell

7. Dumbbell dead lift w/ 25-30 lb. dumbbells

8. Rear delt fly w/ 5-8 lb. dumbbells

Cool down: 5 minutes light cardio

Afterward, I had a bit more time, so I completed about 25 minutes on the elliptical before peacing out to grab some breakfast before my next client coming up.



A cherry-vanilla protein smoothie was just what I needed!

1 frozen banana, 10 frozen cherries, 1 c. almond milk, 1/2 tsp. vanilla extract, 1 scoop vanilla pp, 2 handfuls of spinach, 1 tbsp flaxmeal



Topped with some brown rice crispies (newest obsession, btw!!!) and some granola.

Then I decided some healthy fats were also in order.





Gotta go train the next client! Have a delightful Friday, all!!


A Delusional Lazy Sunday Morning

On many a Sunday, I wake up wanting nothing more than a lazy Sunday in bed. Ironically (or due to, I’m not really sure) my long run day is also on Sunday.

Yesterday was no different. I woke up and didn’t want to leave the bed. I wanted to read and watch HGTV while eating my breakfast.

So I pretended:




and ate my pre-run coffee and pre-run breakfast (banana + carb + nut butter = pre-run breakfast) nestled under the covers, book in hand and HGTV on the screen. Ahhh.

And then it was 8:15, and I came back to reality. I needed to run 10 miles, and it would take a good hour and a half. Better get out there. Out there, in the blowing, cold 37 degree morning. Yipe!

So I went from breakfast in bed to ready to run:





And I was off…

Usually on long runs I think, “where did the miles go?!” However, on this particular 10 miler, I felt every minute of every mile. Not to say it was a bad run at all, it just didn’t fly by like it usually does.

Around mile 7, I was more than happy to take a quick pause, stretch, and down some pure honey to boost up my glycogen stores:



I just put the honey in a zip lock, and then tore a hole in the corner with my teeth to get to the honey…graceful woman that I am. 😉

And then finally, I was on the last mile…and then done!




10 miles down!

I try to stick with somewhat of a routine on long run days, and after running yesterday, per the routine, I immediately shed my gear and grabbed a coconut water:




And then showered (I was freeeeezing!) clothed, and made the usual post long-run fuelage.


after I took a picture of my (third day of Vita-Mix meals) breakfast, I looked at the clock and saw that it was only 11:00 a.m! This meant there was still hope – I had an hour left of the morning!



Maybe a lazy Sunday morning isn’t such a delusion after all 😉




I only have four long runs left in this running season. My last race of the year is on November 6th, and I gotta admit, I don’t feel too upset about that right now. I’m actually ready to start cross training, lifting more, taking more classes, and beginning a workout DVD! Oh and having a real lazy Sunday in bed 😉


Well I’m off to train a client and then head to the other job! Have a terrific Tuesday, all!

How often do you have a “lazy morning” on the weekends – one where you lay around and watch tv/read just for pure relaxation for hours on end? My answer? Not nearly enough 😉

My second question is for purely selfish reasons: What do you look for in a gym beyond the equipment and classes? I want to offer my clients and the members of the gym I work at something in addition to the facility. To come up with ideas, I put myself in the members’ shoes and came up with ideas that range from a weekly “healthy living newsletter” to a Biggest Loser competition, but I’d love to get your input, too! Seems like you guys always have ideas to offer in the comments that I hadn’t thought of in regards to my posts in general. I really do appreciate any input 😀

A Five Star Restaurant at Home

Good morning friends! Sorry I left ya hangin’ in the dust yesterday. Had a little mix up in plans and it ended up being a very busy Sunday all day long! Actually, life in general is busy lately. No seriously, there is at least one occurrence every week where I’ve double or triple booked myself…it’s impossible not to!

My oh my was this weekend a good one! After the race, I got to hang out with my parents for a while, and then came back home to try and get some work done.

First, post-race fuel.




I’m going to maintain that smoothies make the best fuel after a hard workout. A. lots o nutrients. B. the food is all ready in liquid form – one less step for the bod! 🙂

But this post-race smoothie had a guest star: Attune granola!




