A Break from Running

What a busy day yesterday turned out to be! Although I took the week off from working at the BIC, between clients, appointments, blog stuff, shopping, cooking, and movie night hosting the day and night filled up FAST. Anyone else never fail to overestimate the amount of time you have? I’m the queen of this!!


Before even changing out of my pajamas, I began baking. Well, I began to start baking. I cut up all the butter for my pies.



Don’t mind the wine, that’s for the last section 😉

I’m making THREE pies and one cake this year for our two Thanksgivings. I’m pretty excited, but I just need one full day!! And more butter…




First stop of the day – the groomer’s! After dropping the frightful (makes my heart hurt) little girl off at the reliable groomers, I was a woman on a mission.


But she sure left the groomers purrrrty 😀


Between Target, Fresh Market, and Hobby Lobby. I think I’m set for Thanksgiving.


At least my table is 😉IMG_0413

It’s nothing fancy, but I’m proud of it 😀IMG_0414


But I’m sure I’ll notice I’m out of an ingredient just as it’s supposed to go into the recipe. Never Fails 😉


After this excitement, I had to pound out some nerves. I ran 3.5 miles of intervals on the treadmill. Bad news Bears, my right hip gave me pain. I think the best thing to do at this point is cut my running days down to once a week, or even worse, 0 times a week. But that’s OK, there’s always spin, power yoga, and strength training 😀

Blog Stuff


Some very exciting things happening to Running Around Normal soon!! I’m working with a web developer to clean ‘er up and give ‘er a face lift. I can’t wait!! This will hopefully happen within the next few days 🙂


Girls Night!!

My friend, Kristin’s birthday was on Monday, so I had a few girls over to sip win, much on snacks, and watch Eat Pray Love. For the girls, I made some caramel popcorn:



And I actually liked Eat, Pray, Love!! It’s been a good three years since I read the book, which I enjoyed thoroughly, but I really enjoyed the movie, too. I know it got a lot of “meh” reviews.

Another busy one today! But first, I’m off to some power yoga! No running before or after. I’m giving this hip some rest!

Have a fantastic one, guys!!

What dish are you most looking forward to for Thanksgiving? What’s your favorite Thanksgiving dessert??


Burn, Baby, Burn

Hey there! Happy Friday 😀

Thanks for all the non-pb breakfast ideas! Sounds like I need to go get some eggs! I used my last one in a batch of waffles the other day 😉

Wanna know something funny about Niko?



Whenever Shane or I sit down to eat, she knows it’s meal time. As soon as the form hits our mouth, she walks over to our bowl and starts chowin’ down too.




The little weirdo can never just eat at her bowl, though. Oh no. She has to bring it over to a rug and only then will she begin to actually eat it.


 IMG_0316    IMG_0322       

And sometimes, she’ll actually bring the food pebbles over to whoever’s eating and set it on our feet.



WTF, dog?



I never claimed she was a normal dog. 😉

Pet owners: do your pets have any weird/quirky eating habits?


This morning I had to wake up super early for an early morning client. Before leaving the house, I had my favorite “light breakfast”


A banana, chopped, topped with a little drizzle on honey and then about a tbsp of raw wheat germ.


Perfect amount of carbs, fat, and protein to getcha goin’.


Burn Baby, Burn: Legs and Back Circuit Workout

I had to have a little something on my stomach, because after training my client, I trained myself! I completed a 45 minute circuit workout that focuses on legs and back. It was killa! I’d love to share!

Complete the workout circuit-style, going from one exercise to the next. Complete the circuit three times. Before trying this workout or beginning any workout program, please consult with your doctor first.

