Go Away Sickness, I’ve Got Plans!

After a solid 11 hours of sleep, I woke up this morning feeling much better and with a fever of only one degree higher than normal!



This is fantastic because…




The Jingle Bell 5K is today!! I know, I know. You guys are probably thinking more rest is in order, and I agree. However, there are several reasons why I’m thinking about running the race anyway:

  1. I feel better than I did yesterday!
  2. I had to drop out of the race last year
  3. The race is only 5 minutes away from my house – on foot
  4. The start time is at 1:00 pm

Yesterday involved little movement. At work, I was actually thankful no one stopped in to inquire about the gym. Once I picked up my race packet and headed home, I remained horizontal for the rest of the night watching VH1’s Entourage marathon. I tried walking Niko <—bad idea. I tried doing laundry <—bad idea. Ergo, I gave in and gave my body what it was loudly requesting –>REST! <—good idea 😉

Plus, my appetite was no where to be found yesterday!! It was craziness. And every time I did eat a little something, I experienced more stomach pain.



I wanted nothing more than to demolish this Fresh Market Vegetarian Pizza!!!


I didn’t get very far…

Luckily, my stomach troubles didn’t get in the way of the husband’s birthday on Friday.


While Shane was at work, I was up to birthday mischief!

I think this is his favorite present I’ve ever gotten him. Ever.


He’s thanked me at least 10 times this weekend. It’s the G25 wheel and clutch/shifter for car games.

Fast forward 5 hours of Shane playing Need for Speed, and it was wine time!


IMG_0849 IMG_0837

We caught the very last rays from the sun as it was heading toward the west.




No, Niko! That’s my wine!

Clarabelle always gives us the stinkeye when she’s the only one not on the back patio.



After having one small pour on the patio, I took Shane to a little wine cafe here in town called, A Renee’s.



They have a wine shop attached to it – my favorite wine shop – and this year they opened a cafe!


While there, we split a cab franc and a petite syrah.


I loved the syrah! I must buy a bottle soon!

For dinner, we headed to Baxter’s, Shane’s favorite steak restaurant here in town.



It’s a pretty snazzy restaurant located next to the airport.



This is where my stomach started talking to me. However, it didn’t stop me from eating a roll and a half and ordering the only vegetarian thing on the menu:




Salad – imagine that! 😉 It was a delicious salad with apple and smoked gouda, though.

By this point, I wanted nothing more than to end the night with some half caff coffee.


The perfect way to finish off an indulgent night!

I’m sure glad my sickness waited until the end of the night to rear its ugly head. The weather also did a 180! On Friday it was in the 70’s and today, the high is only 40 something… That will sure make for a collllld run this afternoon! Better bundle up 😀 And after the run, my family is coming up for another birthday celebration for Shane! Hear that sickness? Go away, I’ve got plans 😀

Hey…I think that’s my appetite!! Better go test it out with some breakfast 🙂


Coffee Convictions

Hello, hello! How’s your weekend going? So far, mine’s been a lovely stream of fun+relaxation+productivity. OK, I kind of lie on the last one, but anywho.

Every morning, I can count on one thing, no matter what: Coffee. It looks a little like this.



Well, except on days I run half marathons, but that’s another story – one that’s already been told.

No matter what, I know I’ll start my day with two familiar ingredients:




Coffee and cream. No funny business. It’s like the best friend you can always count on…for serious talks. It’s all I need most mornings!

Most mornings.

Occasionally, coffee needs a little fun in its life, too.



I mean how can you resist a stunna shade-wearing raspberry flavored coffee?

Occasionally, I start my day with two different ingredients:




Hello, flava flav-ored coffee and sugar. Nice to see you again! These ingredients are more liken to the friend who knows how to party, but you can only handle in doses 😉

A while back, the husband and I stopped buying Starbucks coffees. It was part of our save money strategy. Now we make fancy drinks at home (using $11 coffee and just as expensive sugar…but I digress) 🙂

When we occasionally feel like switching up the morning coffee routine, I pour 4 parts white chocolate raspberry coffee, 1 part turbinado sugar into the French press, and then pour in the boiling water using my electric kettle.



It makes for a fancy, tasty coffee treat at a fraction a little bit less than the price of a Starbucks latte!