My friend, Annelies of Attune, whom I met at the Healthy Living Summit, offered to send me some of their Probiotic granola, and I had to try out the maple flavor.








The most important part – taste!



THIS IS AMAZING. Amazing! Perfectly crunchy and has little yogurt like chips dispersed throughout the crunch. Very sweet. Actually, if I had to call out  one con it might be that it’s a wee bit too sweet. but then again, I like to have a sweet granola on hand.




The flavor goes perfectly with pumpkin pie smoothies 😀


After smoothie-ing and working for just a minute, Shane and I ran some errands. We felt like having a date night, but since the week was a big spending week, we didn’t really want to go out and spend money on an expensive dinner. So instead, we turned our kitchen into a five star restaurant!

For fun, we tried out a couple pumpkin beers to start:




Woodchuck pumpkin beer?! Could it be?!




Put your spirit(s) to the test 😉

Unfortunately, neither of them wowed me. I’ll stick with O’fallon this season. Though I’ve heard Schafly is good too?

I started dinner, which was this fusilli with eggplant and goat cheese. While dinner cooked, we played Uno!




After sticking a bottle of Pinot Noir in the fridge for about 20 minutes, it was perfect temp and we added a little Vino! to our Uno!




And some appies:




When dinner was ready, we put the apps and Uno aside, but kept the pinot along for company;)




Whole wheat fusilli with eggplant, portabella, and goat cheese, with a side of roasted asparagus.




Bad lighting, great food.




We finished it off with some decaf organic coffee and True Blood ( I am LOVING True Blood!!!) and called it a night. TFFD! (Too full for dessert)

What an indulgent night! It felt like a full out fancy date night, but I never left my sweats. Best of both worlds 😀



How was your weekend? What was the most indulgent thing you did or ate?


Have a good Monday, everyone!!

Stepping Away From the Scale

Afternoon! It’s Friiiday – hooray!!

Last night after dinner, the husband and I took advantage of the mild summer evening and sat out back on the patio to enjoy the weather and some conversation.



And a Hornsby’s cider.


A little study…



A little cider!

I loved this flavor, but it kinda made my stomach hurt, so I grabbed a glass of H2O to finish out the night.

I woke up earlier than my alarm was supposed to wake me this morning, which always makes me feel robbed of extra shut eye if you ask me. But I woke up starving!




It was basically cereal and almond milk… plus some dry oats, jay robb protein powder, chia seeds, maca, and then a blob of almond butter for good measure. Who knew that mess could be delicious?!

You know, I just noticed there’s never a mug of coffee in the picture with my breakfast. It’s not because I don’t drink coffee. I do. And I probably always will! It’s because my coffee is my prelude to breakfast. I wake up and go straight to the french press. By the time I make breakfast, my coffee mug looks just like this:

  IMG_8667  Empty!

After breakfast, I took Shane to get his car since it was being fixed at the dealership, and then hit the trails for a 7 mile run. I typically don’t run a longer run after two consecutive days of running, but I honestly just wanted to get it out of the way and have a nice, relaxing morning tomorrow.

Ended up being a pretty good run!

7 miles in 1:05:32 – an average pace of 9:20

Break it down (wicka wicka!)

1 – 9:57

2 – 9:30

3 – 9:48

4 – 9:06

5 – 9:30

6 – 9:06

7 – 9:05

I drove my sweaty heap of a self to several grocery stores to stock up on some necessities, and also stopped in a health food store for one purchase (psh, yeah right) :



Coincidentally, the man’s father who raises the chickens these eggs once belonged to was kicking it in the store, too. He told me all about the process and how humanely the chickens are treated. Glad he confirmed that for me 😉

Once home, I made the world’s best and simplest smoothie.


IMG_8695Recipe can be found here.

I’ll be spending the better part of today updating the recipes tab, finally. Why does that take so much more time than it seems it should?!


Look what came in the mail today!!