Warm up: 5 minutes light cardio

leg warm up: walking lunges—> 10 down, 10 back

1. Step ups w/ 10 lb dumbbells

2. Lat pull down

3. Back extension w/ 10 lb. plate

4. Bulgarian Split squat w/ 10 lb. dumbbells

5. Single point dumbbell row w/ 15 lb. dumbbells

6. Single leg stiff leg dead lift w/ 25-35 lb. dumbbell

7. Dumbbell dead lift w/ 25-30 lb. dumbbells

8. Rear delt fly w/ 5-8 lb. dumbbells

Cool down: 5 minutes light cardio

Afterward, I had a bit more time, so I completed about 25 minutes on the elliptical before peacing out to grab some breakfast before my next client coming up.



A cherry-vanilla protein smoothie was just what I needed!

1 frozen banana, 10 frozen cherries, 1 c. almond milk, 1/2 tsp. vanilla extract, 1 scoop vanilla pp, 2 handfuls of spinach, 1 tbsp flaxmeal



Topped with some brown rice crispies (newest obsession, btw!!!) and some granola.

Then I decided some healthy fats were also in order.





Gotta go train the next client! Have a delightful Friday, all!!

I Blame Indian Food

Turns out Friday night’s drinkies didn’t hinder Saturday morning’s long run at all! I’m giving credit to chugging water, eating a pretty decent portion of veggie pizza for dinner, and downing a cup or two of coconut water before bed:)

What the run was is beautifall.



I picked up my friend Amber about 5 miles from our starting point, as she had only planned on doing 5 miles. So that way, when we reached 5 miles, she simply went to her car, and I ran the 5 miles back to the starting point. However, we misjudged the mileage, and the half way point was only 4.5 miles, so my entire run ended up being nine miles instead of ten.

Total time: 1:21:45

Avg pace: 9:05

It’s just as well, because my hip started to nag at me and I had to get to work.

Which is just what I did after a good foam rolling session, shower, and a smoothie.



This smoothie’s too much for a glass! Good thing, because that granola crunch munch is sooo good!




But I’m afraid to say that I’m smoothie’d out? At least this flavor. This saddens me because it makes for SUCH a good post-run snack! The body can absorb nutrients much easier when in liquid form. I’ll just have to get more creative with the ol’ new Vita-Mix. Like I’ve said before, I become obsessed with things, get too much of it, and then need a nice long break.

After smoothie-ing it up, I had to hurry up and shower and get to the gym to work. While there, I devoured the prior night’s veggie pizza leftovers:


Cold pizza in Tupperware. Class 😉

Truth be told, by the time I left work, I was wearing down. I had plans to drive to Peoria to meet my friends Jessica and Clint, but I slept through it. Literally!

I blame Indian Food.


Baigann Bharta, basmati rice, and whole wheat naan.


SO delicious and SO spicy. Mmmm:)


But for some reason, Indian food always makes me suuper tired. More tired than a Niko on a Sunday morning!


I took a “quick” nap, that lasted about an hour too long. Probably a sign I needed to stay home anyhow.

Upon waking, I watched three episodes of Gossip Girl and called it a night. Par-tay animal, yo.

But for now…it’s breakfast time! I had planned on running 4 miles at an easy pace, but I also woke up with some residual hip pain from yesterday’s long run. Looks like that run won’t be happening! Sometimes plans just don’t work out!

Shane and I are going out for breakfast this morning…which rarely happens anymore! I honestly can’t remember the last time. Breakfast is probably my least favorite meal to eat out – but every once in a while it’s fun! 🙂


Hope you all have a supah dupah Sunday!!

Did you get outside and enjoy the beautiful fall colors this weekend? What outdoor activities did you do?

It Sounded Good at the Time…

Heyo 🙂

I made a poor judgment call of having a couple drinks last night, and now I’m up and about to run 10 miles. It sounded good and the time? Wheeeee!

Running fuel:




Actually I don’t feel too bad. I had three drinks – was chugging water as well, but still probably not the best decision on my part 😉

Apart from my early morning client, I had the day off yesterday. It didn’t really feel like I did much…

I blogged, I breakfasted, I went to the gym and rode the elliptical for 30 minutes after doing an upper body work out, I ran errands, I cleaned, I picked Niko up from the groomers, I read.