It also makes for delicious Saturday road trips to Chicago beverages:


which the details of I’ll discuss in a later post 😉

For now, I’m off to run a 6.5 miler, train a couple clients, and then head to a volleyball team cookout 😀


What do you drink first thing in the morning? Immediately upon waking up, I must guzzle some water. Then it’s allll about the coffee time 🙂

Glowing Sunrise Run

Good morning to yooouuuu! That was sung in the tune to a “good morning” song my pastor once sang during a summer church camp way back from my youth. That song brings back bad memories of unreasonably early mornings, unseasonably cold weather, and unbearably tight pants (I forgot to bring any long pants at all, thus ended up sharing with my best friend’s pants who was half my size, bhaha.) Flashback over!

This morning’s breakfast was a big ole waffle fail! After this morning’s 4 miler, I wanted waffles like nobody’s business. Once I heated up the waffle maker, I realized we were out of whole wheat flour. I didn’t let it stop me, and used oat bran flour instead.


waffle fail. It came out a mess and stuck to each side of the waffle maker, but I was determined to eat it anyway. Is that so wrong?

But with a topping of G.Y. + almond butter + vanilla stevia and a side of iced coffee, it can’t be too bad, right?


Right! So back to the run. I was actually excited to go on my run when I popped out of bed this morning. I had downloaded a fresh play list (think Drake, Eminem, Enrique and Do or Die – when all else fails, Do or Die makes  awesome running music imo) and the weather was amazing. I started out the door just as the sun was going up, and the clouds were literally glowing. I think I like it!  Oh yes I like it!

The run stats weren’t too bad either! 4.25 miles run with an avg. pace of 8:59 – hey that’s still under a 9 min/mile!


Yesterday wasn’t too busy for a Wednesday, and included working at the BIC and training two clients – one of which was a newbie! Her session went wonderfully, and I think she got a lot out of it. Job<—satisfying.

Lunch was a mexican fiesta atop a bed of romaine:


Think the innards of the other night’s enchiladas + a whole ‘nother tomato (I just wrote strawberry…wtf?)

I made dinner after I trained, and it was simple and delicious!



IMG_8511 Sweet potato fries ever so lightly coated in a mix of EVOO, PB, and S&P:



Plus some morning star chick’n nuggets (so does leaving out the “e” in chicken the vegetarian way to spell it or something!?)

I’m late! I’m late! For a very important!…unit meeting.

Today’s “food day” at the BIC where we all bring in something. I was a bit lazy after training last night, so my contribution will be something from Great Harvest Bread. Probably just as well 😉


Find a Camera, Pick it Up

Morning everyone!

Soooo…remember that time I went to Mexico and lost my point and shoot camera along with all the pictures on the interlaying SD card? That wasn’t the first time I’ve lost a camera. In fact, my family and I have joked that I just can NOT keep cameras. Honestly, I think I’ve either ruined or lost 5 or 6 point and shoots in my life.

Well, make that 6 or 7. Yep. Oops…I did it again. Last night Shane and I went on a super cute date to Uptown (formerly known as Downtown…whatever) Normal and brought the pup along for pizza and beer, walked along the brand new huge fountain, and then to an ice cream shop. The pictures were super cute too. I promise, they were. However, I have no proof, as I left my point and shoot on the super cute bench we sat and ate our ice cream on. Trust there were pictures of beer, veggie pizza, big fountains, blueberry ice cream, and yours truly. I went back to the spot this morning, alas someone else had found it and picked it up for their own. Darn.

My dad and I are already searching for deals on nice point and shoot cameras for a replacement. You know, so I can lose that one, too. I’m pretty sure we’re trying to get me in the Guinness book of world records for most cameras lost. Ever 😉 My dad thinks I’m just trying to share the wealth. I’m charitable like that 😉

So instead of super cute date pictures, I have fooood pictures!



Overnight oats w/ feta crumbled coconut butter on top


This was eaten after a 3.15 mile run this morning. I was aiming for 9:15-9:30 pace, and it ended up being 9:06. I did, however, have negative splits which is a bonus in my book.

Just to let you guys know – my running bug is back. I’m currently training for a half marathon. When is the half? I’m not sure. The Chicago Rock n Roll half is already booked, but my cousin Bronwyn is going to try and see if we can form a team (she and my other cousin and aunt are already signed up) that I can join! 🙂 If not, I’ll run the Chicago Half Marathon in September. I haven’t created an official training plan, but I’m loosely basing if off of my first half marathon training plan.

I’m about to head off to the gym to work and train some clients, but lunch will be this lovely veggie wrap:


it contains portabella, cucumber, spinach, and hummus.


I need a little pep, so I’m currently finishing off the French Press in the form of iced coffeeee!