I immediately dove into the book, obviously. It’s wonderful!

In honor of Operation Beautiful’s book release week, I wanted to pose a challenge. image

This challenge is specifically for anyone who is a slave to the scale. Whether you weigh yourself every day or three times a day, my challenge to you is to simply STEP. AWAY. Better yet, throw the scale away! Easier said than done, right? Well how about trying to go a week without it, and then a month, and so on.

I’ve touched on the body issues and disordered eating I used to have in high school, and I can tell you that one thing that has boosted my body confidence through the roof was making a choice to stop weighing myself. The number on the scale is just that – a NUMBER. It’s not your value, your worth, or who you are. It’s just a silly number. It means nothing. It literally breaks my heart to hear loved ones or clients say they’ll “be happy” once they reach a certain weight. I can tell you that the number on the scale does not equate with happiness. I’ve been there, and at my lowest weight ever I was my unhappiest ever.

Since I’ve quit weighing myself, I’ve gained so much – but my weight has stayed the same! (As far as I know 😉 ) Above all, I’ve gained confidence. I have more confidence in my body than ever before. Do I have the perfect body? Of course not, but I’ve accepted it – flaws and all -  and love it.

Confidence is sexy! Confidence is the miracle push up bra, the magic diet pill, the ultimate skinny pants – whatever you want to call it – it’s beautiful.


Well I’m off to collect and put together recipes! Have a beautiful Friday, peeps 😀

Not so Beautiful Run

Good morning 🙂

And what a lovely morning it is. It stormed all night last night; lightening illuminated the entire sky and thunder was so loud it sounded like it was coming from the backyard. It was very sleep inducing:)

Yesterday after I posted, I headed out for a 6-6.5 mile run. What was 75º heat at 7:00 quickly rose to 85º at 8:00 by the time I reached the trail. It. Was. Hot. By the 5th mile, I was running during the shaded parts of the trail, and walking when it was all sun. Luckily, I found a water fountain and doused my face in it. This was right before I passed an older man on the scooter who said, “Hi there hun! You look BEAUTIFUL!”

Yeah… either he’s lyin’ or I didn’t just run for an hour in heat and humidity:


And I definitely ran an hour in heat and humidity.



I threw in the towel at six miles, and walked the last half mile to my car. This bod just isn’t used to the heat yet.

Post run sipnslurp smoothie:

IMG_6991Yes, I sipped it and I slurped it.

IMG_6994 IMG_6995

And then continued to eat bagged, frozen fruit throughout the morning:


Lovely wet-haired-no-makeup look:


At least I showered 😀

After sippin’ and slurpin’, I mowed, which probably wasn’t a great idea. I felt off the rest of the day. Most likely from dehydration and being over heated.

The afternoon included creating training plans, taking care of miscellaneous emails/texts/phone calls, and organizing. Eventually, I broke for lunch with my 5-minute Mashed Sweet Potatoes:


I added veggie baked beans for a little extra umph. To make 5-minute Mashed Sweet Potatoes, simply stab a sweet potato a few times with a fork, microwave it for about 5 minutes, chop it up, still in skin (or peel if skin ain’t your thang.) Then add about 1/4 c. of almond milk (or regular milk) and mash with a fork or a potato masher.

IMG_7007 Add maple syrup or veggie baked beans, if desired.


Dessert was fresh strawberries:



When the husbki got home, I hung out with him for a bit until it was time to leave to train a few clients. Since I wouldn’t be home again until after 8:00, I had a little somethin’ to tide me over:


Plain yogurt + Nature’s Path Pomegranate granola. All I had was regular yogurt, not Greek plain yogurt, so it was a little…runny for my tastes.


I promptly started the process to make my own Greek yogurt then:


by putting a colander over a glass bowl, 2 layered paper towels over the colander, and the yogurt over the towels:


And sticking it in the fridge. Side note about making your own Greek Yogurt: I’m not so convinced it’s cheaper than just buying Greek yogurt in the store. When you strain your own yogurt, you take the whey out, which reduces the volume of the yogurt, thusly increasing the price per ounce. Just sayin’.