Errand fuel:        IMG_0593

And then it was 4:00 already!! Fridays always pass so quickly.

One of my errands was a trip to Fresh Market. Knowing that I’d be grocery shopping again tomorrow for next week’s meals, I went in to just buy the basics. Which is hard at this place:


Coffee is always a must, because well, nothing beats Fresh Market’s coffee. Apple chips are almost on the same level as chocolate covered banana chips – ‘nuff said. Okra because it’s one of the veggies Shane likes. Chocolate milk + organic sau-seech for the husband because he didn’t think it was very funny when I was at the store the other day and he asked me to pick up something tasty and I brought home tofu and canned pumpkin. What? I think it’s tasty… 😉

Quality control for the apple chips:


Yep, they pass! 😉

I took a break from cleaning for some cleaning fuel:




Don’t leftovers just rock? I must have been extra hungry yesterday, because this lunch was on the heavy side, and it barely filled me up!


Shane and I were tossing around ideas of what to do last night, when he mentioned his friend was going to stop by. A few hours later of dice games, [drinking] jeopardy and this lil lady was ready for bed! It’s fine.

And now I’m off to run 10 miles. I’ll report back to you how that goes, and if the mile number 10 is actually seen. At least I’ll be running with my friend, Amber for the first half! 🙂 That makes things better, right?

But before I go, how do you like Niko’s new ‘do?


Work iiiiit, Work it, Niko!


Ok, I’m late! I’m late!

Have a great Saturday, all!! 😀

Losing the Hound, Chicago Bound

*pants* Hi guys. I just had what could have been the most tragic experience…

I was cooking a waffle – breakfast as usual – when I saw Niko at the back door, wanting to go potty. So I let her out while I cooked my waffle. And in about 10 minutes, I went to go let her in; except I didn’t see Niko.

I saw this:



The gate was left open! Niko doesn’t get out. She just doesn’t. Let alone get out for 10 minutes or more. I didn’t think. I immediately ran out side, bare foot and in towel, and ran to the front and to the back shouting her name.

I ran across the street, and then all the sudden, here she comes, she was playing in the trees behind our fence the whole time, it seemed. My heart slowly returned back to my throat as I realized how much this pup means to me!



And then finally sat down to eat my waffle.

IMG_8849 Niko by my side 😀

Before this fiasco, I got in a lovely 5 mile run. I tried to get a negative split on it, but the beginning of mile three is all uphill. It’s a fight I wasn’t going to win. However, I was pleased at my 9:13 pace – not as good as Monday’s 9:00 pace, but I’ll take it 😀

Hopefully this morning doesn’t set the tone for the rest of the day. It’s going to be a whirlwind today! After working at the BIC, I’m headed straight home to grab my stuff and head to the train station. I’ve got a Healthy Living Summit to go to! It’s HERE!! I’m pretty pumped. Tonight I’ll be staying at my cousins’ condo in Evanstan, and then taking the L over to the hotel in time for the Frito Lay tour! I’m hoping to blog as much as I can while I’m there, but we’ll see how much "free" time there is 🙂


Yesterday was basically a go-go-go day. I went-went-went from the BIC, to a doc’s appt., to a business meeting! That filled up my day until the sun went down.

Luckily, I prepped ahead of time so I could fuel my on-the-go antics with on-the-go-meals!


Well, breakfast wasn’t on-the-go:


For some reason, I woke up craving hot oats despite the sizzling temps outside.

I started with a cup of water, and then added a mix of 1/3 c. oats, 1 T. chia seeds, 1/2 scoop of protein powder, 1 t. maca powder, and a little sea salt. Then I added a banana and stirred until it started a-boilin’.


Obviously I topped it up with a little almond butter…which wasn’t enough. There was another dip/dunk/dive into the almond butter jar before these oats were blogging history.

Coffee to go!