Well I’m off to work, and then to a local winery! Hope to see you back tomorrow with some pictures from a new point and shoot (I’ll never learn!) 😉


Is there one thing that you lose/damage every time you have one? For me it’s obviously cameras. When I was in high school, though, I probably lost my school ID once a week. It got pretty ridiculous!

Keepin’ it Cool


How we all doin’ today? If you’re reading this, you’ve gotten through another Monday; Congrats 😀 I had a looong one yesterday that spanned from 7:30 a.m.-8:30 p.m. And today looks the exact same, but hey I’m keepin’ it cool😉

I switched it up this morning for breakfast and busted out this bad boy that’s been keepin’ it cool in the fridge all night:


Oats, chia seeds, maca, 1/2 scoop Jay Robb brown rice pp, half a banana, 1.5 T. almond butter, 1/8 c. almond milk. I added the golden raisins (obsessed!!!) this morning!


With a cup of coffee, of course.

The coffee was leftover from earlier this morning. I’ve convinced myself that I NEED a cup of it before my morning workout. So when the alarm went off at 4:50 this morning, I made some French Press, poured it in the to-go cup, and chugged sipped it on my 5 minute drive to the gym. I was running a little late this morning, and only had 50 minutes at the gym, so my coffee was still warm when I got back to my car:)

At the (uberly hot and humid) gym, I did running intervals! I was too asleep to make it anything too specific, but I basically jogged at 6.1 for 90 seconds, then ran at 6.6-6.7 for 90 seconds, until 45 minutes was up. The end! Hoping to get a lower body workout in between clients tonight:D

Some of yesterday’s meals on the go:


Hummus, spinach, tempe, and cuke wrap w/ a plum


Looks meaty. Eek!

It’s my dinner in a box!


Plus a simple salad of romaine + Goddess dressing.


On the go, fo sho.


This is two servings?!

IMG_6278 Really?!



It was a fantabulous frozen dinner, though, and I recommend it to you guys!

Since I got home late, I needed something to calm the nerves and shut me down:IMG_6282

Usually works every time. Not this time. I tossed and turned for an hour or so! At least when I did get to sleep, I slept like a rock! Gotta love that:D

Well I’m off to work! Keep it cool, everyone!

Are you a member of your gym? Has it gotten unbearable hot and humid in it the last few days? I know it’s only April, but it’s SO warm and sticky outside (which is fine) and inside the gym (which is not fine.) I needed double the water I had!

This is How I Roll

Good morning! Happy Sunday 😀 How’s it going for ya so far?


I woke up at 6:00 this morning to blow my nose and could NOT fall back asleep. Argh. Laid there with the petski’s until about 7:00 and then dragged my butt outta bed.

This made it all better though!



Kiss me Kona


Blueberry oats w/ a shiz ton of mix ins – I was even brave enough to include chia seeds


Yep. All better 😀


So yesterday ended up being filled with lots n lots of besties! Can’t beat that!

First I met my girl, Jessica, to try on my bridesmaids dress for her wedding:



She got the dresses from J. Crew’s bridal line and they’re SO cute. I know the famous last words are always, “And you’ll be able to wear it again!!!” but this time, I really think I will…



Don’tcha think? And actually..this is the one that was a little roomy on me. Luckily she had a size smaller in her car, which fit perfectly! That doesn’t happen too often when it comes to bridesmaids dresses. Can’t wait for the wedding!

The dress was adorable, and very lightweight for her outdoor wedding, but I’m always glad to get back into casual clothes after playing dress up. Today I was sporting my “This is How I Roll” shirt:


Got it on our honeymoon, hehe.

After chit chattin’ a bit with Jess and her fiancé, Clint (who looks like Edward from Twilight! Shoulda taken a pic…) we had a bit more time before dinner, so the husband and I decided to bowl a couple games across the street:



This is How I Bowl.

Sorry for the craptastic pictures. I forgot my cam at my parent’s house, and had my iPhone only.

Action shots:

IMG_1048 IMG_1050


We both sucked it up big time, but Shane won, and the prize was not having to drive for the night. I was OK with it since I didn’t plan on drinking much, anyway.

Two games later, and we met up with a group of friend’s at Kouri’s, a pub and restaurant in my hometown.

It’s definitely not a veg-friendly place, so I ended up having a blurry dinner salad and some spinach artichoke dip:




But that’s all right, because I was really there for the FRIENDS!