Training was fun! Still feels weird to call it work. It just feels like I’m helping some friends out with what I love.

Once home, I was hungry again, and just started throwing random veggies in a pan with some EVOO, and came out with this:


Onion, garlic, kale, snow peas, Quorn “chick’n,” spinach, and edameme that was sauteed in EVOO and tamari or soy sauce:


SO good. It was lacking rice, but I was too hungry to wait for the brown rice to cook.





This morning, I woke up bright and early and immediately took Niko for a walk. I’m looking forward to this being the standard way we start our mornings 😀

Shane woke up a little late today, so we couldn’t do Insanity together, but after he left, Shaun T and got pretty insane. Today was Pure Cardio – AKA pure torture or pure sweat 😉

After showering, I raced downstairs to make good use of my homemade Greek Yogurt:





Oatbran w/ flax meal + NuNaturals vanilla stevia on one side, Greek yogurt on the other, and a blog of Naturally Nutty Almond butter for good measure 😉 ‘Twas the most delicious bowl of oats I’ve had in a while. And Saturday’s was pretty damn tasty.

Well friends, I’ve got my to-do list full of items I need to get to-done! I gotta say, it’s awesome having time to FINALLY get this stuff done, though.

I hope you all have a Terrific Tuesday!!

Super Charged Thursday

Heya friends!

Happy Friday!! How is everyone doing? good? Good!

Yesterday was a mega long day. It started at 6:00 a.m. and went straight through until dark. I powered through, though, and it wasn’t as hard to get through as I thought, like usual 😉

After my morning client, I headed to work all day. Around noon, a few co-workers and I went to lunch:


Panera! Greek salad + black bean soup. It was nice to break for lunch with some friends. Luckily, I’ll see most of them at bunco every month 😀

After I put in the eight hours, I headed to the Humane Society to pick up my orders from a fundraiser I did last month. I’m so happy they came in yesterday, because the majority of orders were from my coworkers. I got something called Peanut Butter Crumbles? I’ve never had them, but everyone said they’re amazing. They’re Katherine Beich.

The humane society is on the way to the gym, where I went next to train three more clients. All went well. I love training and love all my clients 😀

Dinner was quick, simple, and delicious.IMG_6821 Farm fresh eggs + vegetarian baked beans:


Yellow bell peppers + hummus:



After doing a little laundry and watching some RHONY, I got a little craving for something sweet. The craving was for something crunchy, chewy, and somewhat healthy; definitely not the ice cream we had in the freezer. Then my memory took me back to this morning while reading Susan’s post about reading Naomi’s post about making SUPER CHARGE ME cookies.

I followed suit:


IMG_6825Ate one myself, and took two down to the hubski.


I pretty much always say “down to Shane/hubski” every time I mention him. I swear he doesn’t live in the basement. He just works down there 🙂

This morning I woke up and wanted something energizing and healthy!

Went with a green smoothie in a bowl:


Topped with Ezekiel granola, as always!

Well it’s getting pretty late. I better skidaddle!

Today I have work (last day!) then a couple clients. If it’s not too late, I might make the trek over to my hometown to see a close girlfriend. Shane got pulled into some work tonight, so we’ll see!

Have a lovely Friday everyone!

Hookie Run and Giveaway Winner!

Hey lovlies!

I just got home from a lovely night of bowling, beers, and dinner with the husband. We had such a good time! Unfortunately, we couldn’t get in too much bowling before the lanes were needed for the leagues, but what we did bowl was a blast. Even if neither of our scores are worth bragging about 😉

Then we headed downtown for some dinner!


We were going to go to the hubski’s favorite Thai place, but unfortunately, it’s closed! I’ve never had Thai food before, and was really looking forward to trying it. Alas, it had a for sale sign in it, so we went to an old favorite, Rosies!