IMG_8816 IMG_8815


Ever since Shane quit smoking (still going strong!!) he quit coffee, too. He says they go too much hand in hand for him; that he can’t do it. Well I keep forgetting to make less, which leaves me with a LOT of coffee. Buzzzzz 😉

Off to the BIC I went and had lunch at my desk – a to-go lunch of course:


Super simple here guys – a homemade veggie burger atop a bed of lettuce and romaine with a dollop of hummus.

I had to leave work a little early for my doctor’s appointment (just a check up) so I ate my afternoon snack just before leaving – overnight oats in an Oikos container!



with some dried cherries – best dried fruit in overnight oats in my opinion 🙂

After the doctor’s appointment, I headed home to get my workout in. I can’t remember the last time I used my elliptical, but I knew I wasn’t going to be running outside with a heat index of 100º +. No way jose! It was an all right work out. Got a little ab work in between there too.

FINALLY done for the day, I knew just what to make  have Shane help make for dinner.

I chopped the veggies…




Then Shane manned the grill…to come up with this!



The sweet corn tasted like candy, friends. Candy.


Well I’m off to go calmly get ready for work – catch ya tomorrow from Chicago!!! Chi-Town Bound! 😀

Fashion Plates Police

Good*yaaawwwn* Monday morning! I was up pretty early to train a client, but I think I might squeeze in a nap after my second one. I slept like crapola last night!

What a weekend! 🙂

Saturday, as you know, I didn’t get into the race, but instead attended a group power class. Power power:


Just yer’ breakfast quesadilla. Inside the Flat Out wrap was a mixture of banana, almond butter, and protein powder. Deliciousness!

After power and then groceries, we were off to our parents’ to celebrate Father’s Day! My parents’ have a pool, so we kicked it poolside the whole day:



Niko joined in on the fun, too!


I use the term fun loosely here 😉

Does this look familiar?


Poor drowned rat-dog:(

She prefers to watch from a distance.


heh 🙂

Throughout the day, we noshed on veggies and hummus, fruit, and chips n’ guac.



I had two of my dad’s famous G n’ T’s (gin and tonics) while there as well.


Then we cleaned up and headed to Shane’s dad’s house for some visiting – and took he and his girlfriend out for dinner. It was a very fun day all around:)


Sunday was a scheduled rest day, and man was I dragging! I headed to the gym to train a client after making some waffles:


The waffles were topped with my signature breakfast topping now a days – Greek yogurt + almond butter + pure maple syrup. Seriously guys, whether it’s oatmeal, pancakes, or waffles, try this topping!

I also topped it with the biggest blackberries I’d ever seen:



Remember that drink that was really trendy for a hot minute? The blackberry berries remind me of these little guys.


This was the stuff dreams were made of;) Oh, nostalgia.

After breakfast, I trained a client, cleaned, and worked on a creative project:



Kombucha + lavender candles + positive thinking CD (a brainwaves CD my client gave me!) = creative fuel. And although this fuel served my creativity appetite, it did nothing for my belly.

I’ve had a bag of lentils for who knows how long, and yesterday was the day they’d be eaten. The night before, I was talking to Shane’s dad about being vegetarian. He was vegan for about seven years, and we were talking about Boca burgers, and all the hard to pronounce ingredients in them. In fact, when Shane grills out, he doesn’t even call it a veggie burger! He says, “hun – your disc is ready to eat!” LOL

That got me to thinking – it’s been a while since I’ve made my own veggie burgers! My friends, the homemade veggie burger dry spell hath ended:

IMG_7804I made a ton – enough to freeze a few! Recipe will be posted soon (hopefully today!) They were very good! So good, that I even thought Shane might like them. It’s been a while since I’ve forced suggested he try some of my vegetarian fare. But just like how Shane is with The Real Housewives, he just doesn’t understand veggie burgers. Someday, someday….

Sometime throughout the day, I also made another French Press of coffee:


This did the trick!

Also had a JUICY plum:

IMG_7809And caught Clarabelle sneaking in a nap:


After some lounging, writing, more cleaning (oh, Sundays…) and reading it was about dinner time. A bit on reading…since blogging, my reading material has decreased tremendously. I used to be able to read book after book after book.  Especially when I was young, sometimes I’d read three in one day! Granted, those books were about 100 pages long and involved people looking like skeleton’s in pictures, but I dominated those books, nonetheless.