Destiny, aka D$, aka the bringer of Trader Joes goodies:


Freakin’ awesome friend right there!


Jessica, aka, bride-to-be, aka BFF since 4th grade!


Kim! aka ship mate, aka newly engaged hot mama

Plus a few random boys we like to call our friends and/or significant others 😉

Everyone peaced around 9ish, so Shane and I went back to my parents to pick up the pup and head back home. Any time Niko spends ANY amount of time at my parents house, she absolutely wears herself out. Seriously. she wouldn’t even move from the bed when Shane MADE the bed this morning. LOL


Sleep tight, pup.

Good thing it’s still early, because I’ve got a laundry list of things to do (including laundry!) First stop – gym for a 4-5 mi. run (depending on how I feel..still got the sniffles,) Borders to use a coupon, pet store, then clean, clean, clean! Oh yeah, and football 😀

Have a faaaabulous day, all!

Are you still good friends with your high school buddies? All of the BFF’s mentioned above went to highschool with me, and I’m proud to say we’re still BFF’s to this day! We all live in different cities (so far the same state) so it’s hard to get together often, but I love when we do 😀

I’ve Got Soy Milk in my Coffeeee

Hey beautiful bloggies!

Happy Sunday! I just woke up not too long ago, and am continuing to wake up with a nice, hot, cup of french press with soy milk.



And yes, it’s in my “Let it Snow” mug. Why not…it’s not like the snow has freakin’ melted yet!



I just don’t know about this soymilk in my coffee, though. It works in my latte at Starbucks, but at home, I think I’m going to stick with the half n half. I tried!

Yesterday after munchin’ on some oatmeal, I got ready and hit up the gym. Saturday’s are now my all-cardio days, since I’ll be using them for my long-run days here pretty soon. I ran for 5.2 miles on the treadmill. This is actually my longest run since November. Can’t believe I’ll be running 13.1 miles May 1st…ahh!! 😀

Left the gym, and headed to Starbuckies, where I picked up a grande soy half pump vanilla latte for me, and another latte for my friend, Heidi.




She’s a new mom, so I thought I’d bring some coffee over so we could chit chat it up. And of course, so I could see her gorgeous babyloo.

An hour of chit chat and catch up later, and I was back to finishing up my errands.

When I got home, I was pretty famished!

Showered, dressed, and hungry, I came downstairs to mow on some foooood.IMG_4968 

Big as a House Salad w/ arugula, spinach, julienned zuke, tomatoes, orange bell pepper, Goddess dressing



Sweet tater fries, garden veggie burger, avocado, keeeetchup.

Such a typical Saturday lunch for me, but oh-so-good.

Then I put my work face on!

I have a little personal business project I’m working on right now (personal, because I don’t want to talk about it publicly, then jinx myself – weird, I know,) so I holed myself upstairs in our office, and worked straight from 2-5. And when I say worked straight, I mean I took a break to watch a little Gaga on Oprah on Youtube, and another to read blogs, and another to drink some crackbucha and eat some zuke bread:



Fresh Market has THE best zuke bread ever.  I bought it Friday, and it may or may not be more than half gone. Doh!

As many a break as I took, I still got a lot accomplished, and plan on working a little more on it today.

For dinner, the husband was craving Mexican food, so we decided to both get out of the house (he had been downstairs working the day away) and hit up our fave Mexican Restaurant. Fiesta Ranchero!

I was feeling uber lazy channeled my inner Operation Beautiful, and wore exactly what I was wearing all day (sweats) and went makeupless:




Nothin’ new here…






Mmm…Bud Light draft w/ icy crystals a-floating on top. Margarita on the rocks for the hubski.



Got the ushe. Veggie fajitas w/ guac, beans, and rice w/ corn tortillas.

When we got back home, I was so ready not to be a party pooper! But Shane had other ideas. Like falling asleep on the couch at 8:45. It was clearly his night to be the party pooper. I poked him and told him to wake up a few times  let him sleep like a baby while I watched a couple drama-filled epi’s of Jersey Shore.

That pretty much sums it up!

Today’s going to be a pretty busy one. I need to finish up some work, hit the gym, then drive to  a few cities away to try on a bridesmaid dress for my good friends wedding! (Didn’t end up going yesterday – today worked better for both of us.) Somewhere in there I need to fit in giving Niko a bath, too. Dirrty Dog.

So sadly to say, while I wish I could do this all day…



She was lightly snoring in this picture…so cute.

…I’ll be gettin’ my productivity on!


Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday. Enjoy it!