I ordered the eggplant rollatini, however they ran out of eggplant!! So instead, I got the vegetarian flatbread, which was just as good:


Mmm pesto, avocado, tomato and feta. Deeeelish. Sorry it’s so dark. The place is candlelit, and I didn’t use my flash. I ate all but two pieces. My appetite was rearing to go…for a reason.

With it I had a side salad with spinach, swiss chard, cucumbers, and some other veggies:


Apparently, it took more than an hour to get our food out to us because of some mix ups in the kitchen. Shane and I were talking so much, we really didn’t notice, but the waitress still ended up comping us everything except Shane’s entree!!

Shane’s entree:


Swordfish, potatoes, and veggies. He luuuurved it.

Honestly, we felt like we lucked out. We didn’t even notice the long wait, and got a free meal and our drinks (two beers and a glass of chard) free. Awesome 😀

We took a look at the dessert menu, but didn’t see anything that really stood out. However, I was still craving something sweet.

Enter – chocolate banana soft serve!


1.5 frozen bananas, 1 T. cacao powder, 1 t. agave nectar.


With a crumbled samoa on top. Oh yes, yes I did. Deeeelightful!


This morning before work, I woke up and went upstairs to our “gym room” and did 20 minutes on the elliptical, followed by chest, triceps, and shoulders work.

It was a beautiful day outside today!



Tomorrow is the first day of spring, but ironically, it’s supposed to be very cold, damp, and even snowy tomorrow! I had a 9 mile run planned for tomorrow, and I knew it was either going to be in horrible weather or on the treadmill. Blech! Then it hit me…life’s too short not to enjoy unseasonably warm (technically) winter days! Right? 😉 Plus, the 10 day forecast doesn’t call for one sunny day above 55 degrees.

So I finished up my work and took vacation time for the rest of the day. After work, I set out on my 9 miles for a Friday long run rather than a Saturday long run!

Twas an amazing run! I played on mapmyrun.com for a bit first, to get an idea of my route, and then got my gear together. Garmin, iPod, and water bottle + goo stasher:



Perfect water bottle for long runs. The bottom compartment twists off and is the perfect place to stack a few Clif Shotbloks 😉


Stat it out:

Mile 1: 9:45

Mile 2: 9:32

Mile 3: 9:54

Mile 4: 9:41

Mile 5: 9:49

Mile 6: 9:29

Mile 7: 9:48

Mile 8: 9:35

Mile 9: 9:31

Total time: 1 hr. 27 minutes, 3 seconds. Yowza.

Nine miles for a new PDR!

Next Saturday is 10 miles!! Next Saturday is also my birthday, and I’m actually really excited to make it the first time I enter into double digit land! Is it sad that I’m excited to run 10 miles on my birthday? We’ll find out! hahah

I was beat, and starving after my run. I promptly made a fruit smoothie:


I was out of spinach, so I went with what I had:

  • handful of frozen blueberries and cherries
  • 1 frozen banana
  • 1 t. maca
  • 1 T. chia seed
  • 1 T. hemp protein powder
  • Almond milk
  • 1 T. coconut butter


Uh-Maazing. But that didn’t calm the beast, so shortly afterward, I had a toasted Ezekiel English Muffin with Earth Balance and organic jam. Finally did the job 😀

Grabbed a kombucha (grape flavored – VERY good!!) and then I was off to train a client before coming back home to get ready for the night.


Celestial Seasonings Giveaway Winner!


Sorry I’m a bit late, but it’s still Friday 🙂

The winner of the Celestial Seasonings Wellness Kit is……………(drum roll)………………

Abby, from Nibble, Nourish, Run!

Congrats, Abby! Send me your mailing info, and Celestial Seasonings will get you all your awesome goodies asap!


It’s time to crash in this house! I’m about to be out like a light.

Anything fun going on this weekend? What’s your plans? Tomorrow I plan on cleaning, going to a movie with a couple girlfriends, and some light cardio. Sunday I’m hoping to catch up with a friend who just moved back from California!! She’s my best friend from college, and whenever we see each other, no matter how long it’s been, we pick up right where we left off 😀

Have a fabulous night, bloggy friends!!