But I digress…

Back to dinner. I didn’t use all the lentils I cooked for the veggie burgers, so I thought it’d make a good addition to some red sauce.

I made his and hers, of course. The one of the left is red meat sauce and the one on the right, red lentil sauce.


I poured the sauce on top of some pan fried polenta, and called it done.




Alongside were some green beans, and we called it done.


This time, we BOTH gobbled it up fast.

We watched the Informant the rest of the night, which ended up being pretty funny! Lots of Deep Thoughts, hehe

Well I’m off to catch a spin class, train a client, and get some work done.

Come back later on tonight for special post answering some readers questions about how I went from working at a desk job to working in the fitness field 🙂

What’s one thing you remember from when you were young that you don’t think anyone else remembers? Fashion plates, anyone?

FP_2I’m pretty sure I was actually meant to be a designer 😉

It’s Not a Party Unless…

Hola blogitos! How goes it? Pret-ty darn glad it’s Friday over on my end. Don’t know about you 😉

So sorry I left ya’ll hanging yesterday! However, to recap and reason, my day went like this: train clients early a.m.>work 8-4 at the office> train a client> play a volleyball game. Long story turned short.

Tonight, I started celebrating the weekend early:


But let me back up! It’s been quite the day today.

Niko wasn’t feeling well when I woke up. She was shaking, her abdomen was rock solid, and she was groaning. I had a 6:00 a.m. training session, but as soon as I got back, I called into the office saying I would be late. That I needed to be here:


At the vet’s office with Niko.

Another long story turned short: Niko partied a little too hard on her birthday yesterday. She was extremely constipated to the point of no return. To clarify, after getting prodded, poked, and x-rayed, it was determined that she needed two enema’s. I was SO nervous while looking at the x-ray I started to black out…it was kind of weird. But the Dr. was showing me the x-ray and took about 5 minutes to tell me she was constipated. In those 5 minutes I imagined it was much worse…thus almost blacked out.

I guess It’s not a party unless you need a double enema the next day.

Heh, ok bad joke 😉 Niko had an expensive, day-long stay at the vet, but she’s home now, albeit a little messy, but thank God. Poor little pupperoo.

Somewhere in between training, vetting, and working I had a delicious breakfast of Overnight Oats. And I know you all want to see some eats after hearing about enema’s 😉




It was my usual combo, but instead of rolled oats, I used oat bran. It was a very delicious tweak!
At the office-job-work, I’ve been training my replacement all week. But around noon, I broke for lunch with some friends:


I made this the night before and was thinking quick and simple – a PBJ on Nature’s Pride w/ Natural PB and Crofters Blueberry Jam.

With some raw veggies and hummus


It was a perfectly satisfying lunch. Also had some unpictured snacks of trail mix and an apple throughout the day.

Although I wanted to get home to my pup, I had to jet off to the gym to train a couple clients. Twas a good time as always 😀

At home, dinner ensued!

For me, miss Amy came to the rescue yet again!


Black Bean chili, Ezekiel muffin + tufutti and crofters




And for Shane I made some classic tacos in a whole wheat tortilla:



He said they were delicioso.

Niko’s dinner was more on the mild side:


heheh. The doctor actually told me to give her some mild food such as broth and hamburger. I found out Niko LOVES hamburger.



The hubski did a few loads of laundry while I was busy, so now I’m kickin’ it on the couch with him. Niko and Ceeb (Clarabelle) are by our feet. Ahh. Perfect.

Tomorrow Shane and I are waking up bright and early for an Insanity workout, and then I have office work, a client, and then BUNCO! Whoo hoo! Happy Weekend lovelies!

Got any fun plans this weekend?

Have you had any scary close calls with your pets? This is the scariest so far with Niko…hopefully it’s the scariest ever with